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  1. hoppyjr

    Weed and memory...

    ....and it won’t matter because leftists believe lies are a-ok if they further their party goals.
  2. hoppyjr

    New "assault rifle" arrived...

    I wish I shared that confidence, but the left still has Roberts. Another winner from a Bush.
  3. hoppyjr

    Considering a G26...Pros & Cons?

    I prefer my pistols & women both be compact models. ;-)
  4. hoppyjr

    Considering a G26...Pros & Cons?

    I’ve experienced that with the 43, so I had to give it more finger. If you haven’t yet, consider trying the medium beavertail backstrap on a Gen 5. I use that configuration on my 26 & 19 and the pistol stays planted and feels better to me.
  5. hoppyjr

    New Year's Resolutions

  6. hoppyjr

    New Year's Resolutions

    Somewhere out there a large man is very sad right now.
  7. hoppyjr

    WA I-1639

    I think it tells us that idiots outnumber gun owners in Washington State.
  8. hoppyjr

    New Year's Resolutions

    Crockett- You’re not succeeding at that. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=1980722&share_tid=7390&url=http%3A%2F%2FTheBoreSite%2Ecom%2Finterface%2Fmobiquo%2Ephp%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F7390-Avoid-Meprolight-products&share_type=t
  9. hoppyjr

    Avoid Meprolight products

    Man, you’re awfully spun up over this. I hope you don’t carry a gun while this agitated. Clearly you have issues to work through. Good luck.
  10. hoppyjr

    Who else got this email from Glock?

    48 is about same height and length as 19, but thinner and 10 round capacity. 43x is shorter barrel as on 43, but same grip height as 48 (which Is the same as 19) at 5.04 I agree that these will be popular in states that limit to 10 rounds, but for me the slightly thicker 19 is a better choice (with 17 spare mags). Heck, the 26 is slightly thicker than 43x but shorter grip and still 10 rounds, plus you can carry a spare 15 or 17 round mag.
  11. hoppyjr

    Avoid Meprolight products

    What part of “I know you’ve had a bad experience....” did you not understand? Where did I say they were right? You probably should re-read my reply. Maybe take an aspirin too.
  12. hoppyjr

    Keeping magazines separate

    You could pick up Ammo Armor covers, using different colors for different calibers. These also protect from dirt, lint, etc. and keep the rounds intact. I use them and they are excellent.
  13. hoppyjr

    School me on the Walther PPK

    I also carried one as a BUG on duty. My partner and I both had Interarms stainless PPK (no S) and they were superb. Two things to note: - this pistol does much better with a well done ramp & throat polish. - if carrying for self defense I suggest several rounds to ensure reliability, as the PPK can be sensitive to billet profile on some of the more squared-off hollow point ammo. Were I to carry one today, I’d run the CorBon PowRBall ammo.
  14. hoppyjr

    Avoid Meprolight products

    I get that you’ve had a bad experience and needed to vent, but every product is bound to have the occasional problem. I’ve had great results with the brand and never any issues.