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    Glock 43 Owners

    OWB I use an excellent Safariland paddle holster, the same as I use for my duty pistol. In this Glock 43 application it comes with a small paddle, but can be purchased with the full size paddle. IWB I prefer either the Q-Series holster or this one from StealthGear.
  2. hoppyjr

    Glock 43 magazine extensions

    Update on the Taran Tactical +2’s : With the new springs I’ve had zero failures. Everything is good.
  3. hoppyjr

    Glock 43 magazine extensions

    Update: I picked up a half-dozen Taran Tactical +2’s (completed mags) and went to the range yesterday. The first run two of the six didn’t feed. I ran all six through four cycles and all were perfect after that. I was shooting Critical Duty 135gr +P and after reading more on this subject I think I’ll try some non +P stuff, likely the short barrel Gold Dot 124gr.
  4. hoppyjr

    What's you favorite weapons lubricant?

    Astroglide! Wait...... wrong forum. :lol:
  5. hoppyjr

    Firearms You Regret Selling

    Weigand Custom S&W 640 (I believe it was called 4PJ). Such a cool gun. Such a stupid me. I’d give my left one to get it back. Not my pics:
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    Just as 9mm ammo has improved over the last 30 years, so has the .380. I carried a PPK off-duty for years and a J-frame as a backup on the job. I always felt the .38 was better suited to self defense, but with modern .380 ammo + the ease of reloading, I think it’s viable as a daily carry gun. The plan is to pick up a 42, function test it, and outfit my dad. He currently carries a 43, but as age sets in (he’s creeping up on 80) I can see the value of the 42 as his EDC. That the 42 is a bit smaller, lighter, and slimmer will make it that much easier for him to carry. I just today compared the 42 & 43 and I was impressed. OP: sorry to hear of your medical issues. I hope you fully recover and enjoy many years shooting that 42.
  7. hoppyjr

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Show me on this doll where the letter touched you..... ;-)
  8. I’ve been off the gun forums for a good while, but did do some web searches. It seems most of the comments on extensions for the G43 were more than a year ago. I initially ran the Taran Tactical +1’s in my early 43’s - but I experienced enough feed issues to avoid carrying those in the gun or as my primary reload. Now I’ve read about the “revised” TT +2 with spring and I’m hopeful and wanting to try it out. FWIW; I’ve been running both Hornady Critical Duty 135gr and the 135gr+P, but recently switched to the Gold Dot 124gr+P load. Have any of you tried the TT +2 extensions? Any opinions on best ammo selection to run with them? I realize many folks will say “keep it stock for maximum reliability” and I might, but I’m really interested to hear actual user input on the function and performance of this extension. Thanks, Hoppy
  9. hoppyjr

    Hickok45 on the Glock 19 Gen 5

    I was making the swap from .40 back to 9mm, so the timing was right to go Gen5 19. I’ve been pleased and I appreciate the consistency of the lineup over the years.
  10. hoppyjr

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Hello folks! I was on GlockTalk beginning in March 2003 and loved it back in the day. When I received Eric’s email I read his notice and immediately registered here. Eric - thanks for creating GT and giving us a great place to hang out. I completely agree with your position on 2A/Canadian ownership (I suspect many Canadians do too) and your decision to leave GT. Best of luck with this new forum. I look forward to being active here and reacquainting myself with some of the other transplants. Hoppy