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  1. Suppressed revolvers that barely make any noise. REALLY?
  2. Diamondback DB9. Wanted a pocket 9. Read some reviews that claimed they had resolved it's feeding issues. They haven't. Taurus builds world class pistols compared to DB. CM9 on the other hand is a great pocket 9 for not much more money.
  3. Rifles and shotguns I clean every time they're shot. Pistols every once in awhile.
  4. Never owned or shot one, but H&R made good rifles. I do have two 45/70's though, an 1895 GBL, and a CVA Hunter. I love the round. You can go from mild to wild with it. It's suitable for anything that walks this continent.
  5. Purely speculation on my part, but I think maybe Sig is keeping the spring rate as low as they can get away with in an effort to keep the slide easier to rack for smaller statured shooters. My wife can rack my 365, but not my CM9. Ejection is much more consistent with my CM9 too. It puts brass in a pile 5 feet or so to the right. 365 scatters brass nearly twice that far. The ID on the Kahr spring is too small to fit on the Sig guide rod or I'd have tried it in the 365.
  6. Quest for the Holy Grail gets my vote.
  7. The PM9/CM9 are about the same size and weight as the 365, and exhibit very little primer swipe. As I stated above my CM9 os harder to rack because of it's stiffer RSA. (18#) It runs like a champ with everything I've fed it. Sig claims the 365's RSA is 18# also, but I call BS on that after comparing the two. The 365 also throws brass farther and somewhat erratically. I think going up a couple pounds would help the situation.
  8. Hopefully someone starts offering extra power recoil springs soon. I would think slowing down the slide would help. My CM9 is noticeably harder to rack than my P365 and has far less primer swipe.
  9. My buddy bought a pair of lama's a few years ago. Hasn't lost a sheep or chicken to fox or coyotes since. Even his Rottweiler is afraid of them.
  10. Lol. I found myself in that same situation. I had the same reaction, and went looking for a Ruger ranch in 7.62x39. Nobody local had one in stock though. Came home empty handed. FOR NOW. Been itching for a new toy. I think a bolt gun that shoots the same dirt cheap ammo as my SKS is just the thing to scratch that itch. Congrats on the new pistol.
  11. I put the Tactical 5.0 in my 19 and 26. Both started having reset issues within a few thousand rounds. Putting the OEM unmarked connectors back in resolved the issue. I stick with the unmarked OEM's now. I prefer their cleaner if slightly heavier break anyway.
  12. Mine has been perfect through 900rds so far. Carrying it everyday. I did buy a LSI striker for it, for peace of mind though. Of course right after I bought it Sig re-designed the striker and is retrofitting pistols sent in for repair. Had they done this a week earlier, mine would definitely have been sent in for a "dead trigger". I'll probably buy another next year. Sweet shooting little pistol.
  13. No harder than any other pistol round IMO. I use lee dies. Lee Classic Turret press. I run it through a .40 size die first, then through the .357 set. This eliminates the need for case lube. Never have had any setback issues. The Lee dies don't have and expander ball, so neck tension hasn't been a problem. It's been my experience that the "issues" with this round are blown way out of proportion on the interwebs. I also use .357 bullets with it. There's a good selection of bullets in this diameter that work well. XTP's in 125 and 140gr are my favorites.
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