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  1. All depends...... what does she look like?
  2. pgg00

    Bill's Stories about Things and Stuff

    One of my favorite threads from GT. Can't wait for more stories
  3. pgg00

    when you were a teenager .....

    I have no idea. I use satellite radio now
  4. pgg00

    when you were a teenager .....

    I used to phone in requests just to record the songs i liked.
  5. pgg00

    How far did you make it in life?

    Bulk of my childhood was in Hawaii, then central CA. I'm over 1000 miles away now
  6. pgg00

    Sneaking the new gun in the house

    I've had to sneak them in. I've even left them locked in my old truck (which she won't be seen in) until i could sneak it inside
  7. pgg00


    I may have to get one for one of my trucks then
  8. pgg00


    I don't know what their current warranty is. When i got mine it was 2 years. The warn warranty was 6 months and the winch was 4 times the cost of the harbor freight
  9. pgg00


    I have a harbor freight on my Bronco. Got it when the warn stopped working. Haven't had any problems with it in the last 8 years.