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  1. If those on the first list stop working for a couple of weeks, those on the second will be stumbling in the cold and dark searching for food.
  2. I saw this sign many decades ago; ”Keep working, millions on welfare are counting on you”. More accurately, it’s the democrat plantation owners that really count on us.
  3. The dumbing down of students for years is finally paying off. They eat tide pods and ear pods all while telling us they know best.
  4. Assuming they allow it to dock in Kalifornia, after Christmas of course, yes. my apologies, I just couldn’t help it.
  5. I need to take a pic but my favorite at this time is a 4” 617 S&W that has had the action slicked up by an excellent gunsmith. Double action is around 7-7.5 pounds. SpeedBeez loader and a loading block make it even more fun to shoot. I shoot it at some local steel challenge matches and in the backyard. Of course mine doesn’t hold a candle to the one ede has.
  6. 52nd, that’s pretty impressive and y’all are truly blessed. Best wishes on a positive outcome and I agree 100% on freezing in a hospital!
  7. Remember that at the next election. Vote RINO’s out.
  8. When the magic number of unregistered democrats has been reached then they they will close the border, and not before.
  9. Perhaps being evil and/or full of **** is the real anti-virus solution.
  10. The people that come up with this can be directly tied to the nationwide closures of so many mental institutions.
  11. Well done sir! You won’t see this in the lame stream media, as this shows the true character of the vast majority of LE. Doesn’t fit their socialist narrative.
  12. The 101 turkey will get you higher quicker. Flight path may be erratic at times.
  13. I was thinking .50 cal but probably concrete barriers. There really are some dangerous messed up people out there. Watch your six, go home to your family at the end of every shift. Glad those folks there appreciate what you do.
  14. Would this be like being married? asking for a friend…….
  15. That this commie was even considered is further evidence of the serious decline of our government.
  16. Going to run against Desantis? Hide the liquor and the ice cream.
  17. That saved me a few dollars. Here’s hoping their warehouse overflows with unsold product this Christmas.
  18. Reminds me of my Dad at a family get together many years ago. He told one of the in-laws his mother must be proud of him as he was going to be a real wit one day. As the guy was smiling Dad said “you’re a half one now”. The guy wanted to say something but didn’t. So I guess he wasn’t plumb stupid.
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