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  1. I shot PPC many years (decades) ago. It will definitely make you learn to shoot accurately. I agree with SoCalDep’s recommendations. I’ve seen the trend away from accuracy in LE and that’s not good. My old agency is now teaching officers to shoot steel all the way back to 100 yards. It would be great to see PPC catch on again. I would add I’d like to eliminate kneeling and prone thereby keeping me from having to standing up. This should be replaced with a senior division or “couch potato” class. ?
  2. Sams is steadily going to all self checkout. Costco doesn’t have any self serve. Since I don’t get a discount for checking out my groceries I dropped Sams. I called 1-800- Wally World to tell them why. Person I talked to there became irate. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one to call? I’m now shopping as much as I can at local stores, and rarely shop at Wally World anymore. The only thing big corporations, and libtards, really understand is a shrinking customer base and checking account.
  3. Who does the machining on the cylinder? Also it’s a balancing act getting the action light, smooth, and reliable. You have an impressive collection of 617’s sir. I like the C-More. With my aging eyes I find red dots greatly improve my accuracy and speed.
  4. I’ve got a 4” 617 that doesn’t look anything like the first one shown. I’m betting that cylinder turns really fast and easy. Congrats on 1st place, that’s fast company.
  5. The best part of Raleigh is getting to the other side of it. Traffic is ridiculous and getting worse all the time.
  6. When I worked at a grocery store we dreaded the word “snow”. There wouldn’t be a loaf of bread or gallon of milk left. People make jokes about but it was real. People bought enough grub to last a month. And this was long enough ago that the customer pulled up to the curb and I loaded the groceries in the car. Even got a tip sometimes. 50 cents was a lot of money then. LOL
  7. That’s one mile to close!
  8. I’ve had good results with VV N320 and WSF with 147 grain bullets. Many years back I had a load for 124 grain Star jacketed bullets and 231 but I don’t recall the data for it. N320 is the best so far but not the cheapest. I’m also interested in the Vectan powders.
  9. Got a friend that is highway patrol and works mostly tractor trailers. Stopped one for routine check and it was a Krispy Kreme truck. Only problem was a friend saw it. We think in another 20 or so years we may forget about it. Maybe. ?
  10. I recently had to show my drivers license at the doctors office. But not when voting. It does sound ludicrous until you look at it as another step in destroying our nation. Chip away at firearms ownership by any means available at every opportunity and negate any reason to vote. Almost sounds like we are rapidly becoming a third world country.
  11. He is a true libtard and was voted in primarily by two counties. Another socialist that ignores what the minions think.
  12. I appreciate your advice. I am familiar with the .25 trigger job but that won’t give the results I want. I like the MP but if getting a good trigger is to much trouble I’ll build a 10/22.
  13. I’ve read that match triggers either don’t work or easily break on these rifles due to excess force compared to standard AR-15 5.56 rifles. I tried a RRA 2-stage and it would not work, reason unknown at this point. Advice/opinions appreciated. This will be for steel challenge, the occasional vicious squirrel and plinking. I like Timney and RRA triggers but am open to suggestions. Thanks.
  14. If they don’t like it turn the radio off. Even better, move to China or some other country that will appreciate your socialist and insane view points.
  15. I once told a doctor I started the day off with a pot of coffee and a few cigarettes. He said he meant breakfast. I said that is breakfast! I think that gave him a clue about my acid reflux. LOL. Smokes and strong coffee are like my youth, in the distant past.
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