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  1. Wealth redistribution no matter the name they give it. I call it communism.
  2. The saying “follow the money” definitely applies here.
  3. Filled mine up yesterday, cost was nearly double from a year ago. Let’s go Brandon!
  4. In a 40 acre field? Probably not. Unless it has an ice cream stand.
  5. Is “untruthful assertions” same as a damn lie? Asking for a friend.
  6. I’d suggest counseling sessions for someone but if she’s already mad……. Another gift 7 months later? Shame on them for asking.
  7. That there is a genuine senator in the making, just substitute money for ping pong balls.
  8. I appreciate that as I can’t keep up with all the new words the mentally deranged keep coming up with.
  9. Those GSSF matches are a lot of fun!
  10. That tells you it’s worse than we thought. Let’s go Brandon.
  11. Hard to pick a favorite but I liked the original Star Wars. Saw it at a drive-in theater, tinny sounding speakers and all.
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