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  1. I started with a Rockchucker and was loading wadcutters. Took forever to load 1,000 rounds but not long to shoot them up. Got a Dillon 450 and that was like going from a Pinto to a Corvette. Later I got a Dillon 550 but hated changing from small to large priming system. An opportunity to get a used 550 presented itself so now I have one for large primer and one for small. I use a Dillon 650 with Mr. Bullet Feeder for 9mm.
  2. 21 shooter

    Got threatened at work tonight

    A local hospital has mostly unarmed security with some local PD Officers there as well, but not many. I suppose if attacked one should use harsh language. As mentioned already you are a speed bump, and if you actually do something will most assuredly be fired. Small wonder they constantly advertise for help. Another hospital is switching from unarmed to armed officers. Guess which one has the fewest problems? Dirtbags learn real quick where to go. The problems LE is having now are magnified at a hospital. Bean counters rule there. Security is window dressing and that will only change when the lawsuits and negative publicity cost more than providing armed and effective security. My .02 worth.
  3. 21 shooter

    I want a new plinker. Maybe a 22/45?

    I’ve got a gen 3 22/45. It’s very accurate. It had possibly the worst factory trigger I’ve ever seen. It was replaced with a Volquartesen trigger and that made all the difference in the world. I agree with toofman about the take down process. I’ll probably get a Gen 4 when I’m satisfied the bugs have been worked out of it.
  4. 21 shooter

    Magpul Magazines

    I’ve used their AR mags for many years and no problems. Their Glock mags for a 17 and 19 I’ve used since they first came out for range use and in IDPA matches. They have been great and cost several dollars less than factory mags.
  5. 21 shooter

    My truck is so old

    A friend owned some nice Mopar vehicles back in the day with Hemi and 440 engines. He said it was a wonder more weren’t killed driving on those bias ply tires. Pretty sure they weren’t rated for 140+ mph.
  6. 21 shooter

    I saved 15% or more on car insurance by switching my gender

    This could cause a non-PC backlash if millions of male drivers “self-identify” as female. Insurance companies fear no one or group when it comes to money. Perhaps they will raise and equalize the rates so that females pay more. The firestorm should be fun to watch. PC meets reality.
  7. 21 shooter

    Yeah, I'm a jerk.

    I don’t like self check out. I have yet to see items that are cheaper if I do the self checkout thing. I view it as making more money for the store at my expense. At a Sams club a couple of days ago and there were 4-5 people lined up at each of the only two staffed registers. Everybody was ticked about it. I inquired about making a complaint to the manager and was told to call 1-800-walmart, which they said was much better, and I intend to to do. Costco is nearby just in case they don’t care. I can shop at either store.
  8. 21 shooter


    A Whirly Pop worked well for me. Lots of butter and some popcorn salt. Those bags that have premeasured oil/popcorn that you put in a popper work pretty well. A friend had a small version of what the movie theaters use. Made excellent popcorn.
  9. 21 shooter

    NSFE Can we electrocute somebody slowly

    Batesmotel has my vote
  10. Buckets I get from the grocery store that usually had cake icing in them. Free and clean up easily. You can usually get different size buckets. Most have lids with them.
  11. 21 shooter


    Masonry has opened many doors for me and I’ve met many good people from all walks of life.
  12. 21 shooter

    45acp powder

    I used Bullseye many years ago then switched to WW 231. I’m using VV N310. Works great for wheelguns as it burns really clean. Recoil seems to be lighter but that can be subjective.
  13. 21 shooter

    Lets Talk Popcorn

    Are you referring to the fine grain yellow popcorn salt? Check with this company. I didn’t see it listed but I’ll bet they have it. I’ve bought stuff from them in the past. http://shallowfordfarmspopcorn.com/
  14. 21 shooter

    I need some wheelgun shooters

    That looks good. Who did the work? I like stainless revolvers because I shoot them a lot. This looks like a good option for blued revolvers.
  15. Of course he said that. Another way to destroy our nation from within. Reminds me of another politician with similar views.