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  1. I want this site to be a place where I can get some good advice. Everything from what sight to buy, if what I'm paying for a gun is too much, or even what vacuum cleaner to get! The wealth of knowledge here is priceless. I want to make friends. People I feel comfortable with PMing for recipes, books, or anything else. I want a place where inside jokes confuse the heck out of newbies! I want to be able to come here with personal problems and feel supported, and I can support them in turn. Most of all, I want a place I can come to and just shoot the bull. Talking like a bunch of close friends at a favorite bar, just rambling and solving the world's problems. Gun sites are a dime a dozen these days. It's the members that make this place different. It's like a second family. we argue, make up, and just continue on. I forgot about this site for awhile, but no longer! I don't want to win prizes or contests, I want to make friends, and know they won't get banned for small infractions. I love the humor! Give the members here some leeway, they mean no harm, and often make me laugh like hell!
  2. Italian now. Pizza and all ya know. When I lived back east it was seafood, especially lobster in Maine! Idaho doesn't know what seafood is, but have great Catfish!
  3. Hi Hannie! So glad you're here!
  4. Hi Guys! Same old me. I'd just like to thank G30 for inviting me. Still feeling my way around, but it's good to see many of my old friends here! Thanks Eric!
  5. Mick's Lady

    Hello World!

    I already love this place! Happy to see so many old friends here!
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