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  1. I've been pretty happy with all the Inglehoffer stuff I've bought over the years. For a mainstream supermarket brand I like their mustards a lot more than some of the $$ ones. And, like @Historian said, their horseradish products aren't bad either.
  2. I travel internationally a fair amount, so, happy to offer my two cents: Yes, in many parts of the world Visa and Mastercard do not have parity in acceptance. I've found many, many places which accept Visa, but do not accept MC. Occasionally, but less often, the opposite. Asia seems fairly even. I've run in to the disparities in Europe (rarely) and South America (more often). Also, while Discover isn't super common in the US, they have a reciprocity agreement with CUP (China UnionPay), which is the largest card network in China (larger than Visa or MC there). So Chinese visitors can use CUP cards in the US where Discover is accepted, and Americans can use Discover in China where CUP is accepted. CUP is the dark blue/red swish logo you've probably seen next to the Visa/MC acceptance logos at stores. Japan also has JCB (Japan Credit Bureau - not the heavy equipment folks). Americans in some states can get JCB cards - I actually had one for quite some time. Not super commonly accepted in the US (though there have been reciprocity agreements at some points). If you move from credit cards, to more "debit/small payment" networks - there are a *ton* in wide use around the world, but we don't use here.
  3. Depending how many features you're looking for, you might try "Blink" cameras. They're a reputable brand, have been supported now for several years, and they're continuing to support them. "Installation" takes literally 5 minutes. Plug the base unit in to your router/modem, then mount the cameras. They're wireless, and use a pair of AAs. With lithium AAs, I get six months of life easy, and that's with 20+ daily activations on each camera. They detect motion (you can choose where in the frame they should look), and, when motion is detected, they record a preset length (I have mine set to 20 seconds), and send it to your phone. You can also use the app to view real time. They don't record 24/7, though - which is how the battery life is so good. That said, the motion detection is excellent, and I've never had something "happen" where the motion detection didn't trigger the camera to record it.
  4. I've tried - and the current car integrates well with Spotify. The steering wheel controls work, the screen mirrors, etc. But that wait for the phone to pair, launch the app, everytime I get in the car is just annoying. SXM works from the moment the car is started, and doesn't use data. I did ditch my home SXM years ago for the same reason you gave, though.
  5. I love buying cars - for one, I like cars. For another, I like negotiating. I used to take my troops, especially Jr Enlisted, on their car buying trips all the time.
  6. I pay my satellite radio subscription 6 months at a time. I really enjoy it, but the ~$130 "six month special" simply isn't worth it for me. So, every six months, I have a note on my calendar to call, and see what "better deals" they can do. And, for years now, they'll offer me $35 for six months. Called yesterday, and they were closed, but the automated system said "Thinking of cancelling? I can offer you another six months at a price similar to what you've been paying." - and extended the $35 offer again. I mention this here for two reasons - 1) If you have recurring subscriptions for stuff like that, it never hurts to at least call and see. Three minutes on the phone knocked about $100 off my bill. 2) How rough must your business model be if you've outsourced retention to a voice response bot.
  7. The idea is kinda interesting, but it kinda lost me at hand digging the grave. I want my "mourners" to go out, celebrate, and tell good stories about me. Not sweat over a shovel. I'd feel bad asking someone for that when I'm alive, and I sure wouldn't have the nerve to ask it (via directives) once I'm dead.
  8. I asked about this about a year ago, and @Cougar_ml turned me on to the NoCo units. Bought one, which I've used several times (on others' cars), and it's been faultless. Bought two more for my niece and nephew. Mine is the GB40 (1000 amp cranking) - I wouldn't have expected it, but it even turned my neighbors cummins over without too much fuss. Passenger cars don't even make it flinch. There's also an "override" button, which will send power even if the safety circuit doesn't "see anything" - which is good for starting a car with a truly stone-dead battery.
  9. Project Farm is the only youtuber I've every "patreon'd" - the man earns it. His videos must take days of work to put together, and his methodology, thoroughness, and effort are just amazing.
  10. There's a place in my heart for both Panda and "cheap Chinese buffet" - they fill different roles, at least to me.
  11. Agree 100%. I've been doing a ton of takeout.. it's, fine, I guess. But, like you say - going to a restaurant is more than getting a dish of food in front of you. Definitely feel you on the "cold and soggy, or eat in the car". I spend enough time in the car, and I don't want to sit there with a knife and fork, too. Some of the takeout places around here have switched to bamboo containers, which does a little better job keeping the heat and moisture correct, but still not as good as food fresh from a kitchen on a real plate.
  12. Loved watching that this morning. And how he figured out the "fat" squirrel was actually pregnant.
  13. I know here in CA, our Indian casinos are reopening pretty quick, so hopefully you'll be in luck. I read "table sizes no larger than 5" as saying "tables which can seat more than 5 people" - I think you're fine with a restaurant that has more than 5 actual tables. Looks like my birthday gathering is fine with the exception of "non-essential". I'll get by.
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