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  1. Presguy

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    Always funny to see dog-friendship mismatches. Mine is a giant Rottweiler mix, who absolutely dotes on my parents' two tiny Maltese mixes. Mine could probably swat them across the room like tennis balls with her tail, but they get along great. The Maltese's usually lead the walks.
  2. Presguy

    Interesting targets

    I see your problem.. according to the arrows the the box, you've got the wrong side up.
  3. Gait recognition is also gaining ground, and has been deployed in some security applications (airports). I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's being used commercially as well. We each have a unique way of moving our arms and legs as we walk, and this can be observed by a camera, and distinguished by AI, at an even greater distance than facial recognition.
  4. Presguy

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    Would it be reasonable to assume your dog has a green butt for much of the year?
  5. Presguy

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    They look like they're waiting for their towncar to arrive.
  6. Presguy

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    You're not giving him enough credit. His full title is "Engineer in charge of destructive product testing for the woven goods sector"
  7. Presguy

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    From that description it sounds more like he'd be recently promoted brass than undercover.. big ego, likes to micromanage, anxiety over what the "underlings" do... I feel like I've worked for your dog at least once.
  8. Do you have an example of this? I rent cars multiple times a month, and I've never seen this. Maybe you're thinking of either: 1) The last generation of Hertz Neverlost units - these were giant boxes on the dash that did indeed have driver facing cameras. The idea was you could video chat with Hertz customer service, though the feature was never implemented. I frequently rented cars where they were covered with tape, I assume from some previous renter. 2) The "attention assist" found in a few high end luxury cars - these watch your face for signs of drowsiness, and ding/alert you if you begin to nod off. It's a pretty high end feature I've never come across in rental, and the cameras for those are in the instrument cluster, not the rearview. 3) Some autodimming mirrors have a tiny photocell that I guess could look like a camera, but if look closely, it's clearly a photocell. These have been somewhat common since the early 90s or so - the electronic replacment for the old school dimming levers. That said, most of the big fleet operators do indeed use GPS tracking - but I'd be damn surprised to hear about interior cameras.
  9. If your dog (or cat, etc) had a job, what would it do for a living? I think my dog would be a school crossing guard. She's big - so in a reflective vest she'd be quite visible. She likes kids. She likes being outside. She likes walks, but not long ones - so just crossing the street back and forth would be perfect for her. (This question comes on the heels of a vet bill - I warned the dog she would have to start paying her own one of these days)
  10. My previous dog, who passed away a few years ago, used to get terrible separation anxiety (fixed by getting a second dog). Once, while away from home, she shut herself in the master bedroom by mistake and tried to escape by "digging" through the carpet to the concrete subfloor. Was an excuse to get wood floors in the bedroom, I guess. Another time I went to breakfast with my then girlfriend, and she tried to eat her way out of the house. Shredded up the drywall and trim next to the door to the garage, and, while ripping at the molding, actually managed to snap some back hard enough for the noise to trip the alarm's glass break detector. Sweet, loyal and shockingly smart - she just didn't like to be left without company.
  11. I'm honestly surprised by all the people saying "dishwasher". I run mine almost daily - more than I use the oven. Can't imagine taking the time to manually slosh around hot water and do dishes by hand every day. Only knives and a few particular pans get handwashed.
  12. Long ago, before my dad retired, when I was a little kid, he had a dry cleaning plant. Commercial type, not for clothes. The largest machine was big enough to do stage draperies. There was always welding for *something* going on.. racks, transfer equipment, pipe brackets, whatever. One day when I was off from school for the summer he let me follow the welder around with a big CO2 extinguisher putting out all the tiny welding-caused lint fires. (the kind of thing that would have just harmlessly burned out) - but as a kid, that was cool. I'm sure I drove the welder crazy.
  13. When I was a kid I went through a bunch of the "50-1" type Archer kits - the ones where you had the springboard, and could use wires and schematics to built various stuff. I remember a lot of crystal radios, I think electronic dice.. not sure what all else. I remember a few Heathkits too, but nothing too serious - not the ones where you built something truly "adult" like a TV set - just the kids ones. My dad taught me how to gut a pair of old desk phones and make them into a wired walkie talkie. I remember saving up for a giant spool of wire to connect me to a friend a couple houses away.
  14. As far bigger/built in things... my garbage disposal/insinkerator. I'd honestly much rather just dump foodscraps into the trash than risk putting them down the drain. So, if I *had* to get ride of one, that'd be it. Countertop/small stuff? Toaster. It's a really nice Dualit that will probably last til the end of time, but, honestly, I don't make much toast. Can't remember the last time I used it. I try to not buy too many "that looks neat" countertop appliances. Invariably I only use them for a few weeks, then forget about them.
  15. Presguy

    Simpli safe home security systems

    If the alarm goes off, and it's not reset (by either you or a monitoring center), it will set on it's own and go by to an "armed" state. How long this takes is a user defined setting - I believe between 1 and 12 minutes. One thing to keep in mind in the whole rural-vs-monitored debate. I live in a city, so I have slow alarm response for a different reason. I still like the monitoring because it means that I hear something has gone wrong before I get home. If I'm gone all day, or for a few days, I'd much rather know that something has happened while I'm gone. If you don't have monitoring, there's no way to do this.