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  1. Subaru made these from 2003 to 2006. It's a Baja - the Brat was discontinued decades ago. The 2003s had a ride height that was a smidge lower - this one looks a bit higher, making it 2004-2006. Also, the 2003 was only available with body color door handles, IIRC, which again would make this an 04-06. The black door handles and headlights with integrated high beams, not a sep lens, makes this the lower end trim (Classic I think it was called) between 2004-2006. No hood scoop, so it's not the turbo. The turbos are becoming damn pricey and hard to find on the market now.
  2. I don't often do shots, but this made me think of a Pickleback (typically a shot of Jameson chased with a shot of pickle juice - dill, not sweet, usually).
  3. For many years, I had a small, cheap CRKT Kiss knife. It wasn't "pocket carry" so much as "bounced around to wherever it might be needed". It disappeared, and I didn't think much of it. A few years later it was found by the TSA - at the bottom of my carryon bag, where it had slipped between the lining and the plate that attaches to the wheels. The funny part is that I had taken that bag through security screening at least 50 times (probably more) since the knife disappeared, at airports all over, and it wasn't found til then.
  4. I've been missing a nice Surefire light for about two years now. Maybe I should try ordering another and see if that makes it turn up.
  5. Presguy

    Sound bar ?

    I think @Eric is on the right track. Unless reviews are showing this is a known issue with your soundbar, I'm guessing it has to do with how you've connected it. If you're using wireless, try wired. If wired, try a different choice of link type. I'd bet there's an excellent chance that'll help.
  6. To all that have replied, THANK YOU! Please don't think I've been ignoring you, I've simply been running around like a fool all day trying to accomplish all this... stuff. I think, largely, I'm going to stick to the advice from @ASH posted above, and refrain from putting much on the internet. That said, I'll share that my insurance company has been excellent so far - my car is at a well regarded shop, I'm in a rental at no cost to me, they've been very communicative, etc. Medically, I did indeed wake up this morning feelking like I'd be "hit by the proverbial truck" - for reasons of discretion, I won't go into detail, but will say that much of the advice above has been well heeded and I've already been seen by three distinct doctors and had a variety of imaging and such done.
  7. Good point - I won't give the exact name here, since it might give too much away, but the insured is basically "Acme Shipping Company". I'm not concerned so much with getting ducks in a row for a lawsuit - that's not really my style - I just want to make sure I didn't overlook some operation that needs to be done out of distraction.
  8. So, for "privacy/safety/discretion" sake, I'll keep details here brief. As background, I was an LEO for several years, so I know my way around some aspects of this, but not others. While stopped (dead stop) at a red light, I was rear ended by an Amazon driver, on duty, in a marked Amazon van. There's moderate damage to my car (bumper, hatch, exhaust, lights, rear washer, several warning lights, etc). Drove home, was not towed. Have made claim with my own insurer. Left message with their insurer (closed for night). Made Sheriff report. Tried to contact Amazon - got nowhere. I have front and rear facing dash cams. They recorded everything - me being stopped, me being pushed into intersection, etc. They ALSO recorded him saying, out loud, "This only happened cause I picked up the phone when my wife called" AND they recorded him saying it was his 3rd accident in 4 days. So.... there's all that. I'm okay-ish. When he rear ended me, I started getting pushed into oncoming traffic, I steered hard back to the right, and my left arm is pretty sore from cranking the wheel. Heading to urgent care to get it checked. Anyone have experience with an Amazon vehicle collision, or other advice for me? Thanks in advance.
  9. While it is not my intention to be morbid, and I always try to seek the good in people, situations, and even terrible outcomes - Today, I ask my friends here online to enjoy a sip of their favorite beverage, as another year has passed since we lost those we cared so much about. As long as your name is spoken, you are never forgotten.
  10. I'd have to dig the exact disclosure out of the file cabinet (it's a state approved form), but it basically says that asbestos is known to be found in various locations throughout the structure, and that, where identified, it is not to be disturbed. I can't remember if the bathroom floor was mentioned (this lease was signed over 20 years ago), but I tend to be pretty dilligent about these things. The building held a former dry cleaning plant - so I *imagine* most of the use was in insulating hot water/steam pipes which are largely since removed.
  11. I appreciate your (very accurate) advice. The city where this building is requires an asbestos disclosure at time of lease, and one was provided acknowledging we know of asbestos in the building, and providing the "reminders" of how not to disturb it. Our full time handyman is certified in the process, and since he'll be doing the work, I'll make sure whatever is done (encapsulation, as I hope), removal, etc - is done safely and lawfully.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. Cause of his business hours, I really have to get this knocked out in the one day of the week he's closed. I'm thinking I'll go in, gut everything except for the floor tiles. Paint ceiling, hang light, remove old sink and toilet, patch/paint walls, install vanity and sink, then cover the floor in a thin layer of fast-set thinset covered in durable textured, simple color coat., and reinstall toilet. Should be an "easy" one day job.
  13. Not a bad idea at all. I'd either have to mask around the toilet base well, or pull it, but that's not that big of a deal. Thin layer of thinset, then sheet vinyl.
  14. I've got a commercial rental property that includes a very small bathroom. The floor is concrete, covered in 12" stick down tiles. While I haven't had them tested, I'd highly suspect they're asbestos based. The tenants sink is broken, and he's a nice guy. While his lease his NNN, I'd sitll like to do him a favor, and do a mini bathroom rehab (paint, new vanity, new lights, etc). But I'm stuck on the floor. While it's not actively decaying, there are some chips, and I don't feel comfortable removing likely-asbestos tiles. Covering it with sheet vinyl isn't an option, as it's quite old, and not really smooth enough. I'd also, in the interest of time, really like to not pull the toilet. It doesn't need to look "designer" - it's only used by plant employees. I'm thinking a solvent washdown, and then an epoxy coat to "encapsulate" whatever is there. Anyone have creative ideas that won't break the bank, and can be done in a day (with all the other work)?
  15. I have two Blink cameras, and have had them for a little over 3 years. Within their limitations, I've been totally happy with them. The installation takes minutes, barely. Probably the most time consuming part might be taking a ladder out if you need to mount them high up. You plug the base into your router, put up the cameras, install the app, and you're done. There are a few settings in the app that you can fine tune, but nothing "power user" oriented. I use lithium AA batteries in mine, and even seeing 20+ activations a day, the batteries last about 6 months. You do have to consider, though, that they don't record all the time. When they detect motion, they'll record a pre-set clip legth (I have mine set to 20 seconds), and send it to your phone. The good news is that the motion detection seems to be very good - I've never had something "happen" in view of the cameras which the sensor didn't pick up and record. Even a padded envelope thrown from the Amazon guy out the by the curb has been enough to trip the sensor. @TBO mentioned a lag. It's kinda a "split" thing. I get the initial notification very quickly. But, lets say you're away from home, and someone knocks on your door. The camera begins recording it's 20 second (or whatever) clip, and notifies your phone. You take a look - if the delivery guy is still there, the camera will still be trying to record and notify you - so you can't switch to live view, cause it's "gathering" another 20 second clip to send you. In practice, it's never been a big deal, at least for me - but if you were trying to watch, say, a business, where several types of activity happened in rapid succession, and you wanted to see it all, it might be an issue. EDIT: Since you asked in your original comment - no, you can't record to a flash drive. BUT, when you get a clip recorded, you can tap one button in the app, and it will email the file directly to you, to do whatever you like with.
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