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  1. So, I understood that the USPS would be shutting down delivery most letter and parcel mail today (Wednesday the 5th) - that only limited items (overnight deliveries) would be arriving. Today, I noticed a bunch of random status changes in my Amazon order list.. Items which were meant to arrive Wednesday, getting delayed til Thursday, and then bouncing back and getting delivered late Wednesday afte rall. I didn't get any regular mail, but I did get most of my Amazon 2-3 day packages. Did anyone else have similar experiences? It seems like a really irregular shutdown (given the volume of holiday delivery, that makes sense).
  2. Presguy

    If this doesn't make you hungry nothing will.

    Any chance you were privy to trying any of that? I grew up with pastrami in "Jewish Deli" sense - fatty, distinct pastrami flavor clinging to the outsides of thin strips taken from a slab roasted in a simpler, more traditional manner. This looks very good, but also very different - I'd love to how it tastes compared to what I think of as "pastrami"
  3. Presguy

    Saw this whilst shopping at Walmart

    I guess I'm juvenile too, cause I laughed. As an aside: "Real Banana - Real Healthy"... I'm not sure that stands up to scrutiny after they've been dipped in chocolate. I mean, french fries are vegetables, but...
  4. Presguy

    So. What's everybody getting for Christmas?

    My family isn't big on extravagant gifts.. we usually exchange small stuff just for the sake of getting together. My Amazon list is boring stuff.. a couple of tshirts, some small kitchen stuff. Nothing over $25 or so. The only "big" gift I bought this year was already given about a week ago - a new set of tires to my niece who was home visiting from school for Thanksgiving. I bothered my brother to send me his wish list.. he asked for an $8 book from Amazon. Certainly can't accuse him of being greedy. Cathay Pacific was/is having a really good holiday sale, so I already bought myself a "gift" - a trip to Thailand next year for a few days of scuba diving and a week of martial arts camp.
  5. Presguy

    Now defunct retailers of your youth

    Radio Shack comes to mind - my first "real" job was there, not long before the start of their downhill slide. We also had a store called "Best" - (no relation to Best Buy). They were kind of a housewares and department store.. electronics, jewelry, small appliances. I remember it was unique cause nearly everything on display was a shelf sample - if you wanted to buy anything, even little stuff, you took a ticket, they got it from the backroom, and sent it to be picked up down a conveyor belt. I always thought the conveyor belt was cool when I was a little kid.
  6. Presguy

    Anyone have two dishwashers?

    Grew up in a house with a second dishwasher in the wet bar area - my parents didn't entertain much, so it didn't get put to much use. If I cooked/entertained enough intensively to warrant it, I suppose I could see the value. If you go that route, make sure you have the hot water capacity to support it (on demand heater/2nd water heater/etc). I'd love to have a second washer/dryer - days when I'm washing laundry, linens, gym stuff, it would save a lot of time. Also, if you're designing a nice kitchen from the ground up, consider adding a pot-filling tap over the range - my neighbors did that in their kitchen reno. Super simple, but really convenient.
  7. Presguy

    C'mon Jeep! Death wobble, again??

    I believe the freep is running a little behind on their reporting, and the wobble is connected to a recall FCA already has in progress (pertains to bad/cracking/missing frame welds): https://jalopnik.com/new-jeep-wrangler-frame-welds-are-failing-and-now-fca-i-1829551649
  8. Presguy

    I've lost a bit of my humanity

    Got sent on a call to a report of a naked metal health pateint on street corner. While getting him under control, he left a *massive" sliding dick print down the window and door my partner's nearly new take home, He was so delighted.
  9. Presguy

    My new mattress, it's too hard

    The fabric shop near my house had both types of foam (actually a whole bunch of different options for memory/non memory, thickness, eggcrate, etc). IIRC, the memory was about 60% more, but still less than a purpose-sold mattress pad. YMMV, of course, this was a pretty large shop.
  10. Presguy

    My new mattress, it's too hard

    If you have a foam/fabric store nearby, go see if you can just buy a bulk cut piece of foam (like by the yard). It's often the exact same thing as a mattress pad, but a fraction of the price.
  11. I started balding around 18, so I have no good advice on hair dryers. Here, though, is an entertaining review of the Dyson:
  12. Presguy

    What's for Thanksgiving?

    The main course will be two hours of family bickering. Side dishes include hurt feelings and silent treatment, with a fresh guilt trip for dessert. If it's anything like last year, the leftovers will be trotted out regularly for a few weeks.
  13. Presguy

    Remote camera with no internet?

    So there's lots of security cameras with motion detection that connect by 3/4g cell service, one example would be something like this: https://www.arlo.com/en-us/products/arlo-go/default.aspx - I don't have the arlo, but a couple of my neighbors do, and are happy with them. If you have cell service that close by, I bet something like this would bring it right to the cabin, so you could use the camera (and your phones): http://a.co/d/0mVSPNC - I don't have any expereince with that particular model, but it seems to get decent reviews. There's also a much cheaper 3g only version, though I don't think that would be enough to stream security video. Perhaps try buying the extender, trying it with your phone to see if it works, and if it does, adding the camera? Worse case scenario, if the extender doesn't work, just return it. If you're considering costs, cutting the landline (since you'd have cell service while you were there) could make up the subscription cost for the camera.
  14. Presguy

    Remote camera with no internet?

    How far out of cell range are you? Is there any chance you could get reception with a 4g repeater and an installed cell antenna? If you could, there's lots of off the shelf motion activated, cell connected cameras for sale. And you'd have the benefit of cell service when you're visiting.