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  1. So, I started a vacation to Thailand and Cambodia today (technically Wednesday, if we count when the flight left). Have a couple days of Muay Thai camp and some scuba diving planned. Started off great. Nice flight, quiet seatmate, etc. Arrived to Bangkok, and discovered my checked bag didn't make it with me. Not a huge deal - I had some shorts and a few spare shirts in my carryon. Then, due to brain fog over the exchange rate, I tipped the girl who led me to the car 1000 Baht, instead of 100 Baht (so about $30, instead of $3). Made it to the hotel, checked in, rested a bit, and headed for the first Muay Thai session. It's right about at this point I mention that my cup was in my checked bag. Made it about 20 minutes into the lesson before getting teep'd right in the groin. After a nice long sit down and recovery, finished the lesson, waddled out to a taxi, and now I'm back in my hotel wondering where my life went wrong.
  2. You rember those awful personal pan pizzas that seem to get served in every elementary school cafeteria? They're gonna need to order a lot more of those.
  3. Presguy

    Getting TASERED can also get you "fired"

    My gut feeling is that one of the probes hit a lighter in his pocket - it's happened before and produces a result very similar to this.
  4. Yeah, but with those battery operated gizmos they can get the same results on their own. I mean jump start packs, of course.
  5. Presguy

    2019's Chromebook

    I love my Chromebook. It's an "ruggedized" Asus that was only about $220 new. The battery easily gets 10 hours of real use on a charge, essentially instant bootup, and it handles just about any web surfing and casual use I throw at it. I find myself using it way more often than the Windows laptop, which really only comes out if I have heavy Excel work to do. I'm not really sure I understand the rationale of spending $500+ for a high end Chromebook, though. It doesn't improve on the basic, cheap, Chromebook experience and you still don't have the ability to do stuff like game or edit photos/video.
  6. Presguy

    Confession time real man and women

    Ooh.. I'm more into the vintage American (or, at least, North American) ones, but I have a few old mil blankets in the collection. I buy so much Eucalan wool wash on Amazon that they started giving me suggested items like washable diapers. Yeah.. the piercing my gf talked me into was a weeee bit lower than the ears.
  7. Presguy

    Confession time real man and women

    I collect vintage wool blankets (point, trade, Hudson Bay). I don't like beer. And once let a girlfriend talk me into getting a piercing.
  8. Presguy

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    Eastern / lesser-traveled Europe would be a big savings on hotels, too. Both you and tadbart mentioned Iceland - I'd love to do that trip, either on it's own or as part of something bigger. You're right - European cities get expensive fast. I can handle budget hotels, but I think I'm past the hostel part of my life.
  9. Presguy

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    Any first hand experience with VIR? I had talked to him a while back about Bondurant in AZ, but he didn't seem too interested. I do take him shooting a few times a year; he's always had a good time and he's invited friends along. I (and he) live just outside of Los Angeles - not paranoia on my part, I simply didn't respond to each comment on the thread individually. Hell, during the Borderline shooting and CA fires I posted almost the exact location of my home, and I've posted video of me to this board. I have no illusions, or particular worries, about online privacy - there isn't any.
  10. Presguy

    Anyone have or use a sauna regularly?

    Agreed - maybe not as relaxing, but indescribable. The Russian banya I went to had an actual *chilled* pool right outside the sauna, I think to 58-60 farenheit.
  11. Presguy

    Anyone have or use a sauna regularly?

    I like using them when I travel, and will sometimes keep an eye out for hotels that have them (not terribly common in the US). I did look briefly at the Costco ones. IIRC correctly most of the home ones are infrared, which don't seem to be nearly as good as conventionally heated sauna. I have a ton of trouble sleeping, and one of the few things that helps is sweating myself half delirious right before going to bed. I've also done the hot sauna --> cold pool thing, which is great fun, but not nearly as relaxing. Sauna etiquette while traveling is.. complex. Everyone has different standards on single gender/co-ed and what (if any) clothes are appropriate. And if you ever have a chance to go to a Russian sauna (Banya), do it. There are a few in the US.
  12. Presguy

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    Thanks for all the suggestions.. I think the top three contenders are a European road trip (like to the Arctic), a Euro train trip, and an Alaska Road/Rail trip. He's a smart kid, but he's really timid, and I want something that gives him lots of chances (and necessity) to interact with the world and people he's not familiar with.
  13. Presguy

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    I kinda like that idea. In my head I had been thinking car trip, but a train trip gives more opportunities to "break out of your shell" and meet/talk to more people. I've always wanted to do some portion of the Trans-Siberia railway myself, but that's a little too big/long of an undertaking for him this summer.
  14. Presguy

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    Thanks for the recommendation - just put that on my libary list.
  15. Presguy

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    The thought has definitely crossed my mind. Need to do a little more reading on driving and road conditions if we wanted to get out and explore a little.