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  1. I was thinking an A10, but I suppose your method works too.
  2. If you were surprised to learn Epstein committed suicide, imagine how surprised he must've been!
  3. I was pretty impressed. My school doesn't have a huge veteran population, but the veterans resource office did a Facebook announcement the other day, and was handing out cold drinks and snacks to anyone who wore purple today. Nice to see.
  4. Tadbart said it already - prison purse / prison wallet. Can't tell you how many times you'd see someone's hand coming up from their pants as you walked up the back of a car on a traffic stop.
  5. I've often heard that mankind doesn't deserve dogs, and when I come home to mine, always eager to see me, sometimes I think it's true. Silentpoet, I'm sorry - I have no doubt you showed Lucky a content and spoiled life, and I hope that, when you're ready, another shelter dog is allowed to inherit Lucky's spot in your house, and fill a spot in your heart.
  6. Have you had the experience of one of the newer Chryslers with the rotary electronic shifters, that start ingorning all commands after even minor wrecks? We had a minor wrecked Chrylser 200 in a ditch, only it was stuck in drive, with both the ignition button and the eletronic shifter ignoring every command to go into park - it kept trying to turn it's wheels while we were next to it. Ending up forcing the hood and putting a fire axe into enough electronics before it finally died.
  7. Always amazed me to lift a side curtain airbag out of the way, only to find a perplexed, but fine, face looking at me, asking "what the hell happened"?
  8. Presguy


    My immediate family is pretty small.. for better or worse, I know them all well. I swore over a decade ago I'd never take a trip with my sister that involves sharing cars or hotel rooms. I'd rather pay for my own room than battle over the thermostat and climb over the expeditions-worth of luggage. I don't really have any "intermediate" family, like cousins/aunts/uncles. The really distant family we only hear from when they're visiting LA and want a free place to stay.
  9. Labor practices of the diamond industry aside, the entire market for diamonds is manufactured ( https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/02/how-an-ad-campaign-invented-the-diamond-engagement-ring/385376/ ) It was invented as a cultural norm to create a market for the stone, and the cultural norm has stuck. Diamond prices are essentially cartel-set, and propped up by DeBeers buying any newly found deposits and warehousing/controlling the outputs. Beyond their industrial uses, their intrinsic value is way lower than most people think. I had an old marketing professor who worked on the campaigns back in the day (at a notable level), and had fascinting stories and market projections they used to share. When it became clear that lab-created diamonds could be as good as, or better, than natural stones, DeBeers was forced into a new maneuver, creating their own brand of synthetic diamonds, complete with a retailing network, and crashing the price of synthetic diamonds worldwide before they "caught on" even more. (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-anglo-results-de-beers/de-beers-says-lab-grown-diamond-wholesale-prices-fall-by-up-to-60-percent-idUSKCN1QA255) - you can also google "debeers lab created diamonds" for lots more articles, including well cited ones, on the topic. EDIT: An old, but benchmark, article on the topic: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1982/02/have-you-ever-tried-to-sell-a-diamond/304575/
  10. Put away your camera.. he said fishnets, not fishingnets.
  11. I haven't had occasion (and likely won't) to use the Hangover/IV service. I do notice them pushing various "beneficial" IV cocktails for this and that; it appears to be a profit center and appealing to at least some subset of their clientele. The biggest thing for me is that I've never had to wait longer than business day for an appointment (I'd say I'm going about 50/50 for same day - granted I haven't had too many appointments). Before my last trip to Thailand, I went in to see their travel med specialist. I conversationally said "I'm not afraid of flying, but if you had anything to relax me on the plane I wouldn't complain". And, instead of treating me like a drug seeker or addict, she gave me a big smile and a script to get me there, back, and a "few extra in case of flight changes" I tore my sartorius doing Krav (sp?) maybe 2 years back - their PT had me in between 2 and 3 times a week, and I was back to normal within a month with no drugs at all. I know that several of my visits included services outside of my healthplan, but we're talking maybe $3-400 in total over the whole month, not thousands.
  12. Mah, you guys weren't kidding. I've got Fry's here, so no hankering for that. No movies I'm eager to see. No music scene going on on a weeknight, or sports. I'm either gonna camp in the hotel being productive or maybe check out one of the hot springs an hour or two outside of town.
  13. That.. is a gratuitous picture standing in testament to the skill of your medical team and your future health. Congratulations.
  14. I'm gonna be in Sacrameto for a solid day next week before some meetings the next morning. The last time I was there was over a decade ago, and I mostly remember being eager to leave. Anyone have a suggestion or two for a good way to fill the day? An interesting restaurant or band would be okay, I guess, but I was hoping for something for "local" - and no interest at all with being a political audience for anything. I'll have a rental car, so getting around should be easy. Not looking for a strip clip or any "adult services", either.
  15. I fail to see any opportunity for those things to present themselves in rugby.. none. (sarcasm, in case that didn't come across)
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