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  1. If the specific bureaucracy job description doesn’t include shooting at and being shot at by bunches of enemy military then why does it use military ranks?
  2. “Raise up a child in the way it should go…”
  3. Every one is somewhere on the “A” scale. Not always the same place. The scale runs from A____ to A______.
  4. Really, why should the BATFE be involved at all? The shooting wasn’t with a sawed off shotgun or a short barrel rifle or a fully automatic capable weapon and there apparently was no silencer involved. About the only other reasons they might need to be involved would be stolen weapon or obliterated serial number.
  5. I see increasing numbers of non-traditional houses using post and beam and metal in my rural area. Unfortunately most houses currently being built are McMansions.
  6. In another thread on this site, it states that the deceased person’s next project was to be a documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood. The thread also tied this shooter to infamous pedophiliacs. Fact or fiction?
  7. If I lied under oath to the FBI, Congress, IRS, or indeed any part of the federal government I would get free room and board in Atlanta. Why not Dr F… or indeed many others…
  8. Bernie Sanders kept praising Cuba and Venezuela for their fine socialist heavens.
  9. I lost my Blackie over the weekend to Bobcat Fever. It is carried by bobcats and passed on by ticks. Usually fatal to domestic cats.
  10. railfancwb


    This is not the Big Boy, which was brought back to life for the Gold Spike 150th, but its slightly smaller stablemate the Challenger.
  11. I thought nooses were supposed to have 13 turns rather than 5. Tradition not necessity.
  12. The UN is a legacy of Woodrow Wilson - admittedly delayed a few decades.
  13. What’s happening at St Helena since Napoleon left?
  14. Think we’ve reached a new plateau. The folks who once offered 3x then 5x matches to my political contribution are now offering 9x. If they can actually spend $900 plus my $100 maybe they should just spend their $900 and not concern themselves about my $100.
  15. Preditation is never risk free regardless of the Hunter and prey
  16. We all carry demons. Sometimes they win
  17. Can’t tell… Is that the period correct United States flag?
  18. Are those the speeds of pitches or hits?
  19. Someone gave him a loaded gun… Maybe someone had motive to cause an accident.
  20. Wonder if hormones and other drugs flushed into rivers and washed off the land contribute.
  21. “Made In China” - not the most subtle comment.
  22. Believe that is a Lambretta motor scooter. Not a Vespa anyway. Which ones are good and which ones are bad? Ahh, that is the question.
  23. Ammunition did not magically fly from the gun. Baldwin pulled the trigger to fire the shot. Even on movie sets, guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
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