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  1. Think Florida is ending dog racing. So tracks in other states will probably disappear as well.
  2. Looks as though a lot of bears contributed to the necklace.
  3. That big orange thing looks like an elevator. Is it?
  4. Different strengths for different colors?
  5. Yep. Seems pretty stealthy.
  6. One of my early ventures in enterprise computing involved an IBM 1401 and an IBM 360-30. The company had one of each system, with card sorters and readers and printers and some tape machines. I persuaded them to add a seven track tape machine to the 360 (think the 1401 already had a seven track machine). Then they could use the 1401 to read cards to a seven track which the 360 could use instead or its card reader. The 360 in turn could send print files to a seven track tape which the 1401 could use freeing the 360 for higher level tasks. When feeding a tape for the 1401 printer, some character substitutions had to be made because of its more limited character set. A good repurposing of obsolete equipment at a minimal cost.
  7. If a person had the text, say in Word or an OCRed PDF, a search could be constructed to count occurrences of “I” and “I’” (I with apostrophe) and possibly other variations. The book is available from Amazon in Kindle format which might be converted to a searchable format. It is probably available from Barnes & Noble in their Nook format, which might be converted.
  8. I wish I was certain this is satire... https://babylonbee.com/news/oregon-frees-all-drug-dealers-to-provide-prison-space-for-families-celebrating-thanksgiving
  9. First house I remember living in had a furnace fired with lump coal and a fireplace with a grate similar to that. We started the fireplace with kindling and thereafter burned some of that lump coal.
  10. Wonder who other than honest shoppers will use it. Feds? SWAT? Burglars?
  11. I want to say that is a neat fancy trick. Based on the discolored patio tiles in that area, though, I think this is merely the dog’s latrine.
  12. Too many people making too much money and enjoying too much unauthorized power.
  13. Probably should. That could be the “Help! I’m kidnapped and held for ransom!” secret message.
  14. Indeed you do. When my vehicles were broken into, the “built in” electronics were enticements A photograph of the previous occupant of that space might be the ideal cover. Ten year old factory electronics shouldn’t be much temptation.
  15. Spent the occasional nights in rest areas, bank parking lots, and other informal locations over the years. Maybe one night per vacation when the map made me a distance optimist. Station wagons in those pre-mini-van days. The parking lots of 24-hour Walmarts have been known to accommodate RVing.
  16. railfancwb

    It Smells

    Coconut cream pie and coconut cake - two of my mother’s specialties. Along with brownies and chocolate chip cookies. And an apple cake, which many would call fruit cake, that actually got eaten with joy. Been a long time now...
  17. We - then I - had mini-vans for decades. Still have one currently not running which I am sporadically tempted to restore to operation. They served us/me well.
  18. Some of your pictures didn’t show. Maybe they will when my connection is better. You might find “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat Moon of interest.
  19. And Bill Gates said he couldn’t imagine a computer needing more than 640K - yes K - of ram.
  20. Is this the truck you did a 500 mile round trip to see but didn’t buy at the time?
  21. I recall reading about bucking horses that were retired to a ranch to live out the rest of their lives. Anything similar for such bulls? The
  22. I’ve been through a number of SLR cameras over the years. First film. Currently digital. My latest is the Fugifilm X-S1. Non interchangeable lens, but it came with 26x physical zoom range. But now almost all my photography is with the iPhone - a camera I always have with me.
  23. Sitting there silently judging you.
  24. The mechanisms which allow wings of carrier airplanes to fold for storage while allowing them to dogfight in the air seem amazing.
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