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  1. I wish we were being given honest information.
  2. Seeing this reminds me... Chrysler (now Fiat-Chrysler) has been bought by another European car manufacturer. Apparently Jeep is the hot property with RAM and Dodge worth keeping but the Chrysler badge itself may go away. The Chrysler Pacifica mini-van may be moved into the Dodge lineup.
  3. Lawn darts - the early years
  4. Death of my eldest cousin was attributed to COVID although with his underlying conditions it was likely just the final straw. Wonder what the cause of death statistics would look like if a premium wasn’t being paid for deaths reported as COVID vs other causes
  5. My default first search site is often eBay. I buy from Amazon and from eBay and GunBroker sellers. Results from my searches on Amazon are often polluted with unrelated items scattered throughout.
  6. He warned us and was laughed out of office by other elected officials and mainstream media.
  7. Not dumb. He is probably better off as minority leader, for then he can parlay captive Republican votes for what he wants. Give each citizen $600 or $2000 if you wish, but none will hire relatives of politicians. Give $700 billion to special interests and foreign aid, campaign contributions and book deals and speaking tours and directorships and jobs for relatives all could happen.
  8. Cute at that age. When full grown not so much
  9. For years, and maybe still, Dollywood housed a raptor recovery facility. Eagles may lay more than one egg, but first to hatch usually finishes off the also rans. Nests in the wild have been “robbed” of extra eggs which are taken to such centers, hatched, and raised without visible human contact for release in the wild. I once saw a bald eagle fishing (unsuccessfully) in the Tennessee River in Knoxville, probably because of the Dollywood program.
  10. Not the would be place kicker.
  11. Even if he had executed the kick perfectly momentum would have carried him over the edge.
  12. With Big Tech and Mass Media in lockstep in the states, how could such be set up?
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