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  1. The Brown Recluse is arguably more of a threat to people in my area than the Black Widow.
  2. Need more complete picture of the person wearing red on left.
  3. Is this “the rest of the story” behind the billboard?
  4. Once upon a time in the west…
  5. Expressions on their faces are interesting.
  6. I enjoy these tidbits of history. Thanks.
  7. Yeah, I know. These are memes from elsewhere on the site. Yet to me they seem very germane to this thread.
  8. Attempted murder… Would that be a reasonable additional charge? Attempted mass murder if they were booby trapping tracks used by Amtrak.
  9. And for those who wouldn’t he had shooters.
  10. Went wandering on the web, contemplating a new-to-me vehicle. Found this. Nope nope nope
  11. Suspect Truman was one of many who forgot to return handguns issued by the military when they mustered out. And at that time he was probably close to being “little people”.
  12. I’m not generally appreciative of the political opinions of entertainment celebrities. Those such as Eastwood who got down into the trenches as elected officials I do appreciate.
  13. Went into one of those places which formerly claimed to be walk-in urgent care facilities because I had a head cold… or something… Was told I now have to have an appointment. Walked out and now getting well just fine with basic OTC stuff. Will never bother them again
  14. Unstated weakness in the system… that nuc powered carrier, which can go for years without fueling, is dependent upon supply ships for jet fuel and armament. And those ships can’t stay out for years.
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