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  1. Keep trying. Practice may not make perfect (contrary to the cliche) but it can make better
  2. Free range parenting.
  3. Live in a rural area an hour or so from any major city. Have seen billboards advertising a complete standard funeral for something under $3000 - $2695 I think. Been meaning to call and see exactly what us covered. Bought a double wide plot and stone when my wife died suddenly. I suppose if I donate my body to a medical school my DOD could be carved on the stone. Brother and his wife (now widow) signed the paperwork to donate their bodies. I’m good with that, but so far am getting passive resistance from the children.
  4. Actually I think “natural burials” which is what you describe are allowed some places. Maybe California. No embalming or other chemicals for preservation. Only natural fiber shroud (wrapping) - cotton, wool, linen, etc. no casket or other container. Usually no marker or monument, but maybe a cemetery map showing your plot.
  5. And in Nawlens one might hope for periodic encores after hurricanes and flooding.
  6. Unfortunately Congress has been AWOL since the early 1940s with respect to its Constitutional mandate to declare war. Congress’ failure to do its job hasn’t kept American troops from dying.
  7. The rear car reminds me of the 1939 Pontiac my parents had.
  8. At Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Chattanooga TN
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