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  1. Sad but true. Combine that with “Maybe we’ll finally get some rain today. Everything is dryin’ and dyin’.”
  2. Actually “DuckDuckGo” their name.
  3. I would certainly like to see their “stay out of jail and courts free” cards revoked.
  4. If those forces succeed I wonder what will become of pay levels for prize athletes and other entertainers. The current ones who keep their jobs for awhile may keep their pay for awhile. But it is unlikely the next generations will be at that level. ”you know, a two meter tall guy will really be challenged in an underground coal mine” “maybe you rather play basketball after all”
  5. There is a war... so far the United States is mostly unaware...
  6. You have my sympathy. All loses are hard, some more than others, and blood is not the only measure.
  7. Some of mine want to hold my hand... I like it
  8. Needs to be doxed - isn’t that the word for passing out someone’s home address to terrorists? Spell check changed “doxed” to “fixed” and I suppose that is OK as well.
  9. Maybe the fiction about student athletes needs to be examined. Some actually are. Peyton Manning, for example, got bachelors and masters degrees while at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville and they were degrees of substance. On the other hand, MLB funds minor league baseball teams at several levels to bring their draftees up to speed. Maybe NFL should help fund college football. Wonder how steep the football pyramid is? From elementary school to junior high then high school then college and finally becoming a professional football player... What percentage of those starting as youths actually get an NFL contract?
  10. There is a Biblical admonition to not bind the mouths of the oxen who thrash the grain.
  11. I distracted myself - a common problem I have. Was really intending to say that the cab mostly contains results from my today run to Walmart
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