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  1. Wonder who is featured on the medal and why he has chosen to wear it.
  2. Glass or plexiglass dome over him?
  3. Would like to know more about this. How deep? Could the gun fire multiple times without being brought out of the water?
  4. Not to worry. Virus wouldn’t dare that.
  5. His wife might do it. Or just stick him in a nursing home with other dementia victims
  6. People in situations such as the one in the left were the reasons FDR created his alphabet agencies such as CCC and WPA. The depression kept many young people from obtaining jobs. Having seen the turmoil in Europe FDR and his staff wanted to put the young and restless to work, lest they start a revolution because they were idle and bored.
  7. Wondering what engines. First thought was Allisons until I saw the 1930 date.
  8. Wife and I ate at an Automat in NYC. Probably mid-1960s.
  9. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.
  10. I think I rode in one of these at that age. Later my brother did.
  11. I enjoy cans of Minute Maid lemonade. Did. They have disappeared from shelves. Read that Coca-Cola is discontinuing numerous brands at the national level, although some may survive regionally. Other companies in other industries also seem to be streamlining there product lines. Is there a message here?
  12. They don’t care what the people want. They [think they] know what the people need and plan to give it to the people good and hard.
  13. Clearly the right to fly in a crowded airplane is a constitutionally recognized right while assembling to worship God is not.
  14. Truthfully “Professional” means someone gets paid for doing something. The word is unrelated to the quality of work performed.
  15. Just one more thing “we gotta have” which comes from China. Curious isn’t it.
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