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  1. I thought about that, as I recall the classic Billy the Kid picture appears reversed. Then I wondered how reversing the picture could put the hammer on the wrong side. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Hammer is against his body now and flipping the picture wouldn’t change that. His hands appear to be properly positioned to swing the gun into firing position.
  2. What long gun is he holding? The hammer appears to be on the left side of the action.
  3. from what I’ve read Dean Martin’s alcohol filled life was an illusion for public consumption, and that he was not a drinker
  4. It looks as though whatever power lines that tower once had have been removed to accommodate the storks.
  5. “The old lamplighter from long long ago...”
  6. It’s not “Just a cat.” It's not “Just a dog.”
  7. Lawsuit claiming cruel and unusual punishment would probably get Netflix for prisoners.
  8. Bet the untold story here is interesting, possibly heartbreaking.
  9. It’s all coincidence I’m sure. Has nothing to do with the Communist plan to disarm our non criminal citizens Just because some people can become so indoctrinated they will strap on a bomb vest, walk into a crowded place, and detonate it doesn’t mean others can be indoctrinated to grab a gun and shoot up a crowd... does it? But it is interesting that shooters seem less likely to blow their own brains out than was once the case. Maybe the current death penalty situation, where executions are few and far between and delayed for decades, has a bearing.
  10. I’m sure most of us upon reflection can identify at least a few Life Lessons Learned Late. One of mine... When brushing one’s teeth it’s not really about the teeth but the gums.
  11. Couple less frequently seen Studebaker products.
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