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  1. Information such as this affirms my decision to make no donations to the RNC. Somehow it seems that bipartisanship only involves Republicans reaching across the aisle to Democrats.
  2. Some auto shops seem to use PVC rather than copper for compressed air. That’s OK until it isn’t, at which time shards of PVC go flying around.
  3. It may be just me, but it appears most TV couples are black male white female. Don’t think the real world is quite that way.
  4. When people in significant numbers begin to react this way the state will back off… for awhile…
  5. Hershel Walker helped Georgia clean Tennessee’s plow that year.
  6. I used to joke that a Swiss native looking west at USA’s IRS and east at USSR’s KGB might be hard pressed to say which is the lessor evil. No longer a joke…
  7. An increasing percentage of residential housing seems to be using a concrete slab rather than a crawl space. Appears most are burying plastic pipe where the concrete will cover it. If/when one of those pipes or a fitting under the slab starts leaking that could turn into major dollars.
  8. Often in error, never in doubt.
  9. Over the years my wife and I had three Kaypro computers. A 2/4 and a 10 - all of which used CP/M - and a 16 which used DOS. She used the 2/4 and 10 for word processing - WordStar and Daisy wheel printer. I used the 16 for typical DOS machine tasks in the pre-Windows era.
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