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  1. I've got three 617s another for Open and a spare. Also a 17-8 ten shot with aluminum cylinder. I've won the World Shoot both years they had Mechanical (revolver) division.
  2. Not sure if this is my favorite or not but I've had some success with it, S&W 617-2. Pair of 627s I shoot when I want to shoot centerfire.
  3. Not for me I'd rather have damn near anything else
  4. Collin I've had good results with E3 in 38 spl and Short Colts but not much data to be found. You might want to gauge your cylinder throats or just try larger diameter bullet.
  5. ede

    22 WMR Rifle?

    Think CZ makes one or use to. If it were me I'd go 17 and a bolt gun.
  6. I'll have one, I'd guess the first one I come across. My time in my home state will be limited to about two and a half weeks this year so it may take a while to get one.
  7. Shot GSSF in Alabama in March. Warmed up here enough to shoot. Will shoot steel in NM next weekend then steel in CO week after then RimFire in AR Memorial Day weekend. Week off the steel in NM and RimFire in CO weekend after that.
  8. Last time I shot was November. All the matches since have been called off for snow, mud, or rain. At home I can shoot year round so this is a bit of a change for me. Also have seven new rifles I've not shot plus two I've reworked so much they might as well be new. Im told spring will arrive in about a month.
  9. I load mine with Buffalo Bore 158 SWC +P. I've considered a full WC for less recoil and not a lot of differently in energy according to Buffalo Bore.
  10. There's a little place here called The Bathtub. Got it's name from being on bath tub row, name a street where cabins had bath tubs that only the higher ups got when this little town was known, or not known for bomb making. Buddy at work goes there all the time and always makes me laugh when he says something like " Me and Nick were in the bathtub last nite and......."
  11. Other than one my son has and copied this from not seen one lighter. My son has ACOG on his and a light. I'd guess it's a toss up which is actually lighter.
  12. 223 didn't bring rifle with me so I didn't bring mags or ammo. Should of thought about that when I brought the parts I had with me. I'll be home in a month or so and will bring some back with me. I have another lower waiting on PSA order to get here to put together for wife. That will leave one lower I think will become a 300. Before wife wanted another I was going to build hers into a 22lr. Might look into building on M&P 15-22.
  13. This makes around the 15th AR I have now but first full build. I've put together lowers and added a the upper many times but this is first one I pieced together. Started out with few parts I had already, Anderson lower with Stag parts, and MagPul stock. Upper is Faxon 14" light weight barrel with pinned break, MagPul hand guard, Aero receiver, Faxon lightweight BCG. Sights are EO Tech main sight with Troy back up irons. Don't have any mags or ammo here so it'll be a month or so before I can shoot it.
  14. I had read somewhere it's was not possible for them to be sold legally and others were in fact sold.
  15. Here's couple I play games with I've thrown a few aftermarket parts at.
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