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  1. I got a 64 last year from Larry's in Alabama for 260$ more or less. It was cheap so I bought it. Fired it a few times. Want to rebarreling and make a few changes and use it for games of some sort.
  2. ede

    Race Glock parts...

    Bobby Carver makes everything you want or need plus he's great to deal with.
  3. ede

    Three Day Weekends

    This may sound a bit silly but since I had surgery and got cut just above belly button I've avoided that area. As for gun forums I've reached the end of the internet twice. I'll go home in April to see my wife and works on a project or two then I'll welcome the idle time. I have tricked out a couple rifles and built two more AR lowers. Going to get my son to build me the upper and mail to me. Wife wants the other AR and I need few small parts to complete a third I think will be a dedicated 22.
  4. ede

    What do you do inside on a rainy day?

    Not much rain here but if it rains I either continue working if at work or sit at home like I do rain or not.
  5. ede

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Hello all, I'm a little late stopping in to say hello.
  6. ede

    Three Day Weekends

    Our OT has been cut and can only work over 40 with approval from higher ups. Few weeks ago was mandatory 50 if not 60 hour weeks. I'm so bored sitting here with nothing to do. I'm in a 5th wheel camper. It's hour drive to Wal Mart or much of anything else. Snows starting to melt off but I'm afraid to go to the range to shoot for fear of not making it in or back out on Forest Service road. Can't wait for warmer weather and no more snow.
  7. Last time I did it there were no options.
  8. Figure out what game you want to play then buy something that fits the rules.
  9. ede

    Anyone Carry A Flashlight?

    Not often but once in a while I might have one on me. This is a Stream light I had in my pocket. I put reflective tape on mine so when I drop them they're easier to find with another light.
  10. ede

    Welcome to the Old Man Club

    Turned 60 a week ago, I'm getting closer to qualifing as a member of the club.
  11. ede

    Rimfire Picture Theead

    Not sure of total but I'm around 35 22s. Hers photos of a few of mine. S&W 617, S&W 617, 10/22, Winchester 52 w/ Unertal, and a Mauser 340B
  12. Been thinking about this for a while now. I have no real application just want something to do. Two ideas, first a 64 adding a medium to heavy barrel cutting cylinder to wadcutter length adding a CMore or BoMar style rib with irons. Plus side is I have tools for K Frame. Other is a 629 I don't care much for. Adding a skinny or light fluted barrel and irons. Down side is I'd have to but tools. Any input and photos would be great.
  13. ede


    I'm a whore for pawn shops and never see much resembling a good to great price. You did very well.
  14. ede

    PPC shooters

    I'd like to try it but as far as I know there's no place to shoot near me. I've got a 64 I've kicked around the idea of rebarreling and maybe adding a CMore or PCC rail. Been looking for ideas and photos.
  15. ede

    Any Smallbore/Gallery shooters here?

    I've got a Ruger 77/22 with threaded action/barrel and a Leupold scope that will shoot around an inch at 100 yards with Eley Target. No where in same class as what's been posted here but I like the looks of it and shooting it.