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  1. I've got one need to put glass on it. Never been fired and at this rate won't be until spring.
  2. ede

    Ruger 22/45 Lite troubleshooting

    Tune your mags, remove LCI, clean and lube. Use known good ammo.
  3. ede

    What's your favorite wheelie?

    Hard to select just one but I'd have to go with my 617 S&W. I've won the NSSF World Shoot Mechanical division two years in a row with it and every state level match in Alabama with it.
  4. I don't change, everything I play games with has Hogue Big Butts.
  5. ede

    good revolver gunsmith?

    I've used Mike Carmony for trigger work and Clark Custom for trigger and moon clipping. Both do good work. Last few years I've done my own triggers and they have turned out very well. Me and a friend hacked up a couple 22s I'm pretty pleased with.
  6. ede

    Favourite Rimfire Rifle?

    Thought I had posted this but guess not. My NRA National Record setting Ballard with Eric Johnson 5 star barrel. Set record in 1953 at 47X.
  7. You're right it is like lip stick on a pig but it sure improves the looks of the pig. I bet the grips cost more than the pistol.
  8. I've not heard one Republican say they switched. I have heard more than a few Democrats say the switched.
  9. ede

    Bowling Pin Shooting

    I've shot rimfire pins. That's a lot of fun and there's no table to clear, a hit will make them fall but you have to shoot and move because it takes a while for them to fall.
  10. ede

    Any Smallbore/Gallery shooters here?

    No think I'll keep them. They're nothing special, not anything you couldn't buy. Annie 10 and 64, Winchester 75 and 52, Remington 513T. The record setting rifle is old Ballard set NRA National Record in 53. Eric Johnson 5 star barrel.
  11. ede

    Bowling Pin Shooting

    I tried once when I was in Texas. A 38 M10 revolver is not the gun to use.
  12. ede

    Any Smallbore/Gallery shooters here?

    I've been to Perry, have a rifle that set a national record there, not me shooting. I've got a couple Annie's, couple Winchester's, one Remington. Really enjoy shooting them but for my own amusement.
  13. ede

    Birthday present

    Congrats, I looked at same knife yesterday but blade was too long.
  14. ede

    New Knife

    Ordered 12/26/13 and came in yesterday. #1 7" black micart Border Patrol handle. It's 1300 miles away from me.
  15. ede

    How 'bout some Randall Made Knives

    My first one ships on or around the 22nd of this month. Problem is I'm 1300 miles from home so my wife will see it long before me. I have 4 others ordered but it'll be a few years before I see them.