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  1. My back yard - looking north-ish from my house. This is why it's called "Big Sky Country".
  2. Thanks - I don't get here very often, judging by the time it took me to respond. I don't know what I was thinking by saying "Safariland". How did I make that erroneous assumption?
  3. I'm just using the Safariland CQC for a right hander, and thread it onto my duty-type belt over my left hip, with the screws adjusted for the maximum tilt forward. I wear this way for the ability to get to my G20.4 as fast as possible from a squatting, sitting and/or standing position with all my fishing gear straps outta the way. I can cross-draw in one sweeping motion and acquire my target very quickly. I tried CCW on my right hip with a conventional holster and it takes too many motions to get it drawn 1) UP - Push 2) FORWARD, then 3) ACQUIRE the target. The Sky Cop Cross Draw Holster looks fine to me, but I don't like leather when the possibility of falling into a river or lake would be better using a plastic holster like the CQC. Trigger protection is pretty close to the same on both the CQC and Sky Cop, but I don't think I'd trust the Sky Cop to actually hold my Glock if I go swimming. The CQC is a 'toggle release' type and as such it never releases without a finger pushing it and this holster has a very stiff material that offers amazing protection to my barrel, which is NOT exposed in this holster. That is a great big good thing for me as I crawl over river banks and rocks and seriously don't want my barrel damaged nor the finish scarred.. I've heard it said that the Safariland holsters like mine are dangerous - but I would argue that it is as safe as any other holster that actually covers the trigger. After all - a Glock is ready to fire when it comes out of ANY holster - so I don't understand all the negative diss about it.
  4. After living in SoCal since June 1961 until November 2011, I fished The High Sierras, all of SoCal shoreline in my 52" Grady White out of Dana and my 38' out of Newport Dunes. I've never used bait - won't do it and I only throw hardware - spoons, shrimp flies (with no bait) and for all kinds of bass (stripers, large and small mouths) in SoCal impounds and rivers and streams - I am now living in Montana where so far I've only been exposed to trout. Now - don't get me wrong - there is some finesse involved, but I'd rather throw a Baby Torpedo or a Rattletrap or a Jerkbait on the surface instead of tossing hardware at trout. The closest I get to bait is Uncle Josh's pork, but they don't work in Montana at all. I'd love to find some new Crappie-John's but since he died, I guess that's outta the question. Oh well...... anybody got any they'd like to get rid of? I'm fishing outta a 17'6" single person, river canoe this year - and I like it a lot. I didn't get to float it as much as I wanted this past summer - and it's now almost freezing and another canoe season is gone bye bye. Let's pray for an Indian Summer in the low to mid 90F temps! I've decided that I'm saving fly fishing for when I cannot catch fish any more. It'll be a break from actually catching and then taking fish off the hook. The pix below is of me in Big Hole, MT a year ago. It's kinda hard to carry poles, a backpack a G20.4 and a camera. I'll try better next time.
  5. Broken or missing center bolts on the rear leaf springs are the usual culprit. Notice that the right side rear wheel is forward of the left wheel? That's because it's the 'torque-side' of the differential. That wheel typically is the one that spins when you do a burn out - unless you've got traction control of some sort - either mechanical or electronic. This wheel also has the greatest thrust on it at that time, so the center(ing) bolt can fail there easier then the one on the left side. Even 4-wheele driven vehicles aren't usually 'true-4-wd' in that the differentials are 'open' and not traction controlled. They still put most of the power out through the passenger's side of the rear end. All things taken into consideration, it could be a broken spring hanger too - or Pinto springs on the right side. BTW: we call it: "Dog Tracking".
  6. Isn't a Snap Cap useless once it's been pounded by a firing pin a few dozen times? I remember having them for a 38 Spl and after a short while they just moved the metal away from the firing pin and then the pin was on it's own unsupported again.
  7. I'm kinda lost here as I've read a lot of information about how it's not a problem to dry fire a Glock. So-o oo -- I've heard it repeated a lot that it's OK to do it and I wonder.............................. My question then is ---> IF it's OK to dry fire a Glock and it has a firing pin on the end of the part that pokes outta the center of the slide - I can see it - so I know it exists. ..................AND then --- > IF it's OK on a Glock - then it should be OK on any other pistol (pistols are just a for instance) and it shouldn't hurt whatever design they use to hit the primer - right? I mean if there's NOTHING in the bore bullet-wise, then both weapons are sending the firing pin out to hit a primer which doesn't exist! .....................and if there is NO primer to hit - then it's all the same - right? (I just bet I'm wrong here - but I would like to know for sure)
  8. Forgot about owning a really great car that I would like to see resurrected. ---> The 1982 Pontiac Grand Safari with the 5.7 DX (Diesel) engine. Full size station wagons are all but gone by now - I don't imagine I can think of any company building a full sized wagon at all! GM made Corporate Wagons in that Chevy, Buick, Olds, Pontiac all had the same station wagon but changed some of the badges and trim levels, grill, hub caps or wheels, bumpers, tail lights, etc. to the same wagon and called it 'Theirs". I worked on these 4.3/5.7 engines and I was fortunate to get a Canadian 5.7 version with a better cam, higher compression, better pistons and CAV injectors. I got 438K miles on it towing a 32' Fleetwood Trailer behind it, hot or cold - AC on or OFF, up hill or down and still got 22 MPG with the trailer on and off, I got 26 MPG. I finally gave it away to a friend who was still driving it when I left Hemet CA in 2001. I built a nice THM350C for it and put in a small torque converter to keep the RPM in a better zone. I miss that car and what it represented to me with my first wife who passed away in 1992. I owned a few auto repair shops in those days and I built transmissions and had access to the best parts and always upgraded my own stuff to the max. The 5.7 DX Diesel engine got a lot of black eyes (how many eyes? I dunnow) --- but with the Canadian version and the better cam, higher 22.5:1 compression and injectors and that I studded the block to get rid of the "Torque-To-Yield" head bolts, I never had a head gasket failure after that changeover. For a couple of years I was the only Auto-Club certified diesel mechanic in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in SoCal. I learned a lot of tricks and how to add life to these orphaned engines. I worked in Anaheim on the corner of Euclid and La Palma. They were really very good engines, but California screwed them up with lower compression, retarded camshafts and Bosch injectors on the Stanadyne/Roosa Master injection pump, to which they were not a good match.Lower compression meant to GM that they could use those head bolts and cheaper pistons. That was a bad move as the head gaskets failed every 20K miles that way. There's the black eyes. Plural! GM had screwed up by letting California dictate the standards for engines in the first place. Lower compression meant lower NOx which California wanted, but now the diesels with lower compression couldn't burn the fuel efficiently - so they used a lot more of it. Win-win for someone's brother in law in Sacramento! It would have been a lot easier to boycott vehicle sales to California in those days than it is now. That said ---> This is exactly the color and trim package that I had on my '82 Pontiac: I have no idea who or whom those guys are in that picture (^). Red pants? Red Shirt - well, OK on the red shirt - but the pants gotta go! Another car that I seriously think was a great auto was the Datsun 200/240Z. (For Millenials: Nissan was Datsun when you were still in liquid form --- or not!) .... and here's one that caught me by surprise one day when it was passing me on the San Diego Freeway as it passes Costa Mesa. It was moving at 70 or 80 MPH and the tiny little wheels had to be melting! This is a 1964 Honda N600 with a two cylinder motorcycle converted engine with just air cooling only IIRC. You shouldda seen the monkey-motion shift linkage! These little guys were so fa-a-ast and so small that you had to get out to change your mind. One of the bestest and baddest Corvettes - I wish they would bring this back - even if they upgraded the engine/transmission to meet air quality standards - it'd be so kewl! I need a cold shower right now. BBL joe
  9. Although I'm basically a-political.... I was with you..... right up to the diss on Jagger. He's supposed to sound that way.
  10. I build my own computers, recently bought into a couple of Raspberry Pi s.... with a Raspian distro of Linux but still running a few of my own towers with other Linux distros.. Oh, I'll use Android on this Samsung tablet as it's a good system and I don't yet want to peer under their skirts to see the snakes and ghoulies..... if they have any.. Dumped M$ when they stopped support to XP-Pro and haven't looked back. I dislike M$ obsoleting MY hardware. I paid for it, i want it to continue to run like it did and not be crippled by some master switch with a payload date on it. That's the same as getting the Chernobyl Virus. That one destroyed a lot of systems every April 15th until an antivirus was written for it. You can't get an antivirus for what M$ does though, can you? Same-o, same-o. I don't feel limited at the least. Never ever considered Apple. Just cannot stomach the snobbery of the DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) who fanatically buy into their marketing..besides.... Apple stuff is just too expensive for something that is obsolete next week. Masters of planned monthly obsolescence.
  11. There's more, but I like to keep an air of mystery about me. The list might shift a bit, but McDonald's stays in #1 position.
  12. McDonalds ever since they got caught with marsupial meat in their burgers in the 1970s. Sears - the only reason I went there was for their low suds laundry detergent. Ford - although they made me rich repairing them when I owned auto shops MoPaR too for the same reason as Ford. Zombie movies or TV shows Hot sauce of any kind. NAPA Auto Parts for their local high prices Taurus firearms - I saw one blow up on a buddy who was a security guard - firing some police range 38 cal 157 gr low power reloads. Apple anything - including all iPoos. Micro$oft. Chocolate milk.... it's full of bovine colostrum.
  13. As it is I feel the same way - but the custom straps weren't in the new Glock box when I bought my pistol, so I was wondering if I really need to try them or not. PS: Wouldn't it be nice if there was a PREVIEW button here to see if we got the form and spelling/facts right?!?
  14. Lived prolly everywhere on the Eastern Seaboard from Maine to Cuba, plus Germany, Scotland, Egypt, Ireland, Arizona, California and now Montana. I was a Navy brat and then joined the USN touring VietNam, Japan, Hawaii, Guam, Midway, China and most of the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.


    Retired now in 59840, and ain't moving again!

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