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  1. I'm on a couple of other firearms forums and it seems with every thread involving a Glock pistol or one in which the virtues of a Glock pistol are mentioned, there will be a few people that have so much hate and personal vitriol towards Glocks that they have to chime in and rant. I don't get it. There are dozens of striker-fired polymer pistols on the market today and most are very similar to the Glock pattern, yet mention you bought a new Beretta APX and crickets. Mention you bought a Glock and people will start making snide comments about tupperware and kool-aid(?). They remind me of people who hate Donald Trump. Any mention of the name and they are triggered and HAVE to make a snide comment. I don't get the need for the snide comments in every Glock thread. I happen to think that the 1911 is a great pistol with some great attributes, but on paper, it is a horrible choice for CCW due to weight, capacity, and unreliability. Yet I have never gone into a thread that someone is bragging about their new $2500 1911 (although it's having feeding issues, it will break-in after a few hundred rounds...) and start dragging it down. I think 90% of Glock haters are over 60, divorced, from the Southern half of the United States, and probably voted for Buchanan...
  2. Just getting weary of all of the destruction liberals are doing to this country. Their policies and viewpoints are killing innocent Americans and I've just run out of patience putting up with their idiocy. Sorry if I was a little harsh.
  3. This video has probably appeared on various gun forums around the net, but it's the first I've seen it. First thought was that the security guard obviously needs some more firepower. He shot both men at 5' with a revolver and they are both still able to function. One is up and walking around. Second, he is very lucky their guns were fake, or else he would have been shot as well. Then him going behind the counter and getting so close to them was idiotic. They could have easily grabbed his gun and shot him with it. Commentators are calling the security guard a hero, but he acted so stupidly after he shot them...
  4. If you are dumb enough to not know the history of what liberal/leftist/progressive views have done to mankind, then that explains why you subscribe to those views. Either that or you are simply an evil person. Either way, your views are despicable and destructive. Please go away.
  5. I made the comparison to never Trumpers because they typically are easily triggered, won't listen to reason, and feel the need to voice their opinion at inappropriate times. Same as anti-Glock people. Sorry if that confused or angered you.
  6. PNWguy

    Apex trigger install fail.

    Heard some great things about replacing the stock trigger in my M&P40c with an Apex unit. Ordered just the trigger since I found the pull to be about right. Got the trigger in today, then watched a youtube video on how to install it. Now, I have installed many triggers on my Glocks. I do my own sights, have a sight install tool, have polished many triggers and figured I was competent enough to install the Apex trigger. Apparently not. Got it in and it was apparent that something was horribly wrong. Pull the trigger and it was long, very mushy, and a delayed release of the trigger. Everything looked fine, re-watched the video, everything was good. Pulled out my full-size M&P40 and broke it down to compare. The problem was that the Apex trigger caused the trigger bar to move around; as much as 1/8". It was inboard an 1/8" from where it should be. Weird. Took everything apart and tweaked the the trigger bar back to where it would align properly and put it all back together. Worse. Would not release the striker. Took it all back apart and just put the stock trigger back in it. It's now back to normal. Returning the Apex trigger to Midway and hopefully will get my money back. I've never had any issue with working on any of my Glocks and it seemed like a really straightforward and relatively simple install. No idea what went wrong.
  7. PNWguy

    Apex trigger install fail.

    I agree. The problem is that I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest gunsmith is 50 miles away. Having any work done costs me a bunch more in gas and time.
  8. My sister showed me her new 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited that she and her husband bought for $25k. 15k miles on it. She said they got it so cheap because it was a theft recovery. I personally would never buy a vehicle that was stolen and recovered due to no idea what kind of abuse it suffered while being driven by a criminal. Anyone ever buy one?
  9. Heard a blurb on the radio that in addition to "Baby it's cold outside", that two more songs are being deemed insensitive and offensive. "I saw mommy kissing Santa" and "Santa Baby" are both demeaning to women. It's ironic because "I saw mommy kissing Santa" was originally protested by the Catholic church and being too vulgar and suggestive and the leftists rushed to condemn anyone offended by it. It truly is a world gone mad...
  10. Decided to buy a 10/22 after the libs in Seattle decided to classify them as assault rifles and added all sorts of new rules, fees, waiting periods, and other nonsense to make them feel better about their inability to deal with reality. Got a Mica Copper edition off of CDNN that came with a scope, mounts, and sling for $219. It arrived today so I put it together in anticipation of a rabbit hunt in Southern Idaho next week. I really like the stock and it fits me perfectly. Everything looked good, but when I locked the bolt back, it would not release. I can put a loaded magazine in it and pull the bolt back and release it and it seems to function test OK. But locking the bolt back means fiddling with the release and some unknown combination of shaking it and cussing to get it to eventually release. Hoping it's just new rifle tightness and that when I get to take it to the range and put a bunch of rounds through it, it will start working OK. Tried spraying some Rem Oil in it to loosen it up but it didn't help. Oh well, bringing my Uberti Silver Boy with me anyway, and it always works.
  11. Just got an alert through work so no link. 99% sure it's a false alarm/hoax.
  12. PNWguy

    Would you buy a theft recovery vehicle?

    My new 2014 Ram 1500 had a sticker of $37k and I paid $29k. Was just looking at 2018 Ram 2500s for $34k that had MSRPs of $47k.
  13. PNWguy

    Would you buy a theft recovery vehicle?

    I noticed there was some damage to the interior that wasn't repaired that well. Looked like someone had taken a knife to the dash panels. When the light hit it just right, you could see where the vinyl had been repaired. It is the top of the line model with every option, except tow package. They said they had to go down to Utah to get it. BIL said it was actually $26k.
  14. Was torn between a G34 or a G19 for GSSF indoor matches. Got my Blue Label certificate from Glock and price for the G34 was $507 and no dealers near me so would have had to go online and order it and pay shipping and FFL transfer fees. Found one of the last remaining Gen 4 G19s with the front serrations, steel sights, and extended slide release on sale for $466 shipped to my FFL. Ordered it. Hopefully I'll have it by my next match on the 22nd of this month. But, my experience with ordering firearms around here means I could get it in a week, or a month... Really looking forward to shooting it; I fondled a Gen 5 G19 the other day and that grip cutout made it a no-go. Plus, I think these are somewhat of a unicorn Glock, which is appealing.
  15. Completely disagree. How can you say that morals and ethics have no place in business? One of the biggest issues facing America is the depravity of the corporate culture that is becoming so prevalent. Google is a prime example of this.
  16. Pure speculation, but we've all seen discussions regarding increased attacks on the right by the left if the mid-terms were not a rousing success for the leftists. Shooter used smoke bombs and didn't say anything before opening fire on the crowd. It was college country night. https://www.foxnews.com/us/massive-police-response-after-reports-of-shooting-at-california-nightclub Authorities in Thousand Oaks, Calif., responded Wednesday to reports of a mass shooting just before midnight at a nightclub hosting a college night. Authorities said at least 11 people were shot, including one deputy at the Borderline Bar & Grill. Police told the Los Angeles Times that at least 30 shots were fired and the gunman used smoke bombs. It was unclear what type of weapon the shooter used. Thousand Oaks about 40 miles west of Los Angeles. It wasn’t immediately clear if the suspect was caught. Authorities said they believed the shooter was contained inside the bar and that there was no threat to the public outside the building. Ventura County Sheriff's Office Capt. Garo Kuredjian said it was still “a very active scene.” The officer was rushed to a nearby hospital, but Kuredjian couldn't immediately provide information on the extent of the victims' injuries. “There were shots fired at the Borderline Bar and Grill” at 11:20 p.m., said Kuredjian, a spokesman for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. “As deputies responded, they also heard shots.” Additional units from the California Highway Patrol, Simi Valley and the F.B.I. responded, he said. About a dozen heavily armed officers were seen lining up against a wall, appearing to prepare to storm the building. Medical workers were seen loading at least one victim onto a gurney, preparing him for transport. Live video posted by KABC-TV of Los Angeles showed aerial footage of armed officers entering the nightclub and numerous police vehicles outside. Police vehicles and fire engines were seen blocking off traffic in the surrounding area. Other officers appeared to be scattered in the vicinity. Witnesses inside the club told local news outlets that patrons used chairs to break windows and hid in the club's attic. “I knew it was live, knew it was real," a 56-year-old witness told KABC-TV. "He [the gunman] didn't say anything at all. He just started shooting."
  17. Yeah, I get that some people just like the heft of an all steel or all metal handgun. I appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of a well done 1911 or Hi-Power. I just don't get the mindset that makes someone so defensive and angry about a pistol that they feel the need to disparage it at every opportunity. Perhaps it's because while they spent $1500 on a Kimber that chokes fairly often and only holds 8-rounds, they are angry at people that spent $500 on a pistol that can go thousands of rounds flawlessly and hold 15 or 17 rounds. But so do S&W M&Ps, and HKs, and Berettas... But Glock is the firearm that triggers them.
  18. PNWguy

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    Exceptionally well done and artfully crafted. But each story was a tragedy, I want to cut myself now.
  19. PNWguy

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    Just poured a glass of wine and about to sit down and watch it...
  20. PNWguy

    Ever had a cursed day?

    You know, a day in which everything is going wrong? Nothing major, but bunches of odd little things going wrong? I'm having one of those days... It started this morning when I got chewed out at work for not updating an excel spread sheet on an investigation that me and my partner both missed. Woke up early to go pick up my new Ruger 10/22 from the FFL. Got it home and discovered the bolt release isn't working. Then I started feeling ill and called into work sick. Spent some quality time in the bathroom and felt better so I started working up some reloads for my new G19 Gen 5 MOS. Took it apart so I could plunk the new rounds. Put it back together. Sat down to watch some TV and grabbed the G19 to do some dry-firing and discovered the trigger isn't resetting most of the time the slide is racked. WTF? Took it apart and inspected it. Looks perfect. Looked online at other Gen 5 Glocks and everything looks perfect. No idea what is going on. Started a thread about it in the Glock forum here. Then my gas stove started acting up. It's 20 degrees here. It's shut off three times since I started this thread and won't restart. My TV was playing an episode of Suits on Amazon and it errored out a few minutes ago. I decided to take a video of me trying to pull the trigger on my Glock and flipped out the little built-in stand thingy on the phone and it fell off. Broke. Used it maybe three times before. I'm freaking afraid to move lest something else happen to me...
  21. PNWguy

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    I used to have the same view; and I still do to some extent. I had dinner last week with the VP of Recovery Centers of America. We had dated right before I had met my ex-wife and I dumped her due to her addiction issues. She was in the area to attend a conference so we met up and had a wonderful time. She explained that some people are genetically predisposed to be addicts. Their brains are wired differently. And that wiring also determines what they are addicted to. She said that while I could drink wine every day and stop and never touch it again no problem, she would have one glass and be drinking 3 bottles a day by the end of the week. I disclosed to her that I tried marijuana a few times and never got into it. Even tried crack once in California and didn't get it. She said that's because I'm not an addict. She said people predisposed to addiction run a very high risk of getting addicted to certain substances after just one or two uses. I told her that I was a smoker and addicted to nicotine. She said everyone gets addicted to nicotine, lol... So, she told me some pretty heart-breaking stories of people with bright futures that had plenty of self-discipline, but they happened to go to a party where the substance that they were most susceptible to was available. One snort and their lives were ruined. Just say no...
  22. PNWguy

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    First thing I think of when I think of Dennis Quaid is that he had one of the coolest movie cars ever in Innerspace...