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    Politics Any other early voters?

    In Washington, we get mail-in ballots. No voting machines and no way for me to verify my vote actually ever gets counted. I got mine yesterday and am mailing it in today. The leftists were very busy in Seattle this year and managed to get ballot initiatives that address global warming by raising prices on heating oil, gasoline, and every fuel that the working poor depend on to live, raise taxes on groceries, and a gun bill that will do a number of things that will cost me time and money and headache as a legal gun owner. The leftists say they're for the poor, but every bill they are trying to pass in Washington specifically hurts the poor.
  2. I have a Ruger 22/45 Lite that is deadly accurate but it has random FTF issues. Happens with different ammo, so I don't think it's that. What should I be looking at to start troubleshooting? Known issues with these that I can check?
  3. So far, at least with the 2 loads ran through it today. Worked up a load using 165gr Speer Gold Dots and 7.0gr of Ramshot Silhouette powder. Not full power, but warm enough. 4" at 25yds was the best it could do... Decided to try my current carry ammo, Hornady Critical Defense with 165gr loads. Truly awful 9" group... At 7 and 10 yards, offhand, I can shoot 1" groups with it, but at 25yds, it goes to hell. Will try some loads with 180gr and 155gr bullets to see if the gun is just very finicky, or if S&W has once again sold me a paperweight.
  4. My brother is a 12yr veteran LEO and currently a Detective. He's been carrying Sigs for his entire career. His patrol weapon was a P220 .45 acp, then when he made Detective, the department issued him a P229 in .357 Sig. He loved it. New sheriff got elected and decided they needed to trade in all of their old Sigs and get all new Gen 5 Glocks. Patrol guys were supposed to get G17s while Detectives and admin got G19s. Apparently they've been backlogged and having issues getting the new pistols, so the only pistols available were G17s. My brother was issued one and was not happy. Then he took it to the range to qualify on his new weapon. He said the trigger was amazing, it pointed great, carries well, and he shot his highest score ever with it. He fell in love with it. He couldn't stop carrying on about how impressed he is with this new Glock. He hasn't shot one since shooting my G31 in the late 90's and remarked that everything he hated about Glocks no longer applies. Just thought I'd share a positive story about the latest Glocks from a cop's perspective.
  5. PNWguy

    are you cold natured or hot natured ?

    I love the cold, but I'm fat, so... Even when I was 220lbs and 10% body fat I preferred the colder temps. I've been in 125 degree heat at Fort Irwin and -70 wind chill in Iowa. I survived both. But these recent 65 degree sunny days here in North Idaho have been perfect. Going camping next week in my pop-up camper and upper twenties at night will be wonderful.
  6. PNWguy

    Ever buy a custom firearm?

    I own one gifted to me by my dad that was completely custom built for him by Mel Smart in Montana. He died and his company still makes custom rifles. One comparable to mine costs $17,500. Too rich for my blood...
  7. Last year, I was on graveyard shift working 6pm to 6am. I worked out 2-3 times a week with weights and cardio. I tried to limit my diet but didn't get real serious and still drank beer on the weekends. I went from 315lbs to 285lbs. I'm 6'2" with lots of muscle. My ideal weight is around 220. Then I went to Day shift. 6am to 6pm in November last year. No more working out during lunch due to a packed gym and crazy workload during the day. Then I quit smoking. Quit preparing meals. Gained all the weight back. Then started smoking again after 7 months. Went to Japan and was totally ashamed of my weight. No way to hide it; too hot and humid. Plus everywhere I went I was the fattest person. I ate pretty much mostly Asian food and we walked every day. Every night I was exhausted and my knees and feet were killing me. It really took away from enjoying my vacation. But I figured after all that walking and better diet, I would have lost a few pounds. Nope. Gained ten pounds. It really pissed me off. I was now officially the heaviest I've ever been in my life. So I started back on graveyard shift yesterday and will be on it for the next six months. I promised my daughter I would return to Japan in a year and I plan on being significantly healthier and lighter by then. Don't need any advice; I know how to work out and what to eat. I know what diet plan my body responds to. It's all mental at this point and being motivated. I am motivated. I turn 50 in two months and I swear I'm going to be a hot 50yr old by next Summer. Me last week near the suicide forest in Japan...
  8. I work in Pullman, WA, home of Washington State University and the Cougar football team. I work in corporate security for the largest employer in the area and we are on the edge of the WSU campus. They are expecting 75,000 to 100,000 people in town for the game. I live in a little town 14 miles away and my town was packed and all RV spots full. The game is tomorrow afternoon and the City of Pullman has declared a State of Emergency... https://pullmanradio.com/pullman-city-council-approves-emergency-declaration-for-espn-college-gameday-visit/ No real threat to our property; just running off people trying to park RVs in our parking lots. We are allowing folks to park on our property to attend the game about a mile away, but not allowing any tailgating or overnight stays. Lots of cops are going to make a lot of OT pay this weekend... https://pullmanradio.com/wsupd-bringing-in-extra-officers-to-help-patrol-campus-this-weekend/ We have a police scanner in our Opscenter and it is pretty much non-stop from 9pm to 3am with alcohol and loud music calls. WSU students have a reputation of burning couches in the street and rioting when they win something, so tomorrow night may be quite exciting.
  9. PNWguy

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    My ex-wife used to believe that Cool Whip was a healthier choice than ice cream for a dessert because it was lighter. In her mind, heavy food made you fatter and lighter food was better for you.
  10. So, anyone who doesn't want the government or corporations listening, watching, and tracking our every move is now paranoid?
  11. PNWguy

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Last night, I was behind schedule getting to work, so I didn't have time to pack dinner, just a low-carb breakfast. So I went to the local grocery store and thought I'd just get a wrap. Found a breakfast wrap that said it was a pepperjack cheese, sausage, egg wrap. Perfect. Got back to the office, warmed it up, slathered on some Sriracha sauce, and dug in. Discovered it was also packed with hash browns. Crap. Figured I'd been so good I'd eat it anyway as a little reward. Delicious! About 45 minutes later I was miserable. Got very nauseous and about puked. Nausea lasted about two hours, then horrible stomach cramps, then painful gas. Yeah, no more carbs... Finally, at the end of my 12-hr shift I was finally feeling OK and met my dad and sister for breakfast at a local cafe and had a vegetarian omelette with a side of bacon. No ill effects after that, I think that cured me of my addiction to potatoes...
  12. Six couch fires, two mattress fires, multiple arrests, too many to list calls for intoxicated person and altercations. And now some idiot college kid just fell out of a window.
  13. WSU students are infamous for burning their furniture in the streets to celebrate football wins. Its unseasonably warm tonight with no rain at 43 degrees. A lot of young people are going to ruin their lives tonight.
  14. And I thought my Bota Box boxed wine was low rent... Saw this at the grocery store today and had to get one. It's bouquet is awful, but it doesn't taste half bad...
  15. Fireworks and couch fire now reported on campus.
  16. Fire department now responding to a mattress on fire in the street on campus... It's starting...
  17. Final score is 34-20, Cougs win! Fans are rushing the field and scanner is non-stop with alcohol-related calls. Tons of drunk people everywhere.
  18. I went to the U of I which is 8 miles away. My brother-in-laws are both football players for EWU. I played in high school and enjoyed the game, so I really have no side. As long as the game is good and the fans are civil, I'm good. At half-time the score is 27-0 for the Cougs…
  19. PNWguy

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Weight is now 305.7
  20. PNWguy

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Just woke up so haven't had my morning routine in which I shower and all that and weigh myself. Yesterday I was down to 306.3lbs. Still no carbs, but carb craving got intense. Went to the gym last night for the first time since last December and took it very easy. My lower back started hurting on the left side about two weeks before I left for Japan. During the trip, it moderated and the pain was nearly gone. Did three 12hr shifts at work sitting in our awful chairs and it flared back up again. So, my gym workout was stuff that didn't hurt my back. Amazingly, the rowing machine felt just fine, as well as some chest and bicep exercises. Trying to stay under 20 grams of carbs per day for a month, then moderate amounts with more gym time. Hopefully this back issue doesn't get worse. Never had any back problems in my life; just the normal sore muscle and pulled muscle stuff that goes away after a day or so. This has been nearly two months of constant pain in a very specific area, so I fear a bulging disc. Trying to get to the doc next week.
  21. PNWguy

    Next Wednesday morning

    Prayers for your mom and hope all goes well. Good luck with trying to help with her mobility concerns; I understand everything related to eldercare is very expensive.
  22. I tried to check my Powerball ticket I bought and the server was unavailable. Seems everyone is trying to see how long their weekend is going to be...
  23. PNWguy

    XDM 10mm 4.5

    That's why I installed a KKM 4.5" barrel in my G29 for woods carry so I get the compact size with the performance of a full-size pistol...
  24. My new AR build was focused on creating a light, handy carbine with enough medicine to be effective against whatever I encountered while hiking, camping, fishing, and off-roading in Idaho. I used a PSA Magpul lower, an AR-Stoner upper in .450 Bushmaster, and converted some USGI mags with special followers to come up with an 8lb carbine that holds 9 rounds of some thumper medicine. Since it was going to be solely used as a woods gun, I gave it one of my proprietary camo jobs that I have done on a few of my other hunting rifles. Before: First I removed all accessories and optics and taped up anything that I didn't want paint in and sprayed the base coat of OD green using Krylon Camouflage spray paint: Next, I listened to some Pink Floyd because I was totally stoned from the paint fumes in an enclosed space... Went outside, naked, and selected some leaves from trees in my yard to use for patterns... Then I started the artistic process of layering different patterns with different colors of flat spray paint. The hard part is getting the perfect blend of color and pattern, and I have never really been completely satisfied with the results. But, it is done and now I just have to let it cure for a day or two before putting the accessories back on... The great thing about the Krylon job is that it is cheap, easy, and totally functional. Sure, it will develop wear spots and chip off in spots, but who cares? It's a woods gun and as long as it blends in and allows perfect functioning, it is all good.
  25. PNWguy

    No more EBR for me; how to camo your AR...

    Goodies installed...