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  1. PNWguy

    Would you buy a theft recovery vehicle?

    My new 2014 Ram 1500 had a sticker of $37k and I paid $29k. Was just looking at 2018 Ram 2500s for $34k that had MSRPs of $47k.
  2. PNWguy

    Would you buy a theft recovery vehicle?

    I noticed there was some damage to the interior that wasn't repaired that well. Looked like someone had taken a knife to the dash panels. When the light hit it just right, you could see where the vinyl had been repaired. It is the top of the line model with every option, except tow package. They said they had to go down to Utah to get it. BIL said it was actually $26k.
  3. My sister showed me her new 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited that she and her husband bought for $25k. 15k miles on it. She said they got it so cheap because it was a theft recovery. I personally would never buy a vehicle that was stolen and recovered due to no idea what kind of abuse it suffered while being driven by a criminal. Anyone ever buy one?
  4. Just got an alert through work so no link. 99% sure it's a false alarm/hoax.
  5. Completely disagree. How can you say that morals and ethics have no place in business? One of the biggest issues facing America is the depravity of the corporate culture that is becoming so prevalent. Google is a prime example of this.
  6. Yeah, I get that some people just like the heft of an all steel or all metal handgun. I appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of a well done 1911 or Hi-Power. I just don't get the mindset that makes someone so defensive and angry about a pistol that they feel the need to disparage it at every opportunity. Perhaps it's because while they spent $1500 on a Kimber that chokes fairly often and only holds 8-rounds, they are angry at people that spent $500 on a pistol that can go thousands of rounds flawlessly and hold 15 or 17 rounds. But so do S&W M&Ps, and HKs, and Berettas... But Glock is the firearm that triggers them.
  7. PNWguy

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    Exceptionally well done and artfully crafted. But each story was a tragedy, I want to cut myself now.
  8. PNWguy

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    Just poured a glass of wine and about to sit down and watch it...
  9. PNWguy

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    I used to have the same view; and I still do to some extent. I had dinner last week with the VP of Recovery Centers of America. We had dated right before I had met my ex-wife and I dumped her due to her addiction issues. She was in the area to attend a conference so we met up and had a wonderful time. She explained that some people are genetically predisposed to be addicts. Their brains are wired differently. And that wiring also determines what they are addicted to. She said that while I could drink wine every day and stop and never touch it again no problem, she would have one glass and be drinking 3 bottles a day by the end of the week. I disclosed to her that I tried marijuana a few times and never got into it. Even tried crack once in California and didn't get it. She said that's because I'm not an addict. She said people predisposed to addiction run a very high risk of getting addicted to certain substances after just one or two uses. I told her that I was a smoker and addicted to nicotine. She said everyone gets addicted to nicotine, lol... So, she told me some pretty heart-breaking stories of people with bright futures that had plenty of self-discipline, but they happened to go to a party where the substance that they were most susceptible to was available. One snort and their lives were ruined. Just say no...
  10. PNWguy

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    First thing I think of when I think of Dennis Quaid is that he had one of the coolest movie cars ever in Innerspace...
  11. Yeah, but Chevy really does suck...
  12. PNWguy

    winter storm ,

    It was snowing pretty heavily at the Charlotte office earlier. I just looked at the camera and it's stopped. Some snow plow guy just did a lap in the half inch of slush. Guess the 3-5" prediction was way off. And I hope we're not paying this guy to push water around our parking lot...