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  1. PNWguy

    What's for breakfast?

    Bacon or sausage and eggs and two cups of coffee. No carbs or sugar. It works. Used to do the steel cut oats and low fat thing. Starving and jittery a couple of hours later. No more. Salad and protein for lunch and rarely need dinner.
  2. PNWguy

    I am having so much fun

    Yeah, it was a rather boring game. And I didn't get to enjoy the commercials because my girlfriend and her father are rabid football fans who like to talk about the plays, strategy, players, etc. during the commercial breaks. At least I got to sip Jameson's and take selfies with a beautiful woman while not being offended by any kneeling or white-guilt commercials this year.
  3. Recently changed to Progressive Insurance as they beat Geico by $75 a month. They asked me if I wanted to sign up for the Snapshot program in which they send you a device to plug into your OBDII port which monitors vehicle speed, braking and acceleration, etc. I said sure, confident in my driving habits. I went online today to see what factors might affect the results and realized that I had made a horrible decision. Research I did shows that I am a prime candidate for increased rates based on absolutely idiotic parameters that Progressive built into the device. The first is that they penalize you for WHEN you drive. Now, I live in the middle of nowhere and work 6pm to 6am. I leave for work at 5:20pm for a 15-mile commute through a rural area. I leave work around 6:10am and get home twenty minutes later. I take lunch around 10pm and go to the gym around 1:30am. Progressive has designated any driving after 10:00 pm as high risk. As well as early morning driving. No idea why driving during rush hour is less risk than me going 1/2-mile to the gym at 1:30 in the morning. Either way, there is very little traffic on my commute no matter the time. The second factor that I found offensive was the issue of wheelspin. Progressive penalizes you heavily for rapid acceleration or deceleration. Makes sense. Racing away from the light or jamming on the brakes at every intersection can be viewed as risky behavior. But people have discovered that the device does not take into account surface conditions and those who live in icy or snowy climates get penalized every time the drive wheels spin on ice or snow. Also, when I'm driving home in possibly black ice conditions, I will hit the brakes on a flat and straight section of road to test if it's slick out. It's a practice my dad taught me when I was a kid and has saved my bacon a few times when it was slicker than it looked. Progressive would penalize me for that. So, I just sent them a polite email telling them I am opting out of their program for the above reasons and will be sending the device back without ever having installed it.
  4. https://www.local10.com/news/florida/security-issue-at-orlando-airport-halts-flights-officials-say ORLANDO, Fla. - A Transportation Security Administration officer was killed Saturday morning after jumping from a hotel balcony into the atrium of Orlando International Airport, authorities said. The incident caused the Federal Aviation Administration to briefly ground all flights, causing delays and massive lines at security checkpoints, which were closed because of the suicide. Sgt. Eduardo Bernal, a spokesman for the Orlando Police Department, said the officer jumped from an upper floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel into the atrium area of the airport, where some security checkpoints begin. Paramedics transported the man, who was in his 40s, to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police called the suicide an isolated incident and said reports of other security issues were false. "We are working closely with our partners at @TSA and @MCO to restore normal airport operations. We ask that you have patience with airport personnel as they work through this tragic incident," the department said on Twitter. Jim Gregory, a spokesman for TSA, said the officer had just finished his shift when he jumped. Souces told ABC News that investigators believe the incident was a "statement suicide," designed to send a message to the public. The officer’s personal and work histories are now being examined and his social media is being dissected to determine what prompted the apparent suicide, the sources said. The incident caused several security checkpoints to be breached, a spokesperson for the airport said
  5. PNWguy

    Anyone familiar with state residency laws?

    I heard something about a 20-rounds per month ammunition purchasing restriction as well... It looks like it's about time to put up or shut up in regards to fighting for our constitution.
  6. PNWguy

    Happy Groundhog/Honey Badger Day everyone!

    Early Spring??? Hell, we're still waiting for Winter to start up here.
  7. PNWguy

    Old Pictures

    That photo makes me cringe, thinking of the hot empties and where they might end up with those shorts...
  8. I own a house in Washington state. I live there. My vehicles are registered there. I don't pay income tax because WA doesn't have it. Due to the new gun laws, I would like to move to Idaho. I also would like to hunt and fish in Idaho and register my vehicles in Idaho. I don't want to move to Idaho because houses are more expensive unless I live 20+ miles away from town. Fortunately, my parents have a house in Idaho and they spend 7 months a year at their house in Arizona. I could live in their house while they are gone and pay the increased heating costs. Just wondering how much time I have to spend in Idaho to legally be able to claim residency. I'll be living there this coming Spring/summer anyway while renovating my Washington home's only bathroom. The bad thing is Washington doesn't take out state income tax and Idaho does. I'm already on a thin budget and the extra $300 a month in lost income is substantial, as is the increased heating bill. And who actually verifies that you are actually living in the state you claim for the proper amount of time?
  9. PNWguy

    Tainted Superbowl

  10. Grateful for what? You see, that's the exact perfect example of liberal and urban narcissism, sense of self-importance, ignorance, and just plain ******* attitude that just really pisses off the rural areas. Nobody needs you and nobody gives a **** what you think. You've ****ed up your own area and **** where you ate. You have high crime, high taxes, no liberty, no morality, and are turning into lawless war zones full of useless *******s who couldn't survive a week without a ****ing Starbucks. Your exact attitude is what is pushing this nation towards another civil war.
  11. PNWguy

    Old Pictures

    That should do it...
  12. Liberty and freedom from tyranny are not "****"...
  13. PNWguy

    Confession time real man and women

    How can you not admit that Ryan Reynolds is an attractive man?? I mean, c'mon...