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  1. It's automagically 10x more tacticool if it's bullpup
  2. The folks I used (https://mycasebuilder.com/customfoam) have a library of shapes for common guns / mags / etc as well a tool to outline your items (by taking a photo) for stuff they don't have in their shapes library already. I used the library shapes for the AR and 1911 mags, but custom traced everything else. Works pretty well.
  3. I paid a professional outfit to do it. The foam I had before was hand cut with a hot wire foam cutter, and it was perfectly serviceable, but it didn't look like movie assassin kit the way this does.
  4. Felt like buying something useless to combat the COVID craziness. Probably doesn't do any better of a job than the hand cut foam I was using before, but it sure looks cool.
  5. Long enough that the assailants themselves described the interaction by saying the grabbed their guns, jumped in their truck and chased him down the road.
  6. One of the guns in my safe is my wife’s dad’s dad’s old cowboy gun, a .38 S&W break top. We shot it once just to make sure it worked ok and then cleaned it and put it away. Neat little piece of history.
  7. 5G is a terrestrial network. There are no satellites that provide 5G. Several companies are exploring LEO constellations that could comprise part of a hybrid connectivity network that includes 5G towers, but that doesn’t make the satellites themselves 5G. These satellites do not create any sort of “radiation belt”. Source: I have a PhD in physics
  8. The test result doesn't change the standard of care. They put her on a vent when her O2 saturation dropped. Having the test result in hand wouldn't have made a difference.
  9. Rental car companies self-insure, they're taking the loss themselves.
  10. I enjoyed the first season, even with all the cut-and-paste they did to the plot. Making her his sister was gratuitous, but whatever. I'm looking forward to this season.
  11. I thought real, real hard about it. Ultimately what made the decision for me was the realization that I would have to move my family not once (which I was willing to consider) but probably multiple times if I wanted to have a real career there. This job wasn’t on the radar yet then, but as it turns out being a PwC partner pays 2x as much and comes with a pension so it feels like it’s worked out.
  12. If you want an Asian to come cough on you, to help with building up resistance, I'm happy to.
  13. I remember posting back on GT, years ago, that I didn't have a place to stay when I went to visit my kids. Someone offered to cover a room at Motel 6 for me. Now I'm a partner at the second-largest professional services firm in the world. Life is funny. Haven't had much time to be active, either here or at the old place, lately but I very much consider the forums and the folks here part of my story. I learned a lot from you all. Good to see so many familiar names here.
  14. I also try hard to remind myself that having a strong opinion on which kind of business class cabin I like least is pretty much the definition of a first world problem.
  15. Yes. If it's the 2/4/2 alternating front/rear, it's this cabin It is, without a doubt, the worst United widebody business class product, but you do get full lie flats. The "Polaris" branding is something United has done a terrible job with, by the way. It was originally applied to (and marketed as) only the newest business class interior, then rolled out across the rest of the line regardless of age. So you have some weird old product with this label. https://thepointsguy.com/2017/08/united-777-polaris-business-review/
  16. Luck of the draw, but more likely to be the old business class product (like domestic first with lie-flats) not the new international product with the pod bassinet things. There are a few of the newer interiors on that route but no way to snag with any predictability.
  17. I've been Global Services on United for 5 years, every year they send me a book of 10 drink tickets and every year I stick them in a drawer and forget about them. Well, not this year! I'm not sure if you need to physically have the tickets with you, or if I can photograph and text / email / whatever the QR code, so this will be a bit of an experiment. But let's try the QR thing first. First taker / volunteer will get up to 5 drink tickets electronically, in exchange for a commitment to report back if it works using them that way or not. If not I'll drop them in the mail to you. Once we figure out which way to go I'll give away the other 5.
  18. It took me a long time to switch to primarily electronic media consumption, but I'm almost fully there. I get my newspapers every day on my iPad. It's the same content that the WSJ, NYT, Washington Post and Chicago Trib (plus the Economist) used to deliver to my doorstep, except now I don't have to be home to get it, I don't have to cart them around, I don't have to fold them all weird to read on the plane or train, and I don't generate giant mountains of single use paper that go into the recycling stream. All of my favorite books are now on my Kindle, which slips into a pocket of my laptop bag and is waterproof. When I go to the beach I can read it sitting in the ocean and not worry about getting it wet. I can also store more reading material than I'm able to read -- which used to be a problem on trips. I can read a dozen books in a week if I'm on vacation. I still prefer paper for reading reports (though I might just bite the bullet and get the one of the huge e-ink tablets or something similar) and I still prefer textbooks for reference material, but other than that the only real reason to use actual dead trees is nostalgia. Electronic is better on almost every dimension of usability, except the ability to mark up the paper (that's never been a habit of mine, but totally understand for those who work that way why electronic is inferior).
  19. Head of space strategy for one of the big space/launch/defense companies -- won't be specific unless I get the job
  20. I sent the email closing the door on Option 2 on Monday and told my firm I'm committed to staying in the new role assuming we can get details worked out. Then yesterday the phone rang, and I've been asked to interview for my literal dream job. Not sure how realistic of a shot I have, but we'll see how it goes. Life is funny sometimes.
  21. I do. I'm a pretty good manager. But in the business I'm in right now, a big team is 6 people. So it's a different set of management skills than leading a P&L with hundreds of folks reporting to you. Every exit I've looked at is a VP exit (2 levels down from CEO); I'm 37.
  22. I love thinking about aerospace and defense topics. I'm a pretty good manager. I think if the operational job was in an aerospace company I'd have said yes, but it's not.
  23. I've known corporate attorneys who moved from GC into line management -- one of my old clients went from GC, to P&L owner for a ~$500M business, to CEO of a $14B business in about 5 years (different businesses, but within the same industrial conglomerate).
  24. The woman made what she thought was a tough choice and came to realize she enjoys being a sex worker. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I think her plan to age out in the industry is not a great one, but she’s the professional and I’m not, what do I know.
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