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  1. nitesite

    Snipers Row

    Why all the brakes?????
  2. nitesite

    Knife Sharpener?

    To be honest, I have never had a knife sharper than the edge I get with a WorkSharp and the correct belts and compound.
  3. nitesite

    Knife Sharpener?

    If J-B Compound isn't your thing, a stick of red jewelers rouge is fantastic as well.
  4. nitesite

    1911 Happiness

  5. I like living in rural America. For a LOT of reasons. Unlike many "zero-tolerance" school districts (mostly in urban areas) in which when it comes to a kid being suspended for having on an NRA T-Shirt, or a kid drawing a sketch of a pistol, or even a youngster biting a Pop-Tart into the shape of Florida and somebody thought it resembled a GUN!!!! so the those stupid school admins expelled or punished these young people... .... In my school district's middle school the 5th grade history class was given an assignment on "The Weapons of WWI" and their project work was PROUDLY taped on the corridor walls outside the classroom so that EVERYONE can look. I am so proud that common sense and reason still lives where I live.
  6. .327 Federal Magnum is an intriguing cartridge. Nice ballistics. Does Ruger make an 8-shot?
  7. nitesite

    Rimfire Picture Theead

    No pic, but I too bought a Ruger American Rimfire standard. It's great. I did replace the rear sights because I hate the 10/22 sight blade. VERY good trigger, plenty of accuracy, smooth bolt action, barrel is well done, designed for 10/22 magazines in all sizes..... What's not to love? If I had this rifle as a youth I could have hit a lot more ****. Then I have my 1936 Springfield single shot .22 bolt rifle. It was the first gun I ever learned to shoot when I was a kid in the 70's. I shot coconuts floating on the ocean just off my grandparents dock. You could see misses when the water geysered, hits were no geyser. Neat feedback. And there is my 10/22 that is Ruger only because of the receiver and bolt. Everything else is Volquartsen. I scoped it with a 6~24x50 and it shoots 50-yd bugholes when the air is calm.
  8. Soooo... nobody else enjoys a slightly unusual gun?
  9. Actually it is 18.75-inches. When they were being distributed they usually jumped off the shelf the first day they were put out.
  10. Hand-Rifle TALO Edition in .357 Magnum. Only a few were made with that barrel length and fixed sights. They did a run of .44 Magnum versions as well. I should have bought both. It LOVES 180-gr Hornady XTP loads that approach .357 MAXIMUM pressures and velocities because the throat lets me seat the bullet long at the second cannelure. And my 158-gr cast and PC'd bullets shoot really well too. Topped with a Bushnell red dot that was made in Japan. Thanks for looking! Anyone else have a fun gun that isn't at all "mainstream" and maybe a little odd?????
  11. nitesite

    Farmer's Only, LOL.

    G&KL would lecture you.
  12. Verified true and surprising war story: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/64443.html/2
  13. nitesite

    knife sharpeners

    My Worksharp with red jewelers rouge on a very fine grit belt make an already sharp knife just incredibly sharp. My Worksharp has been very satisfying regardless of knife quality or type of steel. It makes 1075/1095 carbon steel like a surgical razor blade.
  14. nitesite

    New Favorite Hot Dog

    I had some Johnsonville Yeungling Beef Brats last week that were quite good.