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  1. nitesite

    New Favorite Hot Dog

    I had some Johnsonville Yeungling Beef Brats last week that were quite good.
  2. nitesite

    Groomsmen gift ideas?

    http://www.mossberg.com/product/maverick-88-security-31046/ In your price range????
  3. nitesite

    Groomsmen gift ideas?

    Well, hatchets and multi-tools are definitely OUT.
  4. nitesite

    Your favorite knife?

    My carry situation is much different than most would feel appropriate. Sorry.
  5. CaucasianSJW in camo shirt is a *****. Knocked out dude in blue shirt knocked himself out for a second time when he head butted the stone wall.
  6. Operators and Ranger/SEALs are going to thank you for discovering this.
  7. nitesite

    I don't care what you say. Chick-fil-A is awesome.

    The catered box meals from CFA include a "credit card" for a free breakfast meal. And those boxed meals include the most amazing waffle fried potato chips on the planet!!! I have tried to buy those chips over the counter but they are not for sale, only in the catered box meals. Dammit.
  8. nitesite

    What Pods You Cast?

    The Chris Plante Show
  9. nitesite

    What's you favorite weapons lubricant?

    Lube is red synthetic grease for most of my actions. Ballistol for wiping down exterior of my finely blued finishes. Some of my guns just get put away slightly dirty, with lube that was applied the previous time I paid attention to them. My M1A comes to mind here. And my Duty AR. And my revolvers are almost totally free of LUBE. Although I do wax or oil the exteriors.
  10. But I gotta say that as an EDC my ElZetta M60 is on my duty belt M-F for about nine hours each day. Most wonderful light I have ever owned, and because it cost nearly $200 I really must like it, right? My wife just doesn't get it.
  11. nitesite

    Harry's shave club - anyone tried it?

    Don't the 5-blade multi-blade cartridge disposables clog up really fast? And then it requires more pressure on the face to keep pushing thru to get to your whiskers?