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  1. Meanwhile, hazardous material crews have been called to the studios of MSNBC and CNN to clean up the mess from all the heads exploding...
  2. Gee! Can I apply for retroactive Grading Reparations?
  3. NO, not that one, The company I do work for just bought another company, for the bandwidth. 600MHz.... elibom-t
  4. Many of you know I'm a career Broadcast Engineer, Been doing television for the better part of 35 years. Well, back in August, I'd had enough of it. I was getting older, getting fatter, joints hurting just sitting there, at my station, watching Television for a living. My wife's friends would ask her, "..What does your husband do?.." (Mrs. inthefrey) "John? He watches television..." Well, call me crazy but, I didn't want someone to find me dead, slouched over the console, unresponsive from a M/I. I left it all behind. I am now a cellular integrator for a smaller company. Same pay, Company vehicle, gas card, driving around the Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia area bringing 5G online for a major carrier. No, not climbing towers. I load software, troubleshoot, make test calls and bring the new sites online. If you think the military has a bunch of acronyms, you should hear the ones in THIS business. Today, I loaded, with the help of a forklift, $250K worth of cellular gear in the back of my service truck, (*about 1500lbs!) and drove it to a new site in Pittsburgh. Once there, I offloaded ALL OF IT BY HAND. Some of the combined radio/antenna units clock in at 50Kg! A little sore tonight but feeling great! Anyway, has anyone else made a late-in-life career move? I did... So far, glad I did!
  5. Motorola - Only $15,000 to produce! "...It probably won't make a consumer product for years to come, and would probably cost several hundred dollars at least (*LOL!) - far more than the consumer would get out of it in the way of value received except in the most unusual situations..." If you look closely, it used DURACELL mercury batteries - 6 hours. Not even a footnote anywhere for the engineer, Dr. De Los Tanner
  6. I'll let the song do the talking... Aaron Lewis- Am I the only one... https://youtu.be/zkKb4Zt48x8
  7. As we boldly go were human beings and social media has never gone before, doctors are reporting an uptick in "tics". Studies indicate that hospitals are seeing an increased number of female patients with tourette syndrome. Patience indicate they have been watching tik-tok videos from "influencers" who have been diagnosed with tourette syndrome. https://www.wsj.com/articles/teen-girls-are-developing-tics-doctors-say-tiktok-could-be-a-factor-11634389201
  8. LOL There are a couple like this. More of a thriller, scifi, horror crossover. Maybe On the same lines a The Relic. I don't know if Jacob's ladder or Phantasm qualify as science fiction.
  9. Yes, it was. We've watched it a bunch of times times. Great story too
  10. From my childhood - a spin off from Project UFO - Space 1999 Space: 1999 Season 1 Episode 8 Dragon's Domain. Best SciFi series episode of all time! Scared this 14-year-old. The most horrifying episode in the history of a Sci-Fi series... Scared the crap out of me! Skip to 16:00 to see the initial monster encounter - creature effects are completely awesome - victim "effects" are awesome too! Great episode to watch all the way through.
  11. Too many to choose. I know not many have see this but I want to offer up this one. Awesome movie... SUNSHINE
  12. Why doesn't anyone use the "STATUS" window? I was the last one to use it on 8/8.

    Happy October 17th, 2021!

  13. Very sorry Bates.. Yeah, one of the Unfortunate side effects of outliving your peers. The more it hurts, the greater the bond. Your friend probably wouldn't want you grieving. Celebrate the experiences you had. Whatever you drink , raise a glass. My sincere condolences, Sir....
  14. I'm so confused. "Get the shot, No mask! Get the shot but wear your mask! Get the shot but it won't keep you from getting the virus or making other people sick. Get your booster but you may still make other people sick and die from the virus anyway. Get the shot or we'll fire you" Get the shot but there's no guarantee it will work, you'll still get sick, you'll still need to wear a mask, you'll still need a booster, you still can make other people sick, you'll lose your job if you don't get the shot and, if the shot ends up doing something terrible to your metabolism, gives you cancer, make you sterile, hurts your unborn child, etc nobody is liable...
  15. Even a bunch of cartoons and movies which are now banned from television can be found here. https://archive.org/
  16. Continuing our nightly journey into to "ancient" television, Mrs. inthefrey and I watched another 2 episodes of The Outer Limits. 2 very Very interesting episode indeed. Maybe, a little TOO REAL and prophetic concerning our current political and social climate. Highly recommended. Watch the whole thing but, listen carefully to the last 10 minutes. *sorry about the ads at the beginning - no way to just play the video O.B.I.T. and.... 100 Days Of The Dragon. Oh boy! Where do I begin with this one!!! CAUTION: This Program Contains Outdated Cultural Depictions
  17. *Mrs. inthefrey has rewritten ("degree in English) a couple of his plays for kids. She directed and coached the kids as part of their Theater class. She quit doing that about 5 years ago. However, we both STILL used a bunch of Shakespeare's "zingers" when it fits the situation. " Get thee off to a nunnery!…" I would do well never to read another word from this famous author as most of his famous works are permanently embedded in my memory
  18. Latest: Global DNS records have been deleted. Frantically working on backups...
  19. And, still offline. I know many of you don't care but, very interesting... Rumors are it has something to do with Jan 6th. Cannot confirm... --- Oct 4, 2021 5:17:08 PM --- IP (wlan0) --- IP (rmnet_data1) 2600:1016:1001:cb62:9d00:1e3b:8059:a69b --- Connection: WIFI DNS records for facebook.com DNS server:, port 53, UDP facebook.com. TTL=0 A (not authoritative) AAAA The lookup failed due to a network error. Repeating the lookup may be helpful.
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