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  1. That was the "set up". Stay frosty! The "..pitch.." can come at any moment!
  2. The work this guy does is extremely specialized. I will suggest this to him.
  3. He's says he's already signed with the new company and THEY WANT him as soon as possible. He's asking, " If I give notice and they fire me, can I collect unemployment for those 2 weeks?" I did some brief research and the law is very vague.
  4. Asking for a friend... This friend is working in an at-will work state (Pennsylvania) he has found another job yet he feels a moral obligation and wants to give his current employer two weeks notice. This employer has a history of firing people as soon as they give 2-week notice. This person has an exemplary record with the company, has used 0 sick days and has never been late for their shift even though they have a 100 mile round trip commute everyday. Should I tell this person to Give notice or quit on the last day?
  5. You know, Unforgiven is an awesome movie and is just as good OJW. Both directed by Eastwood. Gene Hackman was also an excellent character in that movie
  6. What is your favorite Clint Eastwood movie? For me, The Outlaw Josey Wales. Second would be Sudden Impact. Got a favorite? Post it! Not an Eastwood fan? I don't care..
  7. Is this your " Fall Flounce " message? I'm currently in the final week of my " Summer Flounce " from the other place. It does your soul good to get away from it for a while. RESIST the urge to check for updates. Remove the quick links and auto password. These social media sites are drugs.
  8. The cost of potato chips...... https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/APU0000718311
  9. I guess "LANA" is directing it. Christmas 2021... I've seen them all - I guess I'll have to go see this one too...
  10. At one point, we had two full grown labs and five cats. In the spring, we were vacuuming everyday and picking up enough pet hair to create our own multicolored hair animal. *No kidding! The two quart vacuum catch container was full!
  11. A small yet extremely powerful ray of hope... There may still be time.... AND......, neither one of these kids looked at their watch..... https://www.foxnews.com/us/indiana-boys-veteran-funeral
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