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  1. inthefrey

    Politics John McCain Dead at 81

    Is anyone else a little bothered by the 'outpouring" of kind words and "proud service" comments from the majority of the LEFT and MSM? Yes, thank you for your military service John McCain. However, how many on "THE LEFT" did everything in their power to discredit and malign his record and presidential bid in 2008. It makes me sick to my stomach!
  2. inthefrey

    The Shame of the Church

    (Martin Luther 10/13/1517 ) "........I told you that Pope was crooked!...." I guess this brings Catholic "indulgences" to a whole new level..... But of course, ALL CHRISTIANS will be lumped together and targeted my the liberal media...............
  3. And......................... They deleted the thread.................
  4. Awesome! Now we're talking! Thanks Crockett!!
  5. Well, 3 weeks after my post, nothing but folks agreeing there should be a "noooob" guide to reloading. Still waiting for a few "experts" to post their reloading-for-dummies guide. Anyone?
  6. inthefrey

    Random Posting

    In honor of the day................
  7. inthefrey

    What branch did you serve in

    Me? USNR -Airman Electrician's Mate (CVN-69) I did not see any sea duty... I was stationed at the NAF / Andrews AFB. Worked on autopilot system for P3's. Dad was USN - Retired as CWO2.
  8. Okay so, for those of us that would like to start reloading but, are reloading 'neophytes', how about some recommendations on what is needed to start reloading FROM THE GROUND UP? Just start with the basics What tools will I need? (just the basics to load a few rounds a minute) What books should I read? (links..) What videos should I watch?(Links..) Recommendations on what reloading equipment is GREAT, Good, poor, bad or, just plain junk? How much will a good "starter" press and tool cost me? (sources, links, etc) USED equipment? Yes, or no? DO's AND DO NOT's! (The SERIOUS STUFF THAT COULD GET YOU HURT!) THANKS!! John inthefrey
  9. inthefrey

    How do you get your caffeine?

  10. inthefrey

    How do you get your caffeine?

    (Bugs)"How many lumps do you want?" (Lion) "Ohh, three or four..."
  11. inthefrey

    Who are you?

    Broadcast Engineer. Yep! I built that...😎
  12. inthefrey

    Hobbies beyond guns

    I prefer the 1.67-2.5cm band myself...😎
  13. inthefrey

    Cussin' - where do you draw the line?

    Just came back from a job interview in Hauppauge, NY. I believe I may have heard the "f" word used in every and any circumstance or connotation possible. Out there, it's just part of the local vernacular.
  14. inthefrey

    Put your clothes back on!

    Well, I'm manning my satellite truck at this energy show in Morgantown, West Virginia. The place is loaded with young hotties walking by in their heels. My wife would say, "You go for it babe! I could use the entertainment..." 😕
  15. inthefrey

    Put your clothes back on!

    This thread is worthless without pictures...