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  1. "Gun-rights organization says CEO Wayne LaPierre has repaid $300,000 related to travel expenses" Quoting the Wall Street Journal article of 25 Nov. 2020: "The National Rifle Association disclosed that current and former top executives received at least $1.4 million in improper or excessive benefits from the organization in violation of nonprofit rules, the first time the group has publicly admitted the lapses. The NRA, in its tax filing covering 2019, also reported a $12.2 million deficit and a 34% decline in member dues in 2019, as the gun-rights organization grappled with internal turmoil and external legal probes related to alleged expense abuses by its top officials. Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s chief executive, repaid the NRA $300,000 related to travel expenses from 2015 to 2019 that the nonprofit group originally paid for him but has now determined to be an “excess benefit” under tax rules, according to the filing. Mr. LaPierre is estimated to owe a special excise tax of about $75,000 on the extra income, the NRA said..." https://www.wsj.com/articles/nra-acknowledges-improper-executive-benefits-in-new-tax-filing-11606341481?mod=hp_lista_pos2
  2. blueiron

    It Smells

    Needs to be covered in red M&M's. 😇
  3. Nice. I used to use this plate when using one of our minivans for street jumps or warrant details: The irony was not lost on some of my fellow employees.
  4. It looks like a search warrant wagon.
  5. The site looks like it was born in 1998 and hasn't been updated since.
  6. Trump didn't cause this. The return of the DC establishment to office with the subsequent insider trading, trading in office, and government contracts with multi-national corporations is driving it. The Left says they hate capitalism, but there is no such thing as a poor Marxist in the Nomenklatura. Expect a AUMF within two years.
  7. Industrial fishing, in the South China sea, parts of Africa, etc. are rife with kidnapping, debt bondage, slavery, human trafficking, etc. Islamic State was and still is using industrial fishing as a source of operating funds.
  8. It is amazing how some crime sprees end... https://www.azfamily.com/news/fugitives-run-from-colorado-ended-in-phoenix-over-the-weekend-by-suicide/article_2e069d9c-2c28-11eb-9ccd-d709322519dd.html?block_id=997196 https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/mcso-deadly-weekend-shooting-in-north-phoenix-involved-wanted-fugitive
  9. Oh, how stupidity abounds with some people... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/apple-s-head-of-global-security-indicted-on-bribery-charges/ar-BB1bi7EM
  10. Run around wearing 5.11 pants in some areas and you'll need that pistol and all the ammo you can carry.
  11. They can't find a use for it in "Somaliland"? Perhaps they could export it to Bosaso?
  12. blueiron


    It's probably those gosh-awful 22 / 24 inch wheels and the 1 inch sidewall tires that Detroit is smitten with. I wish the Tahoe/Suburban would return to the days of being a "family hauler" for doctors and the LDS, instead of an "urban personnel carrier" for gangsters/rappers/wannabes.
  13. blueiron


    It could be a first call vehicle. They are pretty popular for that function.
  14. I refer to Biden as Mr. Magoo. They have a similar appearance and they exhibit the same dumb luck. I expect the political decisions to mimic what Magoo would do.
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