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  1. A terribly written story. Was the facility a government facility? Was it a government facility operated by a contractor? Was it just a contractor facility with some government inspectors to verify the day's/week's work? Same thing with the "guard". Why isn't his/her name mentioned? Was he/she criminally and or civilly charged? How were the thefts discovered? More badly written "weaponized" propaganda barely able to pretend that it is useful news.
  2. What ten year old import automobile has a frame? That said, disclose everything and let the buyer decide. If the offer is fair, take it. Auto repairs are pretty much transparent these days. You can't get away with much and buyers are a lot more informed than they were 25+ years ago.
  3. Amazon makes plenty of profit. Bezos simply twists GAAP to obscure the profits within other aspects of his empire, most likely non-profit foundations and/or money losing businesses in order to abuse the tax code.
  4. Both the M9 and the Mark 26 pistols will remain in use by personnel for many years. The DoD is still acquiring M9A1 pistols on current contracts. Both are excellent pistols. My complaint with the M9 is that the "F" model is both a slide mounted decocker and a manual safety, resulting in the potential to activate the safety during a "combat reload". This is remedied by the "G" model decocker pistol or adapting the "F" model to the "G" model. The pistol, if suppressed, does not need a Nielsen device [Recoil booster]. The original P-226 with the stamped steel slide and pinned in breech block is a bit lighter than the later milled slide, but the milled slide is a bit stronger and doesn't need roll pins replaced to retain the breech block every several thousand rounds. The P-226 was found to need "mud rails" [small dips in the slide to allow grime and dirt to fall away] to enhance reliability, but this induced cracking of the duralumin frame rails. The early American made pistol frames had more issues than the German models and that's why SiG imported frames and mated them with American slides until SiG could improve QC. If suppressed, it needs a Nielsen device. I own both the civilian Beretta M9 model and the West German P-226 model with mud rails and I love both of them. The SiG is easier to run shooting drills through and has a slightly easier manual of arms due to the ergonomics. The Beretta pistol runs like the slide is on ball bearings and is boringly reliable. There are lots of GI magazines and parts available for the Beretta. I'm not quite a fan of the new SiG P-series pistols. I don't care for the duck tails and all the other variants that Exeter has introduced.
  5. Looks like a Chinese nail gun.
  6. Keep in mind that Ruger revolver frames are investment cast and not forged like S&W. Cast frames have to be larger to equal the strength of a hot forged frame.
  7. What else would a man who "carried" a Titan II missile with a 9 megaton yield W-53 warhead shoot for fun?
  8. There's no easy way to make a polymer P7. The gas port cylinder and piston get very hot during firing and would deform/melt the polymer in short order. I have a P7/PSP and after one magazine through the pistol in the Arizona summer, it is too hot to hold in the ready position. Later versions [P7M8 and P7M13] had a polymer heat shield on the frame, but it still wasn't designed for people who enjoyed mag dumps. I wish they'd bring back the old P9S. It was a great pistol that worked well with a suppressor.
  9. Best of luck. The cartels no longer avoid tourist areas and kill indiscriminately. I'd rather visit the DRC than Mexico.
  10. I'd have a beard, but my job doesn't allow one because of safety gear.
  11. Gillette is somewhere just a micron away from revolutionary Marxist ideology. I can use a straight razor on my face, but keeping it sharp is a significant challenge.
  12. Singer missiles... Seriously? Try FIM-92 Stinger ManPADS - Man Portable Air Defense System. The NASAMS system is also incorrectly identified as NASAAMS. I recall that UH-1D episode, but I had no idea that the pilot died about a decade ago.
  13. The DoD is very selective about the "new" items they want. The Minuteman III ICBM was last purchased in 1970. The MX missile was supposed to replace it and it died off, even after the LGM-30G was considered obsolete. The B-1B was removed from nuclear strike capacity and its' role was given to the B-52H, even though the B-1B has some stealth capabilities, is faster, and far more capable in the role of LRSO strike standoff aircraft. FIghter pilots love new aircraft, hence the F-35. Even though the Chinese stole much of the manufacturing info and other secret capacities in a cyberattack on Lockheed Martin and then built their own version. The best sales in the new category for DoD include Army dress and OCP uniforms, the Air Force adoption of OCP utilities and the new AF dress uniforms some are clamoring for.
  14. The Nimitz class carrier isn't as bug plagued as the Ford class is with EM catapults and other new technology headaches. The HST was commissioned in 1988 and our B-52H nuclear heavy bomber is far older and is still scheduled to be a STRATCOM LRSO missile platform until 2050. The HST It is as old as the most recent B-1B bomber. Refuelling and a refit is far less costly than spending $13 billion and more on a new Ford class carrier.
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