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  1. Confirmational bias, it isn't just for political opponents.
  2. A 60 plus year old male, never married, no children, no visitors to his residence for years, possessed an explosives handler permit, and loved computers... That's a psychological profile that proclaims 'warning' on several levels.
  3. This. The brace handguns will be re-interpreted to become SB weapons and owners can do one of two options: surrender them during an amnesty period or register them as Title II weapons, undergo the paperwork chase, and pay the $200 excise tax. The Mossberg Shockwave and analogues will be re-interpreted as SBS.
  4. Trump would be non-stop Twittering about it, were it true.
  5. My wife came home with a life altering decision yesterday. She is a senior investigator with the Federal DoJ and has been for many years. Because of the sensitivity of her work, I can't disclose further details about her assignments. After previous administrations and what did and did not occur under the Trump administration; she has submitted her resignation and retirement effective 1159 hours EST, 20 Jan 2021. Her regional supervisor was shocked and asked why. She replied that after seeing what could be done and was actually accomplished under the Trump administration, she could not continue on under Biden and was resigning 1 minute prior to his inauguration. My wife is not politically motivated, but she did say that more has been done in the past 3 years than in recent administrations. I'm surprised by her resignation, but she already has a job lined up after a week off. Sometimes, demonstrable action is necessary.
  6. Keep in mind that North American LDS membership is ~9,000,000 people in Canada, Mexico, the US, and the Caribbean Islands. Over 16,560,000 LDS members are in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Central America, South America, and the rest of the world. The LDS church has to appeal to the rest of the world and comport with their legal systems in those countries. The LDS church is no longer an American church. LDS statistics: https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/facts-and-statistics
  7. Why buy toe shoes? Just dip your feet in a pail of Plasti-dip for new shoes each time!
  8. Sock-Shoe & repeat is an old military tradition. Better to have one sock/shoe on during an attack than two socks as it was yelled at us by our JDI.
  9. By the way, that's hardly an unbiased or even attempting to be an objective examination of the debate. The death penalty is part of the sociological euthanasia debate; example - John Wayne Gacy was such a predatory killer / deviant "monster" that he was unfit for society, therefore it was in society's best interests to kill him to prevent his further crimes, further predations, to serve as an example to others concerning justice, and to preclude the possibility of offspring with similar tendencies. The Left is willing to kill the innocent who've done nothing and defend the monsters among us - The Right wants infants to have opportunities to live and to destroy the deviant murderers among us. The debate about the sentience of life and at what point a fetus is viable is one that I am ignoring here, as are the issues with neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Were I to father a child with HIE, I'd be rather inclined to terminate due to QOL and viability issues.
  10. Killing of children in the T4 program so enraged the German public that the National Socialists had to formally end the program.
  11. Don't blame the Germans. An American, Margaret Sanger, started the euthanasia movement in the name of compassionate health. Ol' Adolf simply picked up on the concept. I've never understood why they want to kill the young, yet defend elderly dementia patients. I've watched two relatives descend and deal with dementia for decades - were it me, I'd end my life rather than not knowing who anyone was or what I am.
  12. If you have toenail fungus, never trim your toenails like Howard Hughes, have hammertoes, warts, or other foot issues; PLEASE wear socks with sandals!
  13. Do that in Canada or northern Europe and people will point at you as if you are deranged.
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