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  1. The abortion argument is a false premise. An abortion at 3 weeks is not the same as destroying a fully developed and living toddler. One is not developed and one is.
  2. This news may be difficult for some. These crimes occurred Monday in Phoenix, Arizona. https://www.azfamily.com/news/police-report-reveals-horrific-details-about-how-phoenix-mom-smothered/article_6f31c3e2-3cbd-11ea-8d81-db89f41bb97e.html If the law would allow it, I'd volunteer to execute her with a dull entrenching tool over a five minute period.
  3. Clausewitz? Which translation?
  4. I don't miss overhead ordnance. Second Lieutenants had a way of botching simple fire missions or CAS.
  5. Castaneda was an interesting read and is highly insightful for those wishing to have an understanding of the Mexican psyche, as well as the local First Nations people of the southwestern US.
  6. The Navy has thrown out the tradition of naming ships. Once upon a time, the Navy was very traditional, but no longer and that's rather sad. While SC/3 Miller deserves honors and accolades for his actions, I don't believe that CVN class ships should be named after Presidents, office holders, or individuals. They aren't even named after States of the Union.
  7. blueiron

    State Hate

    We don't hate California. We just hate Californians who live on the coast or those who move here.
  8. Two random samples out of a N= population? Please.
  9. Heresy! Gottfried Leibniz invented calculus and Newton is simply the cover band.
  10. Your statement begs questions: Is the corporation privately or publicly held? If publicly held, what is the opinion of the stockholders? Do they desire maximum return or do they want a good return and favorable corporate goverance? What do customers, stakeholders, and investors want of the company. Not all corporations are run for maximal profit.
  11. Cool when 20 and dumb as Hades when one is 50. She's gonna look like a saggy pile of lividity is her advanced years.
  12. blueiron

    Big Red

    I still have a K&E Log Log Deci-Trig. I actually took it to a spherical trig class and the Prof was so delighted, he spent the entire class time showing us how to solve navigation problems on it.
  13. I adjusted that to reflect certain food choices.
  14. That's a level 5 security holster!
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