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  1. The best option for Arizona? For the Governor to simply appoint Sinema to her elected office effective 01 January 2019. The people of Arizona voted to make her the next Senator and she won the election. Appointing her early gives her a chance to get settled in and become familiar with the Senatorial political process and other Senators. Appointing McSally does nothing for Arizona voters or national governance, but to appease the Republican party machine. The McCain family should disappear back into their daily lives and stop pretending that they are part of the political elite now and spare Arizonans the memory of a contentious and addled minded coot that refused to retire from office gracefully and instead held on to his seat and failed to vote as required in the Senate.
  2. blueiron

    The War on Christmas

    Why would one expect agnostics, atheists, and non-Christians to celebrate a Christian holiday?
  3. blueiron

    Bombers over and around Arizona

    Many years ago and just before Veterans Day, a friend and I took his father out into the Arizona desert east of Phoenix to do some shooting. Since his father served in the Pacific theatre during WW2, we brought our M1 Garand rifles. As we were shooting, we heard a very distinctive engine drone getting louder. My friend's father stopped firing and we looked up. Overhead, flew a B-17G [Sentimental Journey] and a B-24A [Diamond Lil] from the then named-Confederate Air Force. Awestruck, my friend and I watched as the two icons of the war majestically made their way across the sky, until punctuated by the sound of M1 rifle fire and the ejected clip again. The M1 rifle now empty, his father off-handedly commented "I still don't know who I hate more... the damn Japanese Army or that sonofabitch MacArthur!"
  4. The Naval services have changed covers to reduce costs and present a more uniform appearance, according to the DoN. The proposed and adopted uniform changes have taken place over the past several years.
  5. blueiron

    Another #MeToo - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    None of us individually are a Court of Criminal Law and cannot, nor arguably should not, be held to the standard of evidence required in a Court of Criminal Law. I do not need to conduct a criminal inquiry into broccoli, the Pontiac Aztek, or George Clooney to know that I do not care for or like them. Hence, I do not eat broccoli, have any desire to own a Pontiac Aztek, or investigate the life of George Clooney to believe he is a terrible actor. People are disposed, individually and collectively, to have opinions about other persons or things and there is nothing wrong with such, outside of a Criminal Court of Law where a defendant's Rights are endangered. The difference is one is a opinion affecting no one and the other is a Court finding that impacts the Rights of the accused.
  6. blueiron

    Another #MeToo - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    My complaint about Dr. Tyson lies with his failure to objectively use his doctorate in astrophysics for meaningful research or formal education of others. He spend years earning his AB from Harvard College, his M.A. from University of Texas/Austin and then onto Columbia for a M.Phil. and a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Instead of going on to PostDoc research or teaching, he went on to become a staff scientist for one year and then he became the acting and then full director of Hayden planetarium. His subsequent work has been talking to non-scientists about the equivalent of freshman survey coursework in astronomy. He is doing the work of a talented holder of a B.Sc. in Astronomy and nothing more. He has occupied student positions in graduate colleges that should have gone to more deserving candidates and is a virtual squanderer of his education. He has done virtually no meaningful research, has contributed little to the common stock of knowledge in astrophysics, and has not advanced the science as his doctorate degree calls for. As much of an egoist he appears to be, it would not surprise me in the least that he may have earned the reputation of a sexual hedonist.
  7. blueiron

    Too much oil in my engine.

    You can spend ~45 minutes of your time and drain some oil or you can gamble with the physical integrity of the engine in hopes you don't aerate the oil and fry the mill. One costs minor inconvenience and the other can cost thousands of dollars. As the old knight said in the Indiana Jones movie: "Choose Wisely".
  8. blueiron

    C'mon Jeep! Death wobble, again??

    Every 4WD vehicle with a solid "live" front axle is susceptible to this condition.
  9. Arizona has been moving inexorably towards the Left for several decades now. Flagstaff, Tucson, most Native American reservations, most of southern Arizona is a Democratic majority now. Maricopa county is the Republican stronghold, but it is being diluted by escapees from the coastal areas of the United States. Anyone disputing this should go to RealClearPolitics.com and do some homework as to Arizona's electorate.
  10. blueiron

    LEOs..any own a Glock 25?

    Agency only sales, per BATFE regulations. It doesn't meet the "point" requirements for importation.
  11. blueiron

    NFL teams you love to hate

    So I am supposed to burn my diplomas, renounce my degrees, and never watch television because you believe in the theory of allness that all universities are akin to Brown, Bryn Mawr, Harvard, and UC Berkeley? I did not attend any of the aforementioned universities, although I was recruited by Columbia and Georgetown. Not all universities are dens of communist iniquity and a higher education is indicative of a educated and well rounded person. Many of my professors were conservative, libertarian, or centrist politically. The liberal professors I encountered and took classes from were objective and fair in the classroom. As to their personal take on politics, that was and remains their right as Americans or foreign nationals teaching here in the US. As far as the NRA goes, I do not support them. Until recently, they have done nothing to support the right to enjoy, own, or shoot Title II weapons and they still do nothing to support machine gun ownership or machine gun sports.
  12. blueiron

    NFL teams you love to hate

    I returned back to college football years ago and enjoy it more than I ever did the NFL.
  13. blueiron

    Crybaby Serena has a complete MELTDOWN

    I see a HUGE problem. Wait till she retires and that posterior has about 50 years on it. Few people age well.
  14. blueiron

    The Glock World Lost A Pioneer Today

    I took my initial armorer certification course from him in a LE only class back in the day. Because it was LE only, he turned up his H.Q. [Humor Quotient] and excoriated the majority chiefs of police and what passes for police management. He had us laughing throughout the course. He was a training gem. The only other course I enjoyed as much was a death/homicide investigation course put on by Doctors Dominick and Vincent DiMaio of the NYC Medical Examiners Office. My sympathies to his family, his friends, and Glock Inc.
  15. As a former Marine, you will never find me on another beach.