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  1. blueiron

    NFL teams you love to hate

    So I am supposed to burn my diplomas, renounce my degrees, and never watch television because you believe in the theory of allness that all universities are akin to Brown, Bryn Mawr, Harvard, and UC Berkeley? I did not attend any of the aforementioned universities, although I was recruited by Columbia and Georgetown. Not all universities are dens of communist iniquity and a higher education is indicative of a educated and well rounded person. Many of my professors were conservative, libertarian, or centrist politically. The liberal professors I encountered and took classes from were objective and fair in the classroom. As to their personal take on politics, that was and remains their right as Americans or foreign nationals teaching here in the US. As far as the NRA goes, I do not support them. Until recently, they have done nothing to support the right to enjoy, own, or shoot Title II weapons and they still do nothing to support machine gun ownership or machine gun sports.
  2. blueiron

    NFL teams you love to hate

    I returned back to college football years ago and enjoy it more than I ever did the NFL.
  3. blueiron

    Crybaby Serena has a complete MELTDOWN

    I see a HUGE problem. Wait till she retires and that posterior has about 50 years on it. Few people age well.
  4. blueiron

    The Glock World Lost A Pioneer Today

    I took my initial armorer certification course from him in a LE only class back in the day. Because it was LE only, he turned up his H.Q. [Humor Quotient] and excoriated the majority chiefs of police and what passes for police management. He had us laughing throughout the course. He was a training gem. The only other course I enjoyed as much was a death/homicide investigation course put on by Doctors Dominick and Vincent DiMaio of the NYC Medical Examiners Office. My sympathies to his family, his friends, and Glock Inc.
  5. As a former Marine, you will never find me on another beach.
  6. blueiron

    Rant: Pistol Grips

    SiG Sauer did this very mod with the E2 grip on their P226 and P229.
  7. blueiron

    Replacement Glock Sights

    Every Glock I own has their plastic sights replaced with either Glock metal sights or night sights. My 34 has fiber optic sights installed on it.
  8. blueiron

    Glock 46 ever come to us?

    The Canadian Border Service Agency bought the Px4 in 9mm and the only issues they report are sights that wear and magazine lip issues. Otherwise, they like them.
  9. blueiron

    Considering a G26...Pros & Cons?

    Pro: It's a stout little blaster that will last longer than the original owner, requires only basic maintenance, and is reliable as a Sundial. Con: it feels chunkier than it really is. Has plastic sights, so replace with Glock metal sights or suitable sights.
  10. blueiron

    Colin Kaepernick headlines Nike ad campaign

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  11. What do people expect from organized religion?
  12. She can call herself whatever she likes, but the fact remains that if she were serious about being elected as a Governor, she is running in the wrong state. The Democrats in NY tend to be a bit more pragmatic than the witless Hollywood types that California adores.
  13. blueiron

    ceracoat on polymer?

    Research the work done by the shops you are considering. Some shops do great work and others don't. All these coatings do wear, but appropriate color selection will minimize the appearance of wear for a bit. Using OD, dark grey, or dark brown over black will look better longer than using lighter colors over a black frame.
  14. blueiron

    College Football is Back! 🏈

    I'm glad college football is back, but I do wish they'd shorten up the length of time that the game takes these days. Over 3 hours is too long for many.
  15. If the entire Clinton administration in the 1990s couldn't kill off S&W, I doubt some little rabble rousing fascist will be able to.