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  1. No need to cover them. They all have different functions to cover many different aspects of taking pictures that just one single sensor could never compete with. There are far more people that only want one device to cover all needs when out and about such as computer, phone, texting, internet, camera etc... It's really not if you take into consideration what you get from most new devices let alone this new folding device. Some people want multiple devices to handle different tasks; desktop, laptop, tablet, cell etc... but I can see how a foldable device like this would appeal to a small-mediumish number of people that don't spend much time at home but still want a decent sized device and screen for their regular computer and internet activities. This device isn't meant for everybody. It's meant for people that really only want one device or just love the latest and greatest tech being pushed out. The cost of this device really isn't too bad considering the technology you get from it especially if you look at the cost of the first "ultra-portable" laptops that started coming out several years ago. Nah...the people that can afford this kind of tech are the ones that are also helping fund greater tech make it's way into other, more regular day to day devices. Fueling innovation is never a bad thing regardless how useless you may think it is or how useless it is to you.
  2. Same here. Pretty sure I wouldn't have any issues sleeping afterwards either.
  3. Those prices are crazy. I pay $170 a month through Geico for my '18 Durango RT and my wifes '17 Infiniti QX30.
  4. Sorry to hear you had problems with it. I've installed their kits on my 1.0 full size 9.0, 2.0 compact 9mm and Shield 2.0 9mm with great success and far better trigger feel. Hopefully they can help you figure out what went wrong because they do make a noticeable improvement in trigger feel on the M&Ps.
  5. Yep, saw that one a while ago and couldn't believe how dumb that guy was to pull that out. He had to have known what was going to happen and wanted to die. It's still crazy how fast it goes from just talking and trying to get ID to him being dead.
  6. Steak frites is common and a great dish!
  7. Seems every forum has a troll or 37. It'd be nice if the ignore feature could also remove text when someone quotes an ignored person so you don't even have to see that.
  8. Yep! The first time I tried I ended up keeping it in around 35-36 minutes and it was much closer to medium and about where my wife prefers it as well. It not a quick method but it works perfectly every single time. The only thing I'm going to try next time is to dry brine the steaks for at least 12 hours prior by covering them with salt like usual but pepper or oil and letting sit in the fridge for the duration. Once pulled to bring up to room temperature before cooking, only adding the olive oil, garlic and cracker pepper.
  9. I like cooking steaks via grilling over gas, charcoal and cast iron and the method I've found that makes them perfect for us is reverse searing. I let the steaks sit at room temp, covered in olive oil, minced garlic, salt (pink Himalayan is all I have right now) and fresh cracked black pepper. Bring the oven to 275 degrees. Place the steaks on a cooling rack that fits inside a baking pan. The 8 oz filets I get from our meat market take about 31-33 minutes to get to medium rare-ish. Let rest for about 5-10 minutes while I bring a cast iron up on high temp on the stove. Once it's super hot, I toss in a tablespoon of oil to coat the pan the lay the steak on. At about 30 seconds I put in 3 tablespoons of butter and let it melt down. At 1 minute, flip the steak and start spooning the melted butter over the steak. Flip at 1 minute and repeat spooning butter. Flip one more time and spooning butter....flip one or two more times for even more crust. The mandatory rest of no less than 10 minutes!!!
  10. A couple of our guys at work used to be very much against things like that since we're in IT and they're our heavier security guys but eventually started looking at using KeePass and they've been using it ever since. I just manage our desktop and infrastructure teams and have been working that side for over 15 years but I'm not security savvy like they are so I can't say if KeePass or one of the others listed is better but I do trust their judgement on this, especially since we have so many different systems and passwords lol!
  11. You being the perfect example of a model citizen and Christian that never makes mistakes, his message obviously was not for you. Respect from someone like you means jack ****.
  12. Went from a '08 Mustang Shelby GT500 w/530rwhp to a 2018 Durango RT. There are two things I miss from the Shelby: the whine of the supercharger and putting the top down since it was a convertible. Otherwise, I don't really miss having a car and enjoy having a SUV now.
  13. Love my '18 Durango RT right now and I came from a 520rwhp '08 Mustang Shelby GT500. Still under 1500 miles right now but it's not giving any signs yet of needing dealer service... The SRT would have been awesome but not worth the $17k-$20k over what I got this for. I'm glad Dodge is still pushing the envelope on powerhouse vehicles along side Ford with the newest GT500 and the Chevy ZL1.
  14. I'm a huge fan of making my own steak But pizza is probably more of my passion at home
  15. Also willing to sell. $400 shipped to your FFL.
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