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  1. BadAndy

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    You being the perfect example of a model citizen and Christian that never makes mistakes, his message obviously was not for you. Respect from someone like you means jack ****.
  2. BadAndy

    Thinking about trading in my car for a truck.

    Went from a '08 Mustang Shelby GT500 w/530rwhp to a 2018 Durango RT. There are two things I miss from the Shelby: the whine of the supercharger and putting the top down since it was a convertible. Otherwise, I don't really miss having a car and enjoy having a SUV now.
  3. BadAndy

    2019 Dodge Challenger Scat pack review

    Love my '18 Durango RT right now and I came from a 520rwhp '08 Mustang Shelby GT500. Still under 1500 miles right now but it's not giving any signs yet of needing dealer service... The SRT would have been awesome but not worth the $17k-$20k over what I got this for. I'm glad Dodge is still pushing the envelope on powerhouse vehicles along side Ford with the newest GT500 and the Chevy ZL1.
  4. BadAndy

    what is your favorite at home meal

    I'm a huge fan of making my own steak But pizza is probably more of my passion at home
  5. BadAndy

    WTT Shield 2.0 9mm w/Apex kit

    Also willing to sell. $400 shipped to your FFL.
  6. 200 rounds through it and flawless. Has the Apex trigger spring, sear and striker block. Comes with one 8 round mag and one 7 round mag in the original box. Would love to trade for a CZ P10c, FN 509 or Gen5 G19 with some extra $ to make up the difference.
  7. BadAndy

    Japanese vehicles; cool and not so cool.

    Very cool! Pretty much all of my friends were into Hondas, Acuras, Subarus and Mitsus but I always loved my V8s and funny enough, I even had a turbo 4 cylinder before they did when I got an '88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. I'm not a fan of most work done to those types of cars but they can be made pretty awesome and do respect the power some are able to get from them. I've seen my share of engine swapped Civics destroy local Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds and some older muscle as well. I'll never not love the last gen Supras though! The car was way ahead of its time, at least in the US.
  8. BadAndy

    New Favorite Hot Dog

    I don't put these on a bun but will usually have them with mashed potatoes and corn or even cheddar broccoli rice.
  9. BadAndy

    New Favorite Hot Dog

    I can't help it...probably catch grief for the brand and type but I just love pulling these off the grill and into a bun with just mayo. It's a weird guilty pleasure lol! Second favorite
  10. BadAndy

    Moose backstrap tonight

    Moose backstrap? Is this like some weird sex act that I haven't heard about yet?
  11. BadAndy

    CBD oil

    I can't imagine that it would since they would be testing for THC and this does not have THC in it.
  12. I haven't lost interest because the quality of the movies is far better than it ever has been. I'm not into these movies because they follow the comics, universe or whatever they call it. I like the actors, the characters, the action etc... it's good mindless fun for me.
  13. BadAndy

    5 major features Android phones need

    LOVE my Samsung Note 8. With my regular use I've been getting 28-36 hours between charges. I probably spend most of my time using email for work, texting, Facebook and Instagram so no heavy video usage but this phone is amazing. Samsung won big points with me with Samsung Pay as well. Google Pay worked worse than Apple Pay but Samsung Pay works pretty much every where I've tried with the exception of a couple places that have really ****ty card machines. I use Nine Email for mail and Signal for texting/messaging. Signal is awesome because it works with SMS/MMS as well as internet/data based messaging similar to Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp so the guys I chat with most can send/receive high quality pics and videos that MMS won't handle. It's really nice having it all in one app instead of needing separate apps. Nine Mail is awesome for the amount of stuff I do for work and works perfectly with our signing and encryption through Exchange. Even though it was $10, it was very worth it because it feels like the most fully featured email apps I've ever tried. Most email apps use very basic text and font while this one does so much more with HTML and Rich text. I could never switch to an iPhone without feeling like it's a huge downgrade and other Android devices don't feel as good to me either.
  14. BadAndy

    Hey Eric, can you delete my account?

    This is pathetic. What kind of man creates a public thread asking his account be deleted when we have private messaging? This kind of crybaby bull**** shouldn't be tolerated.