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  1. My parents had one but it didn't come from Harbor Freight. It was quite slick and they enjoyed it. They lived in snow country and would take the pole down and put it away over the winter.
  2. One of my two dogs can be quite the pill, but at the end of the day when she's tired and wants to cuddle there is no way I can hold any of her transgressions against her. She certainly doesn't hold any of mine against me.
  3. I tried a hummingbird feeder at my house a few years back but never got any visitors. I put a feeder up on my window at work and have to fill it up 3 times a week. I enjoy the birds, but the doves come in like hogs at a trough and fling the seed all over. Oh well. I'll be gone on vacation for 12 days soon and am worried that they birds will abandon the feeder without me being here to fill it up. It took a little time for them to find it to begin with.
  4. The sweet smell of corn pollen hanging in the air on a hot summer night Freshly cut hay The top of a baby's head after a bath The smell of expended Black Cat fire crackers and dots on a cap gun strip The mixture of oil and gasoline in the dirt of the floor in my Dad's barn The brick and mortar on my childhood house. I could stand on the closed-in porch and huff that smell all day while leaning closely into the wall. Although I have never smoked, I've always liked the smell of a freshly lit cigarette outdoors on a still, frigid day. However, it must also be accompanied with the sound of a Zippo lighter. The mingling of quality cigar smoke with whiskey. Freshly sliced watermelon The damp smell of a coniferous forrest Leaves burning on a crisp fall day
  5. On another note, I once tried to leave a Yelp review for a business and then got a message that because I had never done any previous reviews they would not post mine. What?
  6. Based on the prior reviews of this thread, I am giving it one star.
  7. Turn the music down (because it gets extremely annoying) but I hope you find the video as entertaining as I did.
  8. Over the course of the last 10-12 months, either my dogs and/or cat have left portions of four different squirrels as presents for me to find under the dining room table. I would be very happy for a hawk to rid them from my yard instead. Last summer I took pictures of a hawk eating a dove in the middle of the street right in front of my house. I felt bad for the dove, but it's the way of nature. You've got to wonder what a pterodactyl would have favored.
  9. I can't bring myself to watch the video. I was raised in upstate New York were there were a lot of farms and never knew any dairyman or cattleman to abuse their animals. My family's best friends were dairy farmers who treated all of their herd with great care and dignity. Any loss to the herd whether an adult or a calf was deeply felt. One of my best friends here in Texas raises cattle and all of her livestock is very precious to her. Last year she lost a calf to coyotes and she was beside herself over it. Any abuse is certainly an exception and not the rule. In my opinion, PETA members have to be slightly off their rockers to push what they consider to be acceptable forms of food onto others. Although unwatched, after reading Zonny's post you've got to wonder if the approach here for the video has been the end justifies the means.
  10. I work with university level students who are studying to become teachers and it is appalling how the vast majority are either unable or unwilling to think for themselves. Many have to be guided step-by-step how to do even the simplest tasks and just want to be led instead of taking initiative to figure something out either with the directions they are given or on their own. I can't begin to fathom how many of them will be capable of leading a classroom full of young minds or teaching our children how to become critical thinkers since they don't have the skills themselves. It's not a wonder that so many of today's teachers just spit out whatever curriculum the administration feeds them. The seemingly minority of truly good or exceptional teachers are out-weighed by the majority who are just going through the motions. Certainly there are more factors that go into teaching, but what I am experiencing is that we are raising generations of ninnies. I'm sure it figures directly into somebody's plan.
  11. I am anticipating food prices to soar due to the weather conditions. Was home in upstate NY a week ago and it'e been too wet for the farmers to get in the fields. Seems like it's the same all across the bread basket. Add on top of that the flooding in the Midwest were a bunch of beef cattle were lost and the price of meat will also be at a premium before long. I really feel for the farmers, but it's going to impact everyone in the country.
  12. I watched it a while back. Quite interesting.
  13. She looks a lot like Angelina Jolie
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