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  1. Foxterriermom

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    It's threads like these that almost persuade me to abandon the hope of ever finding a good man to share the rest of my life with. #1 - Because so many women have done so much irreparable damage to the reputation of the female gender as a whole, that I will never be given and fair shake, and #2 - Because so many men assign all of the undesirable traits and behaviors these same women represent to all females as a whole, and therefore will never be given a fair shake.
  2. Foxterriermom

    Yellow or White Popcorn?

    Yellow. I used to buy popcorn kernels from some gourmet place and they had a mushroom popcorn that was fantastic. The kernels popped up huge and round, and were tender and delicious. I could live on popcorn, especially popped in coconut oil.
  3. Several years back (about 1990) before traveling to Alaska, a friend's father advised me to check into auto insurance there prior to arriving since it was a foreign country and he knew I would be renting a car. At first I thought he was just teasing me, but no, he was dead serious. It was really awkward having to explain him to that Alaska had been a state for 30 years.
  4. I saw this yesterday and was saddened for both the young woman and the family she left behind. I had just helped some good friends move over two hundred round bales on Saturday, and although I spent all of the time in the tractor seat, I was very well aware of the potential dangers of farm work. The people I worked with always laugh at me that I wear the seat belt on the tractor, but I've heard too many stories of people falling off and getting seriously hurt or killed, so their ribbing doesn't bother me. I would rather be safe than sorry. The view from my seat -
  5. Foxterriermom

    need some prayers if you dont mind

    I just said a prayer for you Ash, and will continue to do so.
  6. Foxterriermom

    If you have any desire..

    @Zonny, I tried watching it and couldn't get past the first episode. Sounds like I should give it another try.
  7. Foxterriermom

    rat turns the table

    My little rat terrier mix pup would have made short work of that vermin.
  8. Foxterriermom

    Coworker washed away in flash flood

    That's horrible. Several years ago I lost a very good friend and coworker to a parachuting accident over a weekend. The hole that was left at work was palpable for a very long time.
  9. Anyone offended by our beautiful flag can bite my butt! I fly two of them at my home and will not remove them for anyone.
  10. Foxterriermom

    What's for Thanksgiving?

    Going to fix a turkey breast in the Instant Pot and fix all of the traditional sides. Made the pumpkin pie after work last night.
  11. Foxterriermom

    Politics Any other early voters?

    Voted straight Republican ticket today and only had to wait in line 10 minutes to pull the lever.
  12. When I bought my house I never noticed it didn't have a dishwasher. My friend's brother recently got a new one and he offered to install his old one for me. I declined the offer mainly because I didn't want to lose the cabinet space and wasn't sure I would actually use it. The house prior to buying this one had a dishwasher and I never once used it. It served as storage for my baking pans and dishes.
  13. Foxterriermom

    Cow plays fetch

  14. Foxterriermom

    new game

    David Allen Coe?