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  1. Foxterriermom

    Valentine's Day

  2. Foxterriermom

    giant croc

    There was nothing to scale to show just exactly how big it was.
  3. Foxterriermom

    Ever Just Sit and Watch Your Dog Sleep?

    Yes, I do. And sometimes they watch me while I sleep which is a little unsettling when I suddenly wake up and find them staring at me.
  4. Foxterriermom

    F cancer

    Prayers not only for your SIN, but also for all the medical personnel that will be involved with her treatment.
  5. Foxterriermom

    Confession time real man and women

    What would I have to do to get my woman card pulled ?
  6. Foxterriermom

    Mood of the Day

  7. Foxterriermom

    I'm going to plank my hallway ceiling

    Consider if this is currently a trend that will date the house later if at some point you decide to sell it. I'd like to see a picture of the ceiling your have already done.
  8. Foxterriermom

    The coyotes were howling last night

    My friend lost four calves to coyotes this year. They shoot as many of them as they possibly can. If you happen to be out at the farm at dark when they start up, it sounds like they are surrounding you. It's really just all of the different packs talking to each other.
  9. Foxterriermom

    Toshiba Satellite Computers

    I've got one that needs some repairs. I should send it to you and have you do them since it sounds like you know what you are doing. Were you having problems with some of the keys not working? ETA: the battery crapped out several years ago and I have been loath to replace it.
  10. Foxterriermom

    Welcome to the Old Man Club

    I've got a good friend that will soon be 72 that I think would like one of these shirts. I recently found out that when he was just shy of 70, he worked his daughter's boyfriend over when the jerk physically assaulted her. When he told me about the incident, he said at that point in his life he didn't feel as if he had anything to lose by trying to teach the guy a lesson. I saw that man in a completely different light that day.
  11. Foxterriermom

    The Punisher back on Netflix

    I'm on the last episode of season 2. Was too tired to stay awake and finish it last night.
  12. Foxterriermom

    Trivia and useless knowledge

  13. Foxterriermom

    Damn. Just damn.

    I try to conduct my interactions on the internet the same way I do in real life - treat others the same way I would want to be treated.
  14. Foxterriermom

    Watch your step

  15. Foxterriermom

    Eat goat meat!

    I'll take a glass of goat milk over that of cow any day. And the best bbq meat I've ever had was goat.