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  1. Twice, I’ve gone to the dealership for an oil change/ service and bought a new car instead. You think you hate shopping?
  2. Congratulations to you. Soon for me...
  3. Sitting on my butt and I'm pretty excited about it.
  4. But a fire of a few hundred acres down there will be on the national news. Go figure. Don’t be butt hurt, Ross. We have several fires every year. The only one I remember seeing on National news was 130k acres that burned for a couple of months this summer. ‘Twas nothing to Poohoo.
  5. Read a few articles in the Clarion today (until they cut me off). The possibility of Gwin's and Wildman's not being there the next time I drive through, sickens me.
  6. That just amazes me. For those that would like a taste of the beauty that is Cooper Landing:
  7. i figured that would have long ago extinguished itself. How frightening for Cooper Landing
  8. Grey Flannel. Yum...:)
  9. My son-in-law is working in Fairbanks. They've had nothing but rain.
  10. 100º and 12% humidity. Pretty much alright
  11. And Tony, who thought he'd order something other than a pasty, but changed his mind when we got there, Absolutely loved it and polished it off with delight. Dairy Queen Blizzard for dessert because, as Tony say's...'that's what we do." Seems we've developed a habit of having some kind of frozen dairy dessert every time he's visited.
  12. They're delicious! And...they have beer and wine.
  13. https://www.cornishpastyco.com/ Up for some British fare?
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