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  1. FOUND ALIVE!! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1271094
  2. Was nervous when Boyce Thompson Arboretum was evacuated. That would have been horrible.
  3. I wouldn’t walk 30 yards to the “little house” at night and she’s hiking?
  4. Somehow, to date only 22 structures have been lost. Fire crews are doing an amazing job.
  5. Were any of the deaths attributed to the Covid vaccine among those with pre-existing conditions? I ask because I remember when those dying of Covid were poo-hoo’d because after-all ‘pre-existing conditions’ were certainly the real reason for the deaths. Ironic?
  6. Zonny

    Pizza Porn

    Interesting that everyone squawks about fruit on pizza when we all know that tomatoes are fruit.
  7. I can guarantee no one carried my daughter’s backpack through three deployments. I pity anyone that would have suggested it.
  8. She’s obviously nuts. I hope to Hell she’s not really a teacher. i doubt we’ve heard the end of this.
  9. Zonny


    Would make the McDonald’s coffee incident take a back seat ehh?
  10. No. Mutual respect is a must, however.
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