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  1. Yikes: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/avondale-fire-service-repair-man-found-dead-at-home-s-attic-death-possibly-heat-related Creepy.
  2. Yesterday was 107º but only 14% humidity. Tolerable. We need some rain however. Badly. 72º in the house
  3. Except that it didn’t come up “wrong”. It came up right, the ad was changed in the system at the end of the ad run. The “wrong” was that the tag wasn’t removed; human error. But, Lowe’s made it ALL right. Can’t complain about that.
  4. Of course. I worked retail (unfortunately) for many years. Had they not honored that price, I would have been surprised. I however, commend you for the way you handled it.
  5. He was named in a civil lawsuit (and has already 'settled') as having knowledge of the acts and failing to report it. He appears to be a fan of her and her activities. Hmmmmm Did you view the video clip (link) I posted? Lots of info included. In fact, I'm surprised this has been released.
  6. Interesting clip: https://www.12news.com/article/news/local/valley/husband-of-goodyear-teacher-who-sexually-abused-student-settles-lawsuit-with-victims-family/75-1d651a4a-eb50-40e3-a6bc-8d9348fcf6cf
  7. She had several felony charges. I'm sure it racked up in a hurry.
  8. During her arraignment, she asked the judge if 'there was any way she could go home'. She said she just wanted to go home to be with her husband. Wonder how that went.
  9. Did you see lots of orcas? We had one swim right under us. Saw 4-5 pods in Homer and a couple in Seward.
  10. Vendettas are always ugly. And silly.
  11. Mine are bluetoothed together or some such nonsense. I never know which direction to head. It's a PIA when they go off. Thankfully, it's only happened once and I have no clue as to why. Dust bunnies or something. Perhaps a spidey.
  12. I’d like to feel bad for you... but I don’t. It’s 104 here. But then again, AC is on 72 😛 You'll be down to the 60s tonight. Open all those windows!
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