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  1. Zonny

    winter storm ,

    On Thursday, I had all new windows and sliding doors installed in my house. First thing the 5 installers did was remove all existing windows and the doors. As luck would have it, Thursday was 58º, breezy and rainy. I thought I was going to freeze. Today, will be 70º. I think this has something to do with Murphy and his dumb laws!!
  2. Zonny

    winter storm ,

    Sunny and 70º tomorrow. Perfect for the BBQ/ birthday party for my 2YO G-daughter.
  3. So is the question “if it were possible/practical to domesticate” or as Mother Nature presents them now? Quite a difference. There’s a reason dogs are common pets...it’s realistic, it works.
  4. Zonny

    If you have any desire..

    Yes!! You should.
  5. Zonny

    If you have any desire..

    Oh...you’re wrong. That was YESTERDAY!! I’m here but you are more than welcome to piss and moan about Amazon all you’d like!
  6. Zonny

    If you have any desire..

    On Netflix, Amazon?
  7. Zonny

    If you have any desire..

    Julia did a great job. She also produced it. Podcast huh? Can't imagine being able to pull that off with all the flips between past/ present.
  8. Zonny

    Mars Rover 360 Degree

    Google Earth ain't got nuttin' on Google Mars.
  9. Zonny

    If you have any desire..

    Yup. You had to spin the dial and make your way through all the non-functioning stops and then you reached the UHF channels.
  10. Zonny

    If you have any desire..

    You excuse makers are missing out. Good production. Only one season.
  11. Zonny

    If you have any desire..

    to park your butt on the couch and accomplish nothing, watch Homecoming on Amazon Prime.
  12. Zonny

    G.H.W.B. keels over.....

    Too soon.
  13. Zonny


    I experienced a decent one in Los Angeles years ago. Had a small one here that I felt but only (I think) because I was in a water bed. Have had several other small ones reportedly felt here that I never noticed.
  14. Zonny


    Just a few.
  15. Zonny

    Walt Longmire reported missing...

    Tried to text you but only had the shop number. Being a land line, that won’t work (duh) but you may have a strange automated message on there. I’m the cause. Glad you’re safe.