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  1. Was allergic to raw eggs as a child. To the point of picking a choco-chip our of raw cookie dough would make me miserable. Itching mouth; throat and swelling that would last a few hours. Outgrew that mess as an adult. I've read that those that think they are allergic to Penicillin, rarely are. Like 9 out of 10 are not really allergic. Maybe our med-professionals could/would chime in?
  2. I'll boast for my daughter. 13 years Army Guard; 89D. EOD. Deployments to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. Top left:
  3. Coming last of July thru first of August. Have two Kenai river trips, one Kasilof and a combo out of Homer scheduled. Don't think there will be time for a flyout but I would love to do that someday.
  4. What’s the limit for this scenario? Do you troll? How deep are they? Kings are my favorite. Call me jealous. I’ll be there in July.
  5. It would if you mixed them with your erect member.
  6. Keeps it from buckling up in the middle. https://www.finecooking.com/article/lesson-1-the-perfect-burger
  7. Just DO NOT offer me any of those pre-made patties from the grocery store. YUCK!! I make mine different all the time. Usually to include however finely chopped (or even grated) onion; sometimes it's onion soup mix, A small can of diced green chili, cumin, salt & pepper, an egg and maybe a small splash of BBQ sauce. I make 'em fat (don't forget the thumb print in the middle) and cook to medium.
  8. I can still hear and smell my father's Zippo and it's been at least 50 years. I believe my oldest brother has it. Wonder if he lights it once in awhile.
  9. Is this his product? https://www.broadwayhemp.com/shop
  10. Remember a couple of years ago when coconut oil cured everything?
  11. In 2009, this family had two kidnapped and murdered by the cartel. The cartel had previously kidnapped a teen and demanded 1M in ransom. When they did not comply, he was eventually returned but retaliated with the 2009 event. I believe this to be an even bigger signal to get out. I'd have been 'out' after the first ransom attempt. BTW There was no crossfire as Trump spoke of.
  12. BTW...if you ever find yourself in Tempe AZ with a growling tummy, https://www.tedshotdogs.com// Notice the lines?
  13. I like them pan fried in a little bacon grease. Might as well go whole hog (pun) if I'm gonna eat a beef dog.
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