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  1. Zonny

    It Smells

    And a pretty little pumpkin. No clue why my pics are gigantic.
  2. Zonny

    It Smells

    I love to bake. Not big on fruit pies or anything containing nuts. Other than that, I'm game!
  3. Is this a replacement or a new member of the 'family'?
  4. Zonny

    It Smells

    https://www.tastesoflizzyt.com/chocolate-chip-funny-cake-pie-recipe/ First time making it. I'll let you know how it is. As temping as it is to cut it, I'd better wait until tomorrow. Still gotta make pumpkin. 2 pies for four of us. Yikes. SIL will be disappointed I didn't make coconut cream
  5. Zonny

    It Smells

    Kinda good in here:
  6. I’m in trouble if they are.
  7. Happy Birthday Tadbart!!! 🎂
  8. Wow. Too many of those chili cheese dogs and tots.
  9. And that touch of sea salt. Heaven.
  10. I guess I'm just going to have to open a few more packs to test your conclusion Say it isn't so ...
  11. That could very well be but what are the odds through packing (several), shipping, all the handling and being in my home since prior to Halloween, they would stay that way? Trust me, I’ve consumed far too many M&Ms in my life ... this caught my attention.
  12. No. I do crochet tho which is part of the reason I found them so funny.
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