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  1. Zonny

    New Cookie Recipe?

    Don't get me wrong, I love to bake but I don't think I'll be trying these: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/california-sugar-cookies-high-school-cremated-remains_us_5bc64528e4b0d38b58728f19
  2. Zonny

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Cant really compare the 322 to the 315 since those were two different scales. Flying, particularly long flights, can contribute to water retention and a subsequent weight gain. Even up to 10 pounds. Crazy. Was the 'redneck wine' carb free? Alcohol free? Not busting your chops but you're posting contradictory info. Keep it up. I can relate to the struggle. I weigh 30pds more than I'd like to. Seems I can drop 20 but in 6 months, it's back. Carbs are my issue too. For the most part, I eat pretty healthy but I do enjoy my sweets and carb-filled snacks.
  3. Zonny

    Into the 30's tonight.

  4. Zonny

    Into the 30's tonight.

    Try again. First pic didn't show the low which was the topic of this post.
  5. Zonny

    Friday Night Levity

    I've gotten sucked into watching these videos. Cracking me up. Bastards.
  6. Zonny

    Friday Night Levity

    This guy responds to an IRS scam call using movie lines. It's worth a watch.
  7. Zonny

    WTF is wrong with America?!

    I have a friend looking to re-located to Japan for the reasons you listed. He's visited several times and he's making plans. He's highly educated, works for Google and anxious to get out of Dodge. He's actually applied for a few jobs there but needs to polish his language skills and he'll be on his way.
  8. Zonny

    How do you like this plate?

    It was a he. College kid ( I assume). Hot dogging it around ASU. Nice car.
  9. I thought it was worthy of a thumbs up to the driver.
  10. Zonny

    Stop the beeping!

    Unless there's a roadrunner in your (wife's) car, it's the seatbelt.
  11. Zonny

    Roundabout from Hell

    Those little things near the Post Office? They don't even qualify as roundabouts. Why on earth would they put them there? Not exactly a high traffic area. I avoid them like the plague. Seems like we have more in the smaller more rural towns than we have in the Phoenix metro area.
  12. Zonny

    The Drive In.

    Could have been worse
  13. Zonny


  14. Zonny

    Those who live out in the sticks...

    Can you hear the coffee pot? That’s all that matters on a morning like that.