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  1. There was one posted a couple of days ago by the FD on the Kenai Peninsula Bear Sighting FB Page.
  2. Are those shelves in the mechanical room full?
  3. I’m just me and I’m a Costco shopper. I find comfort in having a small stockpile of “supplies”. When the ‘Rona hit and everyone was begging for TP, guess who wasn’t?
  4. Lunch on the picnic tables amongst the wildflowers.
  5. I buy all STEM related “toys” for my 3yo Granddaughter.
  6. Start her college fund.
  7. Dr Deborah Birx just told Chris Wallace there’s a way to play tennis with marked balls so that you’re not touching each other’s balls. Use that info as you see fit.
  8. I doubt it will enjoyable. The waitstaff all in masks, disposable menus, no condiments on the tables and 6 feet apart. Limited capacity. Relaxing and enjoying a meal hardly seems realistic.
  9. Zonny

    Huaco Kid

    Shhhh. We need to contain Huaco. Keep him here where he’s safe. (And so are we).
  10. One day I had two packages delivered separately. Like 15-30 seconds apart. I swear the drivers probably did the “fist bump” passing in the driveway.
  11. But Sam’s is Walmart. There is that.
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