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  1. I was not a fan until I started fishing for it myself. Love it now.
  2. I agree. Lately, however heartburn has reared its ugly noggin. Getting old sucks.
  3. Hardly, to all of the above.
  4. Okay. Small hands if you say so.
  5. The last onion I bought. I could barely hold it.
  6. I came home after dental surgery and set off my home alarm. Well...you know they call you and ask a few questions so that the 'all clear' is given and the POPO aren't called out. Try speaking to the rep with a numb mouth, full of cotton and hope they don't send out the 911 thinking you've had a stroke.
  7. Are you running the snow haul show this year?
  8. Oh! I could spend the whole day right there!
  9. Don't we need a dollar bill for size reference? 💩
  10. Oh yeah. I’m really not worried. I remember when we were all going to die from Ebola. Hell, I remember when we were all going to die from AIDS. Like someone else said, this too shall pass.
  11. Tempe AZ. https://www.12news.com
  12. I had peanut butter toast and coffee for breakfast (@6AM) but I just had Alaskan Rockfish and roasted veggies for lunch @ 2PM. That will be it for the day. I'm cutting my eating hours down to 6-8 hours per day. The other 16-18, no chow.
  13. Is in my town... I love you guys.
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