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  1. Zonny

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    I remember my Grandmother having one of those. Same color.
  2. Zonny

    key west bans certain sunscreens

    You know what they call sunscreen in London? Wishful thinking. Ash, many meds come into play with how your body/skin reacts to the sun. The sun is 4 billion years old. Doubtful it’s changed much in the past 10 years.
  3. Zonny

    My Brother MUST Resign

    Why is a cowboy nessesarily a “white person”? Other than that, I agree with you.
  4. Zonny

    What's for breakfast?

    I've had a bad cold all week. Not much appetite. This morning, I made fried 'taters and onions, two OE eggs and an English muffin. I think my appetite is back 😩
  5. It should match the previous planking.
  6. Ask the kids for it. At lease ask them to have her contact you?
  7. You must have 5K deductible.
  8. Zonny

    Went to the VFW today.

    Maybe Dad should have it framed?
  9. Zonny

    Banana Bread Recipes

    I make killer oatmeal cookies using the recipe on the box of Quaker oats but I add a banana and chocolate chips. Can also add dried cranberries it you desire. Banana makes them very soft and chocolate? Well, don't need a reason to add chocolate. EVER.
  10. Zonny

    Anyone else having trouble getting onto GT?

    Nope. Some are here because they got 86'd from the 'other site'.
  11. Think he's laying in a tub of ice, missing a kidney? http://theboresite.com/forums/topic/7651-oh-crap-a-womans-coming-over/
  12. Zonny

    Anyone watching a movie tonight?

    Just watched Bird Box. Dumb.
  13. Snowing just a few (20) miles North of here.
  14. Zonny

    Oh crap! A woman's coming over...

    Her willingness to come to your home on a 'first date' is a pretty good indicator that she is planning to get lucky even if you aren't.
  15. Zonny

    Weird stuff that only excites you

    I'd be excited too. That's beautiful. I love beauty that wood offers. I'm intrigued by the ability of artisans using that medium. I'd love to have an old biscuit bowl. I have a beautiful rolling pin and I've been looking at cutting boards made from the exotics. Curious as to how the bowl (oke) came into play in the prep, I found this: