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  1. Yep, I shot a Rossi Puma when I was shooting Cowboy Action. I don't remember a time it hiccuped in three years.
  2. That's not for hitting anything; it's just for the " tacticool " look.
  3. Yep, One of my favorite movies. " It's also been written that Andries C. Piek, chairman of the Milkor company, was inspired to design the now-famous Milkor MGL after seeing the Manville in this movie. " http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Dogs_of_War,_The#Specialty_Weapons
  4. The first two bigger dogs first though their names were No and Dammit; as in " No, Stop that " and " Dammit, Come here " for a while. But then they mellowed out.
  5. I certainly hope you didn't defile her bed.
  6. Of course, using the wrong tool for the job was also the cause of the Damascus Titan explosion in 1980. It was a bit harder keeping this one quiet. BTW, There is a 9 MT warhead in this picture.
  7. M$75 was just the estimated cost of a silo and equipment back in the day. Don't know how much de-commissioning was done. Given it was radioactive; maybe not much. Missile was damaged, probably taken out of service ( at least alert service, may have been used as a test bed. ). Payload was definitely recovered - the AF didn't like leaving nukes laying about. So at least M$634; probably a lot more.
  8. IIRC, since it was contaminated with radiation, that site was decommissioned and never used again. So at least a waste of M$75 ( 1962 dollars ) or about $634,000,000. in today's dollars.
  9. Yep, LiftMasters on all three wide doors. Here is a picture of the unit. The house was built with these spec's so the outlets for the unit and overhead light were installed during the build. The white wires are for the safety electric eye and receiver. The extension plug is just plugged in to the outlet for other things and the red rope for emergency release.
  10. A friend told me he once stopped somebody who started ranting about quotas. He answered him with something like, " We don't have quotas; the Chief lets us write all the tickets we want. "
  11. I have three on my garage doors , may even be LiftMasters - I'll look when it gets light. I don't have battery backups, but have never needed them yet. So far no problems after 10 years
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/55-years-ago-today-explosion-195600926.html " On December 5, 1964, one of the most potentially dangerous incidents involving nuclear weapons in the U.S. took place. A technician working on a missile silo inadvertently triggered an explosion that knocked a nuclear warhead off the top of an intercontinental ballistic missile, sending it plummeting to the bottom of the hardened concrete silo. Even today, so little is known about the incident it is not included on lists involving other so-called “Broken Arrow” incidents—major accidents involving nuclear weapons. "
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