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  1. Only 100 countries that give us the finger ? They should look some more.
  2. Don't ever buy Lunchables made on a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon. Or anything for that matter.
  3. Steaks, spare ribs and shrimp are my favorites.
  4. It's so hot, my raccoon is starting to melt.
  5. Last ( of six ) USS Florida; SSGN-728; Ohio class cruise missile sub
  6. @ 25 yards behind a barricade; 10 rds. Freestyle, 10 strong hand , 10 weak hand.
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. philistine
  8. Here's my last one. You could do worse than a CZ.
  9. Knew a girl that drank scotch and milk.
  10. Maybe you should be nicer to people that are trying to save your ass. Same rationale as “ don’t PO the people that handle your food in a restaurant “. Just sayin’
  11. Well, you broke it. You fix it PDQ.
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