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  1. willie-pete

    Need some help

    Text back, " What's in it for me?" You might get a check.
  2. willie-pete

    ADS to the border

    I remember a lot of talk about them years ago, but haven't heard anything about them lately. Of course, that is probably what was used on our Cuban embassy staff courtesy of the Russians, no doubt.
  3. willie-pete

    ADS to the border

    they need the one bombards the body with low frequency noise and gives you the runs., squirts, craps; whatever you call them.
  4. willie-pete

    Interesting targets

    Be careful using the car as a rest. Don't forget sight offset.
  5. willie-pete

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    Mine would dress up and go to a lot of expensive parties and spend all my money. Oh, Wait; they do that now.
  6. willie-pete

    just ordered this bed set named "AMORE"

    Sleep tight; enjoy those restful nights
  7. The accuser took seriously something that was poked in fun.
  8. willie-pete

    Birthday Weekend...

    Happy Birthday, Indeed. A new blaster is always a good birthday gift. Enjoy.
  9. willie-pete

    Anybody win?

    Yep, there were 28 people in the class. He said he would bet one dollar that two of us had the same birthday and he had not looked at anybody's records. . Most of the class took the bet, including me. Of course, two people had the same birthday.
  10. willie-pete

    Anybody win?

    I can't help it. I had a statistics class in school. As an example, If there are 24 random people in a room; what are the odds of two of them having the SAME birthday. The Prof made more than a few bucks that first day of class.
  11. willie-pete

    Anybody win?

    I can guarantee I didn't win. You gotta be in it to win it. Maybe no one won and you can give it another shot at it next week.
  12. willie-pete

    Annual Hangover Finalists

    I'm torn between voting for #1 or #3. I think that last guy killed a watermelon before he passed out.
  13. I wonder what he released and why.