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  1. willie-pete

    Police Hick of the week...

    When I helped teach concealed carry at my old gun club, we built an partial interior wall and an exterior wall of a typical stick built house; wallboard on 2x4's for the interior and wallboard, insulation, 1/4" plywood and vinyl siding for the exterior. We then shot through them with everything from .22, 9, 40, 45, shotgun and 5.56 to show students the effect of shooting in one's house. Every caliber made it through both walls, in turn and would have wound up outside a similar constructed house. The 5.56 wound up fragmenting on the interior wall and would have been the the least dangerous to someone walking by on the sidewalk.
  2. willie-pete

    Snipers Row

    Do we know the occasion for the conglomeration of firepower?
  3. willie-pete

    More than happy meal

    And yet another example of why you don't piss off people that handle your food.
  4. willie-pete

    More than happy meal

    How about no warrants at all, that might be better. Maybe that’s why the Sonic in my town closed.
  5. I wonder what happens if the bottled food sits in a warehouse for a month.
  6. willie-pete

    More than happy meal

    5 outstanding warrants between 3 people. Sonic needs to up its hiring game.
  7. willie-pete

    Warren Zevon

  8. willie-pete

    christmas sleep over

    " Brian Jones, 42, a Florida resident, said he used to sell replica leg lamps from the 1983 film and he ended up buying the Cleveland home used for exterior shots when it was posted on eBay in 2004. " I wonder how I guessed there would be a Florida connection?
  9. willie-pete

    I want my 3.50

    Sounds like the restaurant is going to get a new owner. That is if he ever gets out of the hospital.
  10. willie-pete

    DA Refuse to Prosecute

    He's got a man bun too.
  11. willie-pete

    A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

    Those rat bastards.
  12. willie-pete

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Not in SC, at least. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/07/us/michael-slager-sentence-walter-scott.html
  13. willie-pete

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    When I saw her sitting in the church, she looked like she had just eaten a bag of bungholes.
  14. https://nypost.com/2018/12/01/cop-used-another-officers-body-cam-to-film-his-own-junk-inside-precinct/