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  1. willie-pete

    Why Columbo matters as much as ever

    His right eye was removed at age 3 due to cancer.
  2. willie-pete

    Rimfire Picture Theead

    Here's the pistol rack; Rugers, High Standards, Brownings, Smiths, Glock conversion,
  3. willie-pete

    Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat Movie

    From IMDB.com: In "The Dark Side of Genius", Donald Spoto wrote that Tallulah Bankhead would climb a ladder every day to reach the tank where the filming took place. She never wore underwear and regularly received an ovation from the crew. During filming, several crew members noted that Tallulah Bankhead was not wearing underwear. When advised of this situation, Sir Alfred Hitchcock observed, "I don't know if this is a matter for the costume department, make-up, or hairdressing." He could turn a phrase
  4. willie-pete

    key west bans certain sunscreens

  5. willie-pete

    They found her, most likely.

    Sad situation; At least there will be closure for the family.
  6. willie-pete

    key west bans certain sunscreens

    When oxybenzone sunscreens are outlawed, only outlaws will have oxybenzone sunscreens.
  7. willie-pete

    My Brother MUST Resign

    Yep, left over from the Buffalo Solders. Gen. Pershing commanded a troop of the 10th Cavalry for a time. That is where he got his nickname of " Black Jack "; though that was not the original nickname. It was cleaned up later by the press to Black Jack.
  8. Unless the stupid crap was done after someone lit up a few too many.
  9. willie-pete

    key west bans certain sunscreens

    Dam, I wanted to hear the rest of the generator story.
  10. Definitely Florida in 2020; just what we need.
  11. He can still throw a punch though.
  12. willie-pete

    Tough Season on the S End of the MS Flyway but....

    I was the Plant Manager at a plant in spring hill, LA, my Plant Supt, Lewis, Was a former Marine. We bought a lot of drums from Florida Drum Corp., so each year they would invite us to go hunt ducks in Stuttgart. The first time we went there were other FDC customers with us. We had to walk through the marsh muck to get to the blind. That damn muck would try to suck you down and it took effort to pull each step out of the mud. Almost killed me. There were five of use customers, the guide and his dog. At the blind, the guide was in first then three others, then Me, Lewis and the dog next to Lewis and the blind door. The guide told us to be quite so as not to scare the ducks off, of course. As daylight approached, Lewis was getting more excited and whispering how good this was and of course the dog was getting more excited too, keying off Lewis. As it got closer to daylight, Lewis and the dog were getting worse and worse. Finally the guide looked down the row and in a loud whisper said “ sit down and shut up”. Lewis sat ramrod straight up in his best Marine Corps brace looking straight ahead. The guide looked down the row at him and said with a bit of discust in his voice, “ I was talking to the dog “ When we were finished, they took our ducks and gave us cleaned ducks from the prior group that had already been cleaned and dressed and frozen, To this day I have not been able to convince my wife that we weren’t catin’ around somewhere and stopped by Kroger’s on the way home to get frozen ducks.
  13. willie-pete

    Tough Season on the S End of the MS Flyway but....

    The rice fields around Stuttgart, AR were great. A supplier took my plant Supt. And me up there a few times. Made our limit on ducks each time, but almost gave me a heart attack slugging through the muck to get to the blind out in the middle of the rice field. Ducks sure must like rice.
  14. willie-pete

    AR Pic Thread