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  1. sdsnet

    It's Caturday!!!

    You really did a great thing taking in a feral cat and spending all the time with him.
  2. sdsnet

    It's Caturday!!!

    Meet Hoss. He is a polydactyl Maine Coon kitten. We have had him for about 4 weeks. He was born in June and is still little but he will eventually be a very big cat.
  3. There are many other politicians just like her. It is the people that support them that are to blame.
  4. sdsnet

    What do they have on Sessions?

    Sessions was an early plant by the leaders of the swamp.
  5. Hi Folks, I'm using Robokiller https://www.robokiller.com/ This app works well. I suggest configuring it to hang up right away as opposed to the other programmed responses it provides. There are phone scams that use any response as justification to bill your cell account and can be a pain to fight.
  6. sdsnet

    I lost my little buddy today.

    Cats are awesome. We have two dogs and I really love them but I love cats too. I too look for the old cat that gets passed up.
  7. sdsnet

    What flashlight do you keep close by?

    Years ago on GT I read an officer's post about the little Nebo Redline so I bought one and then bought more for family and at Christmas too. They make some nice flashlights that are easily affordable. https://www.nebotools.com/p/Redline-BLAST/455
  8. sdsnet

    Cold Warriors

    My father was a lieutenant on the USS Crow in the early 60's.
  9. sdsnet

    I lost my little buddy today.

    I am sorry for your loss. Four weeks ago I had to put my 18 year old cat down. We adopted him at a shelter for my daughter but like you he picked me, maybe because I picked him at the shelter. This cat was 1.5 years old and had been in the shelter for four months before going home with us. He was a black and white calico with soft long hair. When I let him out of that cage to check him out he was so pleased and would not stop head butting my leg. We named him Sylvester and he was the most loyal cat, got along well with our dogs and our younger cat too. He remained very healthy until his kidneys failed.
  10. sdsnet

    Who Uses DuckDuckGo.com?

    I use both Duckduckgo and Startpage.com - both are good. Startpage sends your query anonymously to Google and then reports back without Google being able to track it.
  11. My routine is get up, pee, start coffee, take dog for a walk around the subdivision, shower and then leave for work.
  12. Are you retired or just independently wealthy ?
  13. sdsnet

    Sorry About That. Just Upgraded

    Awesome job Eric! 😎