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  1. Mr. Black

    New "assault rifle" arrived...

    I may not ever buy another gun in this ****hole state ever again. I can't wait to get out of here some day. Congrats on the 10/22 PNW. It's one of my favorites.
  2. Mr. Black

    What Car Did You...

    1988. 1981 four eyed fox body Mustang. Manual trans to boot! Everything and I mean EVERYTHING my folks had was manual trans.
  3. Mr. Black

    When did we stop being the United States?

    He's very well spoken like any good lawyer should be. He's a pretty cool dude for sure. Got to see him at SHOT show this year.
  4. Mr. Black

    Happy Halloween!

    Well I live in an area with a couple hundred homes and the area is probably more left leaning than right. I am shocked to say that the boys americas rifle pumpkin has received nothing but rave reviews and no one has been negative. Maybe there is hope lol.
  5. Mr. Black

    Happy Halloween!

    My sons 50 pound pumpkin this year. He did a fantastic job.
  6. Mr. Black

    You pimp your cup of noodles?

    Murican Pho! Usually add some weenies of some sort or kielbasa. Red chili flakes and sometimes some chopped Jalapeno.
  7. Mr. Black

    How about some Dwight Yoakam..

    I would rather listen to hardcore gangster rap. but that's just me.
  8. Mr. Black

    state fairs , going today ,,

    We have one of if not the largest state fairs in the country about 4 miles from my house. I'm 45 years old now and have been to that damn fair about 25 times. Very burnt out on it. I might go every three years now. Maybe. I don't really like people anymore and I honestly don't get the enjoyment of standing in a line for over a half hour to do something. That is NOT fun. OK, I'm done complaining now.
  9. Mr. Black

    Anybody win?

    6 bucks
  10. That dude dumped a **** ton of money in to anti gun Washington state initiatives. I can't say that I will miss him. He was one weird mother effer. I've known at least 4 different guys that were in his Helicopter department.
  11. Nope, my wife is the most awesome woman on earth. She walks past it every day. Not only is she an awesome firearms instructor but she's also into cars.
  12. lol crockett that picture is current day as of this morning. I haven't touched it since 2006. Its on my garage wall right where the light switch and garage door opener button is.
  13. Mr. Black

    Should a truck have 4X4?

    To clarify on my earlier post, There's a **** ton of hot rod trucks I would own in 2x4 don't get me wrong. But as a useful work truck around these parts yes 4x4 all the way. I've seen a hundred guys get stuck on wet grass around here in 2x4 trucks.
  14. Mr. Black

    Should a truck have 4X4?

    Depends largely on where you live and what you are going to do with it. Around what I do and live YES.