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    Berretta 92X

    I'm hoping it's cheaper when it releases. I keep looking at the grey/black M9A3 G for $750.
  2. Started in '98 with the Vic, we transitioned to Chargers and three years ago switched to Explorers. We did get a new Charger in this year because they couldn't get another Explorer. Finally, a HEMI AWD Charger is in our fleet. As soon as it's equipped, I'll be the first to be assigned to it. But going forward, we're going to be an all Explorer or whatever it's called now, agency.
  3. I'm using a bulldog mag holder. It can be used iwb or owb and can fit single stack or double stack magazines.
  4. I just bought this when they had their sale for $104? ish. I mounted it on my patrol rifle. The light really lit up an abandoned warehouse we had to search last night. The throw is impressive. Only issue I had was shadowing of my suppressor but that's to be expected. No issues if I remove the suppressor. The switch can do momentary or constant on. There is a drop off after a few minutes, but it's still bright enough to work with indoors and outdoors. The rest of our rifle WMLs are our old TLR-1s that we moved over when we switched to the 1HL on our handguns. Hey, we're poor, we make do with what we can get. Even my patrol rifle is mixed. It's a mil-surplus M16 lower, with a donated collapsible stock, and the upper was switched out with a 10.5" LMT upper that was traded in by another department and donated to me.
  5. I bought one the first day they came out. It's a great gun! I tried for a minute to make it our new duty weapon but it wouldn't fit in our holsters with WMLs (the gen5/19x/45 have different rails than the gen3/4) so we traded in our gen3 31s for gen4 31s. I tried waiting for word of a gen5 31 but nothing. I had to spend the city's money or I would lose it so I spent it. I'm sure Glock will announce a gen5 31 at the end of the month when I drop our old guns off.
  6. Change baseplate colors for one caliber. I keep 15 round Glock 31 mags in my car. I carry either the 32 or 33. I also keep SIG P365 mags in the car for when I feel like carrying 9mm. This way I can grab the appropriate mag since they are different brands.
  7. I forgot, I looked at the Miata RF? Is that the one with the fancy roof? But I still wanted a rear seat that might pass as usuable for a small adult so I went back to looking at the BRZ before I went back to BMW.
  8. I got some Yi dashcams when there was a sale on Amazon. One mounted for the front and one for the rear. I don't need GPS. I keep smaller sized microsd cards in the car and a cheap netbook? I've made videos for PDs on the spot if my dashcams recorded something. My only issue now when warmer weather comes is mounting the rear dash cam someone. It's not an issue now since there's no reason to put the top down but I plan on driving with the top town all the time.
  9. I love the BRZ. Back in 2014, I went to look at one and test drove it. The only issue was I had two kids to drive around and my youngest would not fit in the back seat at all. So I bought a Legacy instead and said I would get the BRZ in 2018 when my daughter turned 16 and started driving on her own. Well, 2018 came and I went and looked at the BRZ again. Loved it. Started working the paperwork out and when they told me what they were giving me for my Legacy, I backed out. Subaru guaranteed trade price was horrible. I owed $8k on the Legacy and they would only give me $12k (used '15s were selling for around $18k in my area) and wouldn't give me 0% financing since that was only for '18 Outbacks. I ended up buying an '18 BMW 430i xDrive convertible. They gave me $15.5k on my Subaru and 0.9% financing. I might go back later for the upcoming redesign of the BRZ. Then again, I'm really loving this hardtop convertible.
  10. I asked our LE dealer a couple of months ago when I ordered new guns for our department and he said he's done it before, you just wait an unknown amount of time for it. Then he asked me if I wanted to order one. I said, nah, just give me that brand new 45 you just unboxed.
  11. I got sent home (they didn't take my gun since I used my hands) on a Thursday and returned to work on Monday. I didn't make an official statement till six days later to an outside agency and they made sure I had my union rep and lawyer with me. SO, three days off which happen to fall on my three day weekend (we were on 12s), no support, no calls, nothing, just come back to work on Monday since we can't pay OT. I rewrote part of our policy after that for OIS incidents. The officer's gun will be taken away for evidence, but I will issue them another one on the spot or give them mine until I can go get another one.
  12. Chowser

    Glock 45

    Love mine so far. Love my 19X too. Someone with a gen4 23 or 32, stick your upper on the 45 frame and let me know if it works. :) If it does, I'm going to order a gen4 32 upper and make myself a new duty gun.
  13. I have an old Lone Wolf slide that I built a 40/357 compact with. Looking to do another. Any chance you guys will be release the Alphawolf slide (wave serrations) in anything other than 9mm? Thanks.
  14. Standardizing all my Glocks on the Ameriglo Agents whenever it's time to replace them. I already bought a set for my new duty gun which got pushed back to next year so I''ll probably just stick them on my next gun which I will probably buy before we finally switch.
  15. I love mine, could never get it apart. Some gorilla at the factory must've been putting them together. It did break on my daughter last month. It's been at S&W for two weeks now with no response as to what they are doing. This piece broke off and of course by the time I got home to see if I can fix it, it disappeared.
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