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  1. Or Vox. Vox? Seriously? Vox. Okay, then. Nothing like unbiased, objective, scientific sources.
  2. Let's blame man (meaning Western Civilization) for causing mass extinctions and continental drift, while we're at it. If it can be used as an excuse to extract more money from taxpayers to dole out to special interest groups, it's worth a try.
  3. No, the few billion people are expected to cut back, pay more, sit down and shut up. The elites that are spouting off about global warming climate change are the ones that have the private jets and limousines. Sorry it's above your ability to comprehend. How ignorant can one person be? We're seeing it on full display by our resident hypocrite.
  4. I'm sure Bond has a sexual addiction, too. Can't really blame him, though.
  5. fortyofforty

    Politics Chuck and Nancy's new BFF

    Chuck and Nancy agree we need border security. They don't like the wall because it won't be effective, like in Israel. Or as effective as in Israel. They like the system we have now. That uses high tech surveillance and targeted responses. That obviously doesn't work. But works well enough to ensure an influx of Democrat voters. But a wall is immoral. Because it works. Or it doesn't work. Or something.
  6. Again, watch what the Manmade Global Warming crowd does, don't listen to what they say. They fly private jets. They own multiple huge mansions. They smash windows and set things ablaze to spew pollution and add heat to the atmosphere. They host lavish parties and environmental conferences to which attendees travel via private jets and limousines. They drive around in enormous limousines. They demand taxpayers foot the bill for all environmental regulations and increased fees. They call for government "investment" in their favorite projects and schemes, so that their friends and donors and allies can make tons more money on the backs of average Americans.
  7. fortyofforty

    Global Warming, Ban Private Jets

    Here's one:
  8. Can any of you imagine what Hillary Clinton would be going through if she had been held to the "Donald Trump standard" of criminal justice? Can anyone imagine how it would have transpired, if the Department of Justice had put the squeeze on Hillary's entourage instead of granting them immunity? What a shameful disparity. Justice is not blind. Justice threw away the scale and is trying to strangle a President.
  9. fortyofforty

    Politics Chuck and Nancy's new BFF

    From the story: He had been detained in 2013 when he tried entering the U.S. illegally. He failed to appear at an immigration hearing.
  10. fortyofforty

    Politics Chuck and Nancy's new BFF

    As far as I'm concerned, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi own this. This is what happens when we don't control who enters our country. Catch and release, ban ICE, open borders... This is Chuck's fault. This is Nancy's fault. If the roles were reversed, the media would be asking Chuck and Nancy to account for episodes like this. But the media will remain silent. Undocumented immigrant sentenced to 50 years for molesting 6-year-old girl
  11. By demanding--DEMANDING--payoffs of $50,000 per migrant so that they go back home to Honduras, El Salvador, or other Central American hellhole, immigrant groups are admitting the migrants are there for financial reasons, not out of any fear of oppression. If it were so bad back home, they wouldn't go back under any conditions. It's a financial move, not out of fear. Will the media pick this angle up? No. Migrant group demand Trump either let them in or pay them each $50G to turn around: report
  12. So far, the cleanest source of energy practical on a large scale is nuclear. Ask the envirosocialists if they're in favor of building more clean nuclear plants. Nope. The answer is always the same. Yet, they conveniently ignore the environmental damage done to produce such mean, clean and green items as rechargeable batteries and solar panels.
  13. fortyofforty

    Politics Extreme Late Term Abortion

    Pro-choice in extremis.
  14. No, they are greedy and see enormous profits that come from massive and wasteful government spending of hard-earned taxpayer money. **** them. If a technology works, it will succeed in the marketplace. When the government puts its fat fingers on the scale and tries to force things down peoples' throats, they rightfully reject the swill. Let solar and wind compete on a level playing field. When they work, they'll win. As long as they can only succeed with subsidies, they are a failure. This guy gets it. This guy know the truth. This guy doesn't act like he's too worried.