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  1. fortyofforty

    Jobs, not Mobs

    It's on full display in Texas right now. I see plenty of signs that say "JOBS VS. MOBS"!!! Run with it, Republicans!!!
  2. fortyofforty

    Ever buy a custom firearm?

    Have you ever purchased a truly custom firearm, made to your specifications or modified as new just for you?
  3. fortyofforty

    Politics Why is the "caravan" mostly young men?

    Socialism. It is pretty obvious that they want to play the same game as Mexican illegals: enter the country, get jobs that pay cash, live cheaply, and funnel as much money "home" to your families as possible via money remitters. Back home, Socialist bureaucrats steal everything they can get their greedy hands on, and private property rights don't exist. Work hard, accumulate wealth and property, and somebody takes it. Private property rights are one of the main factors in the success of the United States.
  4. fortyofforty

    Politics Why is the "caravan" mostly young men?

    Democrats and other Fascists do want an invasion from the south. That's the problem.
  5. fortyofforty

    Pedophile Arrests Soar Under Trump: Media Silent

    Sorry, I thought this was about Bob Menendez.
  6. fortyofforty

    Politics Why is the "caravan" mostly young men?

    Pulling down fences and barriers. The law says you stop in the first country you escape to and apply for asylum. Except in Fascist dreamland, where all illegal aliens who plan to vote Democrat can flood in without limit, walking thousands of miles because, um, bullets can like travel really far, and arrive in the United States ready to receive benefits.
  7. Most of the pictures of the infamous caravan heading into Mexico because they want to head into the United States I've seen show seas of young, able, working age men. These aren't people fleeing violence, they are seeking to come to the land of milk and honey. They love their country. They are proud of their country. Yet they want to come here, work illegally, and send money back to their families. It's happening all the time. Had enough yet?
  8. fortyofforty

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    If I did a lot of hiking or traveling in the woods, I'd give the 10mm more consideration. For now, ammunition cost is one factor holding me back from acquiring one. It's a very capable round, of course, suitable for both two and four-legged creatures.
  9. fortyofforty

    Don't be a Schiff-head

    If you live in Adam Schiff's District, don't be a Schiff-head. Vote for Johnny Nalbandian. Also, vote for Tom MacArthur in New Jersey, and send a message to the racist Schiff-heads in California. Here's a photo of the little Schiff-head himself: Oh, wait, that's the wrong photo of the little Schiff. Here you go:
  10. If he or she has, I haven't heard it. The media should be pressing Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, and every other Fascist to speak out publicly against Farrakhan's racism. But they won't. Democrats never have to risk offending their base.
  11. Democrats did far more damage to the American electoral system than a thousand Vladimir Putins could ever hope to do.
  12. fortyofforty

    Politics Kanye Refuses to get back on the Democrat Plantation

    Well, Obama / Biden 2008 proved that already.
  13. fortyofforty

    What happens when.....