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  1. For many years all "training" blank-firing weapons were revolvers. Even when we did not use them during live firing, and would not be issued one, we still trained with blank-firing revolvers because, well, it's what they had.
  2. Not good odds. Unless you are this Yuma, Arizona, freaking stud. I have no idea who it is, but to be awakened by four burglars and respond decisively, with deadly force, to repel the invaders, takes a stud. File this under YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE. Arizona resident shoots four burglars, killing one, police say
  3. Was Hitler leftwing or rightwing? Was Stalin leftwing or rightwing? Why?
  4. Safe only because the dopers were far behind the lines that were manned by rough men ready for war, while they smoked weed and contemplated their hands and ceiling fans. Today the streets are patrolled for their safety not by dope smoking potheads but by burly cops. “The city centre becomes an urban jungle at night where criminal money is leading, and authority no longer exists, and the police can no longer handle this situation,” he said.
  5. How many people have been killed by Socialists? Easily hundreds of millions. Only Socialists can amass the political power needed to organize a vast police state, with control over what cars you may drive, what lightbulbs you may buy, what straws you use, what voices you may hear, what books you may read. I understand how repulsive it must be to admit Hitler and Stalin were birds of a leftwing feather who willingly flocked together, but the facts speak loudly and clearly for themselves. As I said, own it.
  6. Is that all you have? More "bumper sticker" analysis? Hitler was right wing because he loved big government, total control over all aspects of society, and destruction of freedom of speech. Sure.
  7. Here's a little test: What does Nazi stand for? What does USSR stand for? What is the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat?
  8. I know far more about it than you ever will, no matter how hard you try to understand. Unfortunately, your level of comprehension is stuck at the high school "bumper sticker" level.
  9. When leftwing Socialists battle it out, they're brutal, if you recall. Hitler the Socialist cooperated with Lenin the Socialist and Stalin the Socialist, if you remember. They cooperated militarily, if you recall. Then, they even signed a treaty, if you recollect. Stalin pumped resources to Germany while Hitler attacked the capitalist west, if you recall. But, like the Bolsheviks attacking the Social Revolutionaries or Mensheviks, Hitler turned on his fellow Socialists.
  10. Hitler was BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST. Leftwing radical. Leftwing. Own it.
  11. I don't care whether you love him, hate him, or don't care about him. Only the far left Fascists think it's fine to make death threats against a restaurant for daring to serve food to a conservative with whom they disagree. View the many shouting incidents at restaurants for an example of behavior Fascists believe is acceptable.
  12. You can't really have a Communist Anarchist. An extreme right winger would be an anarchist. No government. No regulations. No rules. The left wants dictatorship, as evidenced by the Socialist wing of the Democrat Fascist party.
  13. Left wing extremist who wants a dictator and hates free speech did this.
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