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  1. 14 minutes ago, tous said:

    I concur to an extent, but I have never subscribed to the search for a motive when irrational acts of violence occur.

    For the evil bastard in Wisconsin or the malevolent child in Michigan, I don't give a damn why they committed such heinous acts, what beliefs or philosophies led them to consider murder of innocent fellow humans as justified.

    As I suggested, one can believe what one will, but the moment you maliciously harm another person or an animal, society has the duty and obligation to stop you and make you pay a price.

    If a bully is never challenged, their aggression will increase, no?

    Consider the words of Raymond Chandler, especially the second paragraph.  I consider it one of the best things ever written:

    Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. He is the hero; he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor—by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world.

    “He will take no man’s money dishonestly and no man’s insolence without a due and dispassionate revenge. He is a lonely man and his pride is that you will treat him as a proud man or be very sorry you ever saw him.

    “The story is this man’s adventure in search of a hidden truth, and it would be no adventure if it did not happen to a man fit for adventure. If there were enough like him, the world would be a very safe place to live in, without becoming too dull to be worth living in.



    Those acts are not irrational for the attackers. They act one what they have learned, on the news, social media, you name it.


    All good, but it needs a critical mass of men to have an effect. Any such "movement" would be called domestic terrorists by, you guessed it, the acting left. Only 2 ways to get to a point of resolution: educate, and if people don't want that, the pain needs to become so bad that enough are willing to stand up. By that time it may be too late due to loss of rights.

    There are two kinds of pain in this world. The pain that hurts, the pain that alters. Dem voters are far away from any altering pain. As a matter of facts, they are now doing better through more handouts and getting away with more crimes.

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  2. 4 hours ago, kerbie18 said:

    Myself, and my superiors are looking for ideas to prevent ramming attacks. As previously noted in my last thread, we used well placed dump trucks with good results. And by good results, nobody rammed my innocent people that night, so yay we won that night, woo hoo.

    What I didn't mention is we also placed our very own take home poilice cars in the way of rammers, in some cases several cars deep. We even had lesser paid employees, such as school crossing guards, even leave their personal cars as cannon fodder blocking the road for a ramming attack. This is, to say the least, less than ideal. 

    Yep, ramming attacks are a total learning curve for us. We are trying to adapt. We have adapted a lot to ramming attacks, but not enough. Reasonable! suggestions are much loved. 

    Just so you know, killing everyone with a sniper rifle is the opposite of a reasonable suggestion. 


    You can't put up barriers everywhere. What we need is to educate people. Make them see that the Dems are causing all this hate and divide for political gain. All those criminals attacking people over a race are inspired by the false narrative pushed by the left wing media and big tech social media platforms. The revolving jail door policy is also pushed by Dems. Make them stop voting for the Dems so we can reunite in peace while putting away criminals properly.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Batesmotel said:

    #1 Get a good accountant. 
    #2 Get great Liability and workcomp insurance on yourself. 
    #3 Get a good Accountant. 
    #4 Make initial contact with a lawyer. 
    #5 Get a good accountant. 

    Too much overhead right from the start. Don't spend money you haven't earned yet. Accounting is easy. Get a business bank account and pay every cost that is business related from that business account. Keep all invoices. At the end of the years its: all income - all business costs = taxable income. Quicken can file that stuff easily for 50 bucks online.

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  4. Get a Square account and one of those small dongles for your cell phone. Lets you swipe and charge any card right there and the customer signs on the phone display. Its what my staff uses out on sales shows and expos.







    Word of mouth is 80% of your marketing. Don't expect a full order book over night, just do the best job you can, each time.

    For the other 20% I'd get an Instagram account and post photos of finished jobs. Use a decent cell phone with good cam. Make the photos look good, no garbage in the background. Offer your service on Facebook Marketplace and Angie List. Ask all family members and friends to help connect you with people needing service.

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  5. On 11/29/2021 at 6:35 PM, Swampfox762 said:

    I just wanted to say this to all you guys and gals.  I got a lot goin on.  So many god damn "tests" that I think if I'm gonna die, it's gonna be from FREEZIN My ASS off in these 58 degree hospitals. waitin on a friggin "test" or a friggin Dr.!!!  I'm not even embarassed anymore.  I walk in there lookin like I just finished the fuckin Iditarod for gods sake!!!

    I'll keep yall posted when I decide what I'm even gonna do.  Lets just say how **** unfolds will determine if I might be "indisposed" for "awhile".  However, If I'm not around after 3-4 months, the big guy probably punched my ticket.  My wife won't be gettin on and mankin any "announcement" or nothin, so  that's all I was really wantin to say.

    It's gonna all come down to Percentages.  Which "fix" is the highest.  Well go from there.  Have a good evening.  It's time for Backgammon with my lovely Lady.  It's our 52nd Anniversary Today.:D

    Celebration Poster featuring the photograph Champagne And Cork Exploding From Bottle by Andy Roberts


    Will you stop it? They will do the surgery, and you will be up and running a month later! Have some trust in God and be good.

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  6. And on the topic, I only attended one reunion, and only to piss off a high school teacher who told my parents in 10th grade that I won't make it in college and I should better get a simple job as a union worker. At the end of the reunion we all said good-bye in the parking lot. He climbed into his 20 year old economy **** box, I left in a new car worth 6 figures.

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  7. 29 minutes ago, Batesmotel said:

    You have no idea. I got behind when my dad died my Jr. Year.

    Senior year I got called into the office and the principal said if I didn’t come to school they would expel me. I said so if I don’t come, I can’t come? He asked why I wasn’t coming.

    Long story but there were some issues and a new district policy on turning in new work VS make up work. They used my school to experiment with the new policy but it made it mathematically impossible for me to graduate on time because it was impossible to ever catch up  

    This policy affected a few of us who got behind. It was impossible to catch up. The district didn’t see a flaw in the policy. We were just going to blow off our senior year and come back the next year as “Super Seniors”. As district policy allowed. 

    The principal had a meeting with the superintendent and we told how the policy affected us. We just fell through a crack they never anticipated. The policy was suspended pending investigation and we were able to make up enough work to graduate on time.

    I only attended 47 full days my senior year. Plus a lot of part days and some night school. I graduated dead last in my class but I did graduate. And because of music awards I won I am on the Honors page in the yearbook. 

    That seriously chapped some teachers. 

    Same here, I was one with the lowest scores in the finals. I knew that the college I would apply for didn't have any score requirements for the coming semesters, so I did bare minimum and only showed up as much as required.

    College was the first time I really learned something of value, because I only picked classes that would help me on my path, and I did everything on my terms.

    Today's school systems are way outdated. There are so many important life lessons missing, so many skills untouched. Instead they replaced valuable classes with politically motivated indoctrination and feel good polices.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, gwalchmai said:

    For 20 years I lived across the road from a really nice guy named Rick. VietNam vet, BBQ connoisseur, deacon in his church, foreign missionary, realtor, Swedish Mauser fan, and a genuinely nice guy. The entire time I knew Rick he had a Sprite in his garage. I never saw it run. :599c64b15e0f8_thumbsup:


    Reminds me of a neighbor who is harboring a mint C2 Vette in his garage. Never seen it outside, let alone running, in almost 8 years. That same neighbor used to own a early 80s single cab S10 truck. Told him that I will buy it when he is ready. A year later he shows up with a new Chevy single cab and I ask him what happened with the S10. He gave it to the GM dealer for free so he didn't have to deal with it. Thing is now worth 20 to 30k in the condition it was in.

    Every day he works his ass off for 9 hours with a 1 hour commute, one way. When he gets home, his wife yells at him while she doesn't do anything. On the weekends he takes care of the yard.

    I don't get it... how can guys get of the path by that much...

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  9. 15 hours ago, Batesmotel said:

    Not a track day but a road rally. The Porsche club met up with the Austin-Healey club. 


    Austin-Healey's remind me of Tim the Tool Man and his initial dislike for British automobiles lol Do you still own a Porsche?

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  10. Never owned a Subaru. I wanted a BRZ for a while but it was sold out everywhere at that time. I think its the perfect fun car that doesn't get you easily arrested like real sports cars / super cars.

    A Subaru Wagon would be also nice in my eyes. Perfect gun range vehicle with the rear seats down for rife cases and 4WD. I also always liked boxer / flat motors.

    Tires make a big difference. I'd never cheap out on proper rubber, especially when you are dealing with a lot of rain / snow / mud / dirt.


    Took this photo a couple years ago, got me really hooked.



  11. 1 hour ago, Biff said:

    Here in St Pete, the state put up LED bulletin boards, on US 19, alerting folks that mama or papaw, has taken an hiatus.

    No one has any idea where they are, and I’m sure that Miami has plenty of wanderers each month.  
    I posted on another forum, how the locals act like they want to kill somebody by their reckless driving.  

    I was poo pooed by a moderator, who informed me that it was like that everywhere.
    No, I don’t think so, and when/if I get a carry permit, I am going to carry a .357, something with penetration.
    So, the car that hits me, will be easily identifiable, with big holes in it. I love revolvers with great penetration.☠️☠️☠️

    Note: that’s a great looking bike, I give it a 10.


    Thanks. Are you talking about the sliver alert program, posting missing people post on those highways boards, usually older folks? I never get to read them fully. By the time I have read half of the first page it switches to the second and I'm gone. I'm not in Miami anymore, move up on the west coast. Too much drama down South.

  12. The daytime running light thread made me search backup hard drives with my track day / racing recordings. I wasn't able to find the drive that has all my raw GoPro files on it (and I pray to God that I didn't mix it up one day with another drive and used it for something else) but I found part of my very first day / session on the Homestead-Miami Speedway, learning the turns, apexes, weak spots like the concrete enforcements for the race cars (very slick compared to the rest of the asphalt).

    That video brings back memories. I was the only one that joined the CCS SuperBike race class without any prior experiences on smaller cc bikes.

    This was my first time out on that track, got my race license one month later under AMA racer John Long. He smashed into my bike that day in turn 1, luckily none of us went down.

    If you have anything from the track, please share.


    Soon came into the pit lane and waited for some others to follow their lines.






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  13. 11 minutes ago, jmohme said:

    Be careful with the bikes high beams in the daylight. I have seen far too many that the high beams wash out the turn signals and drivers coming at you don't know you are going to turn left in front of them. My Goldwing is that way, so I always dim the lights when I am at a stop light with turn signals on.


    I removed the turn signals on all my bikes as well as the mirrors - they are too small and too close to each other - and replaced them with arm signaling and turning my head all the way before making a move. I also never count on cagers seeing me or my intentions. I ride like I'm invisible and every car / truck is "out to kill me". Only way to stay alive in Florida. We have snowbirds with no clue where they are, many elders that shouldn't be driving anymore, new folks moving here with their own driving habits, and locals going 95 MPH on I-95 in the 55 zones around Miami metro, all day long.

    A proper sport bike has the advantage that you can out-accelerate everything on the street, that's often the better option compared to slamming the brake.



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  14. 1 minute ago, tous said:

    I do get it.

    I also know that when you begin to classify things as good (motorcyclists) and bad (cagers) and become convinced of the boundaries between them, it is much easier to segregate the next group you can identify that annoy you as the bad, you remaining the good, of course.

    Ultimately, you become BLM, Antifa and Ilhan Omar.: anyone not me is evil.


    I want nothing to do with YouTube and being old and clueless, i can live without it.


    Motorcycles make people better car drivers, because it takes away the cage and shows the true volubility in traffic.

    I call things by the "name". Today's woke censorship only makes things worse because it removes the ability to carry a meaningful and strong opinion.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, tous said:

    Again, you miss the point.

    I don't care what you call  automobile drivers or how long such names exist, it is that they do exist that I disagree with.


    NB most of your YouTube references are marked 'age-restricted' so I don't see them.


    What you don't get is the fact that EVERY biker is also a cager (car driver). Its just a short term for car driver.

    Sign in / up with a BS account, you don't have to give Google your real info.

  16. One reason why I stopped riding. You often have to go slower than the traffic flow to avoid all those cagers mistakes, then you have others possibly rear ending you. There's not much fun left around my neck with all those cagers texting and not looking out for bikers.

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