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  1. Makes me feel sick when I come from the beach with 90 F warm water, in full summer mode, and have to see wintery xmas trees at COSTCO on my way back home. It's retarded. And it will be worse this year due to the shortage of many things and sellers as well as buyers trying to get the xmas shopping rolling asap.
  2. Afaik there are none made in the USA anymore. The Kenwood TH-D74A used to be made in Japan, but its now discontinued ever since a Japanese chip plant burned to the ground. Always wondered if China was behind that. I was looking into buying the TH-D74A a year or so ago, but the remaining ones had been sucked up fast. Looks like a couple are being sold on Amazon by external sellers at a markup: https://www.amazon.com/Kenwood-Original-TH-D74A-Performance-Transceiver/dp/B01LZNETPS That's what I would get, but when I looked into the remaining ham community I came across some old geezers trying to talk me into the China junk for starters and ""grow"" into that glorified serious gear down the road. Didn't feel like getting the license and ending up talking to the same knuckleheads.
  3. I'm running out of room in my house and just decided to find me some land in my area, so that I can build a custom shop and house on it. Something around 5 acres with room for a 25 yard range and an organic garden. There is NONE for sale within 50 miles. All sucked up in the last 12 months or so. Crazy! I feel so stupid because I passed on a 5 acre lot for sale 3 years ago. It was for sale at around 90k. Its now worth close to 1 million. This part of Florida used to be a hidden gem with less traffic and less tourists. Not any more. They have been building new communities all around my neck. Value of my current house goes up by 10 grand every single month, now for 1.5 years. House across the street was for sale 4 months ago, and sold on the next day, over asking price. Is this a nation-wide issue or is everybody moving to Florida?
  4. That will have to wait until I'm all done and did my first weekend trip. One more week of work: Monday ====== 30 - fix slide out frame 30 - order alarm system 90 - paint drawers and rear frame 3 times 15 - seal toilet seat Tuesday ======= 60 - sand all flooring 120 - cut and glue in vinyl sheeting Wednesday ========= 120 - cut and install molding 60 - design and install table leg Thursday ======== 15 - cut mattress 180 - sew covers Friday ====== 240 - install Alarm / kill switch
  5. Didn't want to come out in this mess of a liberal world. I'd do the same.
  6. Yeah. I'm bullish every morning at market open. Screw the stopid cats. And bears.
  7. There ain't no winter around my neck and screw the birds!
  8. Drawers are finally done. Screwed up the last one twice...
  9. That radio is flawed. It skipped on Feintein.
  10. Much like every libtard that can't deal with reality, he censors those comments and only enables the few that don't critic him. I also think he is a liar. I bet he got more than a handful of comments and email, as he claims. In another blog posts he pretends to be pro 2nd and that demand for his toys is up because people are buying more guns for self defense. Almost nobody buys those .22 and .32 jokes for self defense, and while other guns had been sold out, I never saw a shortage of his NAA revolvers. I wouldn't be surprised if demand for his toys is down compared to most other gun brands.
  11. Buying second hand mean that somebody else won't get that piece and will tend to buy new. Buying used still increases all over demand. I own a NAA revolver. I should sell it, that would increase supply and take away one sale of a new gun.
  12. Had to pull it up on Google. If that's the idea, I'd remove the doors and make proper drawers with front panels. Having to open doors AND pulling out drawers isn't exactly an improvement in my book. And talking about it, I think its time to hang pots and pans somewhere under the ceiling.
  13. Tune out? Here a list of things I do actively these days: - day trading (not for the money but the challenge) - run and mentor a trading group with 119 active members - always a project like the camper conversion - while I retired from operations, I still do the financial controlling of my company. A company with offices, warehouses and a manufacturing plant in 3 countries, on 3 continents. - I build electronics projects in my e-lab, for fun - I have a reloading room full with stuff worth a new Vette and the matching knowledge in ballistics - I repair and service everything in and around my house, incl HVAC, vehicles, power, pluming, etc - Just bought a nice welder, getting into alu TIG welding, just because I can - Just bought an industrial sewing machine so that I can learn how to create my own holsters, wallets, etc - I run an extensive server rack in my house, with over 100 hardware devices connected to it - When I want to tune out, I order another book on yet another programming language What you got? I mean other than cleaning the pool once in a wile and spamming the forum with some random ass photos from google?
  14. Trying to find a nice welding table. Anybody know of LANGMUIR ARCFLAT? 900 bucks incl shipping. http://www.langmuirsystems.com/arcflat
  15. That is 100% my point. You do not move on. Otherwise you wouldn't be mad at the world and keep repeating the same hatred and anger. You need to pay more attention. I retired early 8 years ago. That's when I change my entire lifestyle. Not "now". No chance buddy.
  16. The other day I saw a manatee fart in the water. Yes, the bubbles came from the rear end.
  17. Have you ever talked to those that live healthy and happy to high age? And by that I mean people that went beyond 80 years. All of them have one thing in common. They stay active. Being active means using your body and your mind to create, to work, to be outside, to keep traveling, keep learning. Those going INTO retirement and slowing down, often start dealing with health issues, and often die much earlier. Your body and your mind knows when its not being used anymore. Once it loses purpose, you are truly rolling down the hill fast. I heard you saying things like "the few years I may have left" more than once. That perspective alone is bad news for yourself. Now Daka is older, I'll let that slide lol, but you, my friend, you need to get something new started. And don't come with "I've been around the world". I have lived outside the US for over 30 years in different countries, that's no excuse to sit at home 23/7.
  18. Good eyes! I usually swim for 2 to 3 hours. I was almost the only one out swimming today. Bunch of people standing right at the water line when I arrived and being scared of the sight. The damn red tide out on the ocean steals the marine life oxygen while leaving toxins behind. That pushes everything that lives in the Gulf of Mexico right to the beaches. I was literally swimming WITH the fishes. At any given moment I could see a couple thousand around me, mostly 3 inch long greenbacks but also groupers, some other fish I don't know and even 4 feet long barracudas. All of them lethargic and slow, its sad to see, because the red tide gets amplified by Florida's waste and runoff water. Its full with nitrogen from fertilizers and that feeds the red tide algae bloom.
  19. Thanks for sharing: I just removed that NAA guardian pistol from my purchase list. I’ll send that toolbag a matching email as well.
  20. Dumb is sitting at home and wasting your life online
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