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  1. Those acts are not irrational for the attackers. They act one what they have learned, on the news, social media, you name it. -- All good, but it needs a critical mass of men to have an effect. Any such "movement" would be called domestic terrorists by, you guessed it, the acting left. Only 2 ways to get to a point of resolution: educate, and if people don't want that, the pain needs to become so bad that enough are willing to stand up. By that time it may be too late due to loss of rights. There are two kinds of pain in this world. The pain that hurts, the pain that alters. Dem voters are far away from any altering pain. As a matter of facts, they are now doing better through more handouts and getting away with more crimes.
  2. You can't put up barriers everywhere. What we need is to educate people. Make them see that the Dems are causing all this hate and divide for political gain. All those criminals attacking people over a race are inspired by the false narrative pushed by the left wing media and big tech social media platforms. The revolving jail door policy is also pushed by Dems. Make them stop voting for the Dems so we can reunite in peace while putting away criminals properly.
  3. File a LLC or S-corp, keeps the liability away from your personal assets.
  4. Too much overhead right from the start. Don't spend money you haven't earned yet. Accounting is easy. Get a business bank account and pay every cost that is business related from that business account. Keep all invoices. At the end of the years its: all income - all business costs = taxable income. Quicken can file that stuff easily for 50 bucks online.
  5. Get a Square account and one of those small dongles for your cell phone. Lets you swipe and charge any card right there and the customer signs on the phone display. Its what my staff uses out on sales shows and expos. https://squareup.com/us/en/point-of-sale Word of mouth is 80% of your marketing. Don't expect a full order book over night, just do the best job you can, each time. For the other 20% I'd get an Instagram account and post photos of finished jobs. Use a decent cell phone with good cam. Make the photos look good, no garbage in the background. Offer your service on Facebook Marketplace and Angie List. Ask all family members and friends to help connect you with people needing service.
  6. I once had a girlfriend... never mind.
  7. Power surges. My welder is good for 260 amps. That should do just fine for a claim.
  8. Finally heard back from FLOTT regarding my drill press quote. The US based partner has a container incoming. With a little luck I'll get this sucker delivered.
  9. Will you stop it? They will do the surgery, and you will be up and running a month later! Have some trust in God and be good.
  10. That's a German beer. Its so bitter, it makes you want to puke instantly.
  11. Built a base with rubber feet so that I can easily relocated it. Finally perfect tungsten tips for TIG welding. Took me a while to fix the misalignment of the upper mount. Running now super smooth.
  12. And on the topic, I only attended one reunion, and only to piss off a high school teacher who told my parents in 10th grade that I won't make it in college and I should better get a simple job as a union worker. At the end of the reunion we all said good-bye in the parking lot. He climbed into his 20 year old economy **** box, I left in a new car worth 6 figures.
  13. Same here, I was one with the lowest scores in the finals. I knew that the college I would apply for didn't have any score requirements for the coming semesters, so I did bare minimum and only showed up as much as required. College was the first time I really learned something of value, because I only picked classes that would help me on my path, and I did everything on my terms. Today's school systems are way outdated. There are so many important life lessons missing, so many skills untouched. Instead they replaced valuable classes with politically motivated indoctrination and feel good polices.
  14. Reminds me of a neighbor who is harboring a mint C2 Vette in his garage. Never seen it outside, let alone running, in almost 8 years. That same neighbor used to own a early 80s single cab S10 truck. Told him that I will buy it when he is ready. A year later he shows up with a new Chevy single cab and I ask him what happened with the S10. He gave it to the GM dealer for free so he didn't have to deal with it. Thing is now worth 20 to 30k in the condition it was in. Every day he works his ass off for 9 hours with a 1 hour commute, one way. When he gets home, his wife yells at him while she doesn't do anything. On the weekends he takes care of the yard. I don't get it... how can guys get of the path by that much...
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