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  1. crockett

    2019 Dodge Challenger Scat pack review

    Towing with a Challenger. Sure thing.
  2. crockett

    Primer issues

    I only use CCI, but there is a test circulating the internet, showing primer hardness. This was done in 2012. Test Procedure: Using a Lee Hardness Tester that measures Brinell hardness, placed a new primer on a piece of steel. Held the indent ball on the primer for 30 seconds. Measurement is the diameter of the indent, smaller numbers indication harder brass. Pistol primers 0.32 – CCI 300 LP 0.38 – Federal GM150 Match LP 0.40 – Federal 155 LP Magnum 0.40 – Winchester WLP 0.42 – Federal 150 LP 0.42 - Federal 100 SP 0.44 – CCI 400 SP 0.48 – Remington 2 ½ LP Rifle primers 0.26 – CCI BR-2 LR 0.28 – CCI 200 LR 0.32 – Federal 215 LR Magnum 0.34 – Remington 9 ½ LR This test was not done under lab conditions and with consumer grade equipment. Will need a grain of salt. The general census over the years is: Federal - easiest Winchester Remington CCI - hardest I would try some Federal primers next. If you want the best primer handtool, this is what I'm using. Each click is .0025", for precise seating depth. Perfect feel when seating. http://www.xxicsi.com/stainless-steel-priming-tool.html
  3. crockett

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    I did my own testing. It is the machined copper core design that enables this massive penetration, all others are slower, deform and lose energy in the process. The flutes force bodily fluids and flesh outward, creating massive temporary cavities that literally pulverize organs, rather then just cutting through. I also posted the video showing the results in a deer several times. They are KRISS .45 ACP extensions, modified to work with G20 / G29 / G40. I have been pushing KRISS to develop a 10mm version but they just keep promising hot air now for some 4 years. I keep hearing the same excuses every time I mail them or talk to them at the NRA show. Modding one extension takes about 30 minutes with a dremel and an hour of test firing and adjusting.
  4. crockett

    Primer issues

    Several issues can cause your problem: - CCI cups are known to be very hard. If your hammer springs are on the way out, CCI primers are the first to show it. - It is also possible that you didn't seat the primers properly (low or high). Primers should generally run -0.003″ to -0.005″ below the case head. - Excessive headspace. - Blunted or broken firing pin (unlikely on 2 revolvers). How does the primer face look like after a misfire? Any chance of uploading a photo from a once stroked, misfired round? I also recall that CCI had a bad batch of primers with even harder cups. Did you use a another batch of CCI primers with those rounds, compared to prior, working loads?
  5. crockett

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    It depends on your personal situation and surrounding. I live alone, nobody has access to my house, and all outer walls are made of concrete blocks. I have watched countless self defense videos, for example almost all of the close to 1,000 videos from the Active Self Protection channel and 600 videos from the PoliceActivity channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsE_m2z1NrvF2ImeNWh84mw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXMYxKMh3prxnM_4kYZuB3g Invaders and attackers often resort to hiding behind barriers, giving them the opportunity to pull out a gun, or reload, or take aim. With the right caliber, firearm, projectile and load, you can indeed take out an aggressor who is hiding behind a fridge, wall, door, car door, and many other common barriers, while leaving you with enough penetration once the barrier was passed. That won't happen with your average HP, getting stuck in basically everything. I posted this video several times. Just in case you haven't seen it. And no, the old school hard cast (@Glocks4Freedom) doesn't cut it. And yes, the G40 with my own Lehigh 140gr Xtreme Penetrator uploads is my home defense system. 64 rounds of true security, coming in at 1,600 FPS.
  6. Sounds familiar. I tend to add the occasional '*******' for people blocking an entire isle.
  7. crockett

    Food Thread

    Seared pork tenderloin filet, grilled green asparagus, baked potato halves, garlic and Bearnaise sauce (not on photo).
  8. crockett

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Different goals. All my 10mm firearms serve one major purpose: barrier penetration in home defense, much like the idea behind the .357SIG or the five-seven. And that requires speed over mass. If I wanted a fat and slow slug in pistol size, I'd upload some .45 ACP. LOVEX powders are rather new to the US and I don't use any current load data. UnderWood started using LOVEX before they became available in retail quantities. I contacted the manufacturer many times asking for consumer offerings and they finally started distribution in the US not too long ago. LOVEX is made by: Explosia a.s. in the Czech Republic Email: sds@explosia.cz My loads are based on +P / +P+ bullet pull-downs, and then uploaded to even higher velocities, for example pushing a 90gr XP .380 ACP at 1,350 FPS out of my G42, which is 150 over UW's +P load. LOVEX reacts with a rather huge spread at the end of the pressure curve, and that's when CFE Pistol and Sport Pistol take over. There was definitely a major change in recent smokeless powder development.
  9. crockett

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

  10. crockett

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Many don't load the ten to 200 to 230 gr anymore. Since UnderWood showed some stubborn people how it's done, many reloader focus on penetration, hence velocity. I did a **** ton of bullet pulldowns. Blue dot, Long shot, AA7 and AA9 is all old school, for 230gr at best. Buy and try some of the new powders like CFE Pistol, Alliant Sport Pistol and LOVEX powders. By the way LOVEX D036-03 is not fast, it is past X-800. X-800 is a terrible powder, it spikes quickly. 10mm 100gr, flying at 1,825 FPS is the new standard. You won't find any Blue dot, Long shot, AA7 or AA9 in it. I looked. With an electronic microscope. And compared with my stocked powders as well as the FBI smokeless powder photo database. https://www.underwoodammo.com/products/10mm-auto-100-grain-xtreme-defender?variant=7865934512185
  11. crockett

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    The GP-100 frame is great, have one in .327 Federal Magnum. It will hold up to hot loads very well.
  12. crockett

    Birthday Weekend...

    Happy Birthday to you, Sir. What's for dinner?
  13. crockett

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Alliant Sport Pistol, N320 and LOVEX D036-03. That was just a random load example. I have stocked: Rainier 10mm 135gr PFN Rainier 10mm 165gr PFN Rainier 10mm 180gr PHP The Rainier 165gr PFN is my go to plinking round. Used to load it with 6.8gr Bullseye for ever. Dirty but very accurate. Power pistol was the go too powder for hot 10mm rounds for a long time. 9.6gr of PP pushes many 180gr projectiles like the XTP past 1400 FPS @ 800 plus ftLBS.-lb.
  14. crockett

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Congrats on a great gun as well as caliber. You knew that this would come out of my corner: 50 rounds for $8.86. Remember that suggested Lyman press?
  15. crockett

    What add-ons/extensions do you run on your browser?

    Chrome: Adblock+ and an app for my Surveillance Station.