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  1. crockett

    Would you buy a theft recovery vehicle?

    The limited is at $32,600 and the Limited 2.0T is at $34,200 according to the Hyundai website. Either way, I would never buy a recovered vehicle. I got my recent work truck for $26k. Sticker was $37k. New with 13 miles on it. I had to fly out of state though.
  2. I deleted my YouTube account and all my videos many years ago, as soon as Google tried to push its Google+ bull**** on every YouTube content creator. Googles stock is down by 20% since August. Companies found out that adverting with Google AdSense doesn't make much sense anymore. So many people use an AD blocker, or simply don't give a **** about ADs at all. Companies (including mine) started reducing or even killing their AdSense budget. May Google's stock die off in the next correction.
  3. crockett

    WTF is in the water in FLA?

    Ya'll are just mad about the weather and income tax in your states!
  4. Left wingers are the cancer of America.
  5. crockett

    President Trump On The Wall

    Oh look another left winger troll thread.
  6. Actually, he is an enabler for crap like this. There is no other explanation left after dozens of these post. I wouldn't be surprised if he bought into some mutual funds that include crap shot stocks from Amazon, Google and Apple. They are all tanking recently, he can't get out and now he's mad on everybody who's not spoon-feeding their income to these piece of **** companies. Any takers? Funny thing... I regularly short sell these stocks on their way down, sucking even more capital out of those long-term stock holders.
  7. PS: that was sarcasm, I hope you got it. IG had a HUGE impact on Nazy Germany.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Industry-Ideology-Farben-Nazi-Era/dp/052178638X
  9. By the way: guess what companies file for most work visas in order to hire foreigners over US citizens? Amazon 2,515 +1,099 (up by +78%) Google 1,213 +289 (up by +31%) Facebook 720 +248 (up by +53%) They are globalist / socialist piece of **** corporations that don't give a **** about America. These days you have to be a total moron (or a left winger) if you still support them. https://nfap.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/H-1B-Visas-By-The-Number-FY-2017.NFAP-Policy-Brief.April-2018.pdf
  10. And that's the issue, they are not apolitical, and now they are using their semi-monopoly position to further their left wing agenda. Best example is their ABC Holding that also owns YouTube, which castrates right leaning as well as pro 2nd content and creators. Google's own search algorithm is also politically biased, damaging other businesses out of political motivation. What we need is a separation between corporate America and our government. No more lobbying. And much stronger anti trust laws. And **** China, they steal everything they can get a hold on. Man up and buy US made. Everyone buying cheap **** from China is directly supporting our enemy instead of our middle class and our tax revenue. Also, a good company doesn't forget where it came from, and should be a proud supporter to its countrymen. Google is a piece of **** company. Plain and simple.
  11. crockett

    Good Flying

    When I came back from the NRA show in Dallas this year, the pilot needed a second attempt as well. Hot air from the 90F ocean mixed with cold air coming in from land. Really nasty conditions. Recorded the second and final try.
  12. They don't say! Did those snowflake researchers fall of the Trump bash bandwagon?
  13. That's a Victrix Armaments Corvus 50 BMG. Chicky-Micky 30 pounds without the can, but with bolt action bull****, made in Italy. Proper 50 BMG. Semi auto, made in the US... Serbu BFG-50A. Run it over with your Humvee and it still holds zero.
  14. crockett

    It's Going To Get Worse

    Call names? What did I call you? Again, what are you doing for our rights? The longer I think about your past posts, the more I think that YOU don't do **** about our rights. I just pulled up some of your posts on GT. Would you like to link some more crap from Washington Post and New York Times? Off to the ignore list you go. As I said.. a waste...