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  1. I need a break and will be gone for a while. Mentioned this a couple times in the past, I just suck up too many bad news, mainly political issues, and I simply can't deal with it in a controlled manner. Every time I read a thread on some bullshit the Dems are starting again, I read up on everything I can find online, become extremely irritated, and since I can't change any of that, I feel cornered, write hateful posts myself, and the day is ruined. And it all starts over on the next day. Obviously I can't tell others what to write, even though I kinda tried, so I have to remove myself from the sources of those constant bad news. I'm also cutting the line to my trading chat, which is also full with political issues, as well as the internet altogether. Sick and tired of being connected to so much negativity. I'll be spending much more time in my yard, working on the camper conversion, going to the beaches, watching 80s movies, doing trips within the state, and other projects. Positive projects where I can create something with my hands, instead of filling my mind with more bullshit. I'll be back one day, but for now I need a lasting break. Just wanted to let you guys know and not just disappear. PS: Always be the guard of your mind.
  2. Whistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS "Delta" Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital! https://rumble.com/vm936v-whistleblower-nurse-destroys-delta-narrative-vaccinated-patients-fill-hospt.html
  3. Its a photo I took years ago when I installed it. And I have a vacuum under the table that removes any dust from de-capping. I reload in my ACed reloading room. There is no grime or dust anywhere.
  4. I told "my" AD that he can remove me from that Pepsi list. Not even interested in flipping it when my number comes up. Rolex could have long adjusted to this ongoing increase in demand but they rather try to push a high demand luxury narrative in order to elevate their brand and the hype on it. Reminds me of some commie **** where people have to wait 10 years plus for a very basic car. Unless you bend over at your AD for a ass-**** by first buying a bunch of other crap you never rally wanted, just so you move up on the damn idiot list. Or pay their grey market flippers. That's not my style. I was able to retire at age 40 because I'm a deal hunter with everything I do. Paying 20k on the grey market for a steel watch with a design that is 70 years old is pretty backwards. At this point I'd feel dirty walking around with a new Rolex. Its more a sign of falling for fake hype than anything else.
  5. REDDING UltraMag 700 press. Will last generations. Plural.
  6. Commodore C64. Now 40 years old and still running. Try that with ANY modern computer.
  7. You mean those truckers should better strap those lot lizards to the fridge?
  8. Working on the last flooring piece...
  9. 400 watt. This is so exciting! Fully autonomous system. Will never need shore power or run the engine for my power needs. Will definitely build my own solar array and Lithium battery bank for my next house, be off the power grid entirely and not pay a dime on power bills.
  10. Sun isn't even fully out or up and the solar panel is charging the battery with 350 watts.
  11. No, I don't watch any new TV shows or movies.
  12. Yes, I try to get a pack with less fat, and when I bake it in the oven, I cut excessive fat off.
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