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  1. The head of the pharmaceutical company PFIZER said that fully vaccinated people will likely need another jab within 12 months, with potential annual follow-up shots, in order to protect against the virus. I won't be getting that one either. A shot every year... what will they mix into the cocktail one day? Looks like they created the perfect herd of sheep with all that fear mongering for one year. No vaccination here, still alive.
  2. That thing over the water was a race drone.
  3. I bet some of those toolbags consider Stralink as aliens as well...
  4. PS: remember my post about China's well organized takeover and skylines 4 month ago? I said the exact same things and posted the same skyline.
  5. Trump tried to fight off ****hole China and the left blocked him. Now the left has stolen the election - through voter manipulation on mainstream and social media - and takes over the same political stand and pretends to be the originator. THAT is the message here, cascaded as a comedy show. The point is not that Maher is right with this episode. The point is not that he took over a former Trump position. The point is not that Maher is a liberal snake. The point is that the left manipulates everybody, in the wide open, and nobody sees it, let alone does anything about it.
  6. So that policy would make the perfect location for a setup with no hard evidence? Gotcha. Not all workers are not allowed to bring cell phones. And many will not follow those polices, they just turn their phone silent, much like people keep texting while takeoff etc. Out of a 1,500 man shift you will have at least 100 plus still walking around with a cell phone. FedEx has security cams all over the place, inside and out. Still no video of the action AND dead bodies being visible. Our society shows death and dying people everywhere, movies, games, police shooting suspects, but almost all those politically used mass shootings show... nada.
  7. I want the old and true America back. Just sayin.
  8. A bunch of married females need to read this since they often try to change their husbands once they got the ring on his finger! Especially younger generations that consider classic gender roles to be obsolete. And some guys need to grow back their balls!
  9. In the past people would be uploading tons of videos on LifeLeak with an incident like that. When you go on the home page, there is not one video of the claimed mass shooting, and when you search for FedEx, only one video pops up, which is conveniently that orchestrated police statement: https://www.liveleak.com/browse?q=fedex&a=list&submit=Submit Funny how 3 or 4 people recorded the Floyd incident with just 8 or 10 people standing around, but this mass shooting with a thousand workers plus around, and securety cams everywhere, didn't produce ONE video. People need to wake the **** up before its too late. On both sides, and the middle!
  10. Being reported that over 4,500 people work there. With 3 shifts that should be 1,500 cell phones. 1,500 cameras. How many videos of the shooting AND dead bodies did you guys get to see yet? Let me guess. The way things have been manipulated by the left, and their left wing strongarm media and big tech, I don't buy ANYTHING anymore that comes out of that direction. Period.
  11. That's not the IP address of your wifi (router) but the IP address your internet service provider gave you, your external address. All your hardware get its own internal IP from the router too. Just splitting hairs
  12. Don't trust Democrats. None of them. Ever.
  13. Water is wet, the sky is blue, women have secrets.
  14. I'll bring some German Hefeweizen beer and brats.
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