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  1. Stay away from mainstream and social media, and listen to people in the field that you know. NPTim had been around GT and TBS for many years. Never seen him talk crap. I take his word over all the brainwashing crap spread on mainstream and social media, any day.
  2. Yeah, only buy on online shops that are at least established with many products to pick from and have at least some positive reviews online. I also look for a real address on any independent online shop. When they don't offer any none PO address and phone number, chances are its a scam or a half-assed "business". A proper business will never hide from its customer base. I'd call your credit card company and start a claim. Not replying to emails is another strong indicator for a scam. My company also sells through online channels, including our own online shop system. - Customers can see our stock level in real time before committing to buy. - They can see when it will arrive. - They can pick out of about 20 shipping options with USPS and FedEx, ground to over-night. - Orders placed before 2 PM Eastern get shipped on the same business day. - They get a working tracking number the day it ships. - Any delays and we will notify the customer before he even has to ask. All that is basically establish online business standard these days. You didn't get any of that. Doesn't look healthy in my book. PS: FaceBook sucks. ****ing left wing ****hole platform.
  3. I was at SHOT show expo in Vegas last year January and got a high fever on the 3rd day, felt sick like never before in my life, I was never so weak, started coughing days later, and the cough lasted about 5 months. For the first month I thought a caught the regular flu, but then it was pretty obvious that I was hit by covid. SHOT show sees visitors and manufacturers from around the world, including Asia and China. At that time everybody was still traveling, shaking hands and talking into peoples faces. I got a test 4 month later when finally tests had been available and it came back negative. The virus was gone, but I'm sure my lungs will show permanent or at least long-term damages from coughing for so many months. Never went to a doc. Didn't want the added risk of catching it in a doc office or hospital in case I was dealing with something else. The cough came back 3 weeks ago for a second wave and is now getting better again. I'm lucky that I don't have to leave the house if I don't want to and that I'm living alone. Every time I go to places with people getting close to me or going inside any building, I put on a proper N-95 respirator and use disinfecting wipes every single time I touched ANYTHING that was potentially touch by another person in past days. I don't touch door handles and alike at all directly. Always use a barrier of some kind. While covid is being used and abused by the political left for their agendas of power grabs and voter manipulation by blaming Trump for many consequences, I do consider this virus to be real, and much more infectious as well as dangerous than the regular flu.
  4. As "M" in 007 Casino Royal once said: "Christ I miss the cold war!" I really do. Made much more sense than today's mess.
  5. How about a 13 gallon trash bag over the head?
  6. Haven't smelled one in several years. Don't miss it. Comes with too much drama and nagging.
  7. We don't have the media networks anymore to tell the truth, let alone our stories, we don't have the unbiased judges for those lawsuits, we don't have companies being able to connect us on a proper platform. They have all that and the deepstate to back them up. This left wing overtake has been in the making for a long time. The writing was in the sky, but we didn't take action in time. Too many of us older folks counted on voting only. None of us showed up at protests. And the younger generations have been brainwashed by our left wing school system and never experienced true freedom. They think owning the newest PlayStation, playing video games 8 hours a day, eating HotPockets all the time, and living with their parents at age 25 is freedom.
  8. I can related 100%, I'm inclined to sell my Vette and my newish 2018 RAM truck, keep the minivan camper thing for the beach and maybe get an old truck if I ever need one again. Traffic is so bad around my neck, the Vette makes zero sense, and I'm not inclined to do the track day stuff ever again. Its just too much time, money and tires for going around in circles once a month. I don't know what it is, but I really miss the good old times. Away from all this hectic time, left wing hate and over-regulation crap we are seeing these days. If I wouldn't be so much in love with my local beach and warm weather year round, I'd be long somewhere in a cabin, on a remote mountain, somewhere in Wyoming.
  9. I'm sick and tired of all this tracking and zero privacy bull****. I almost crashed one time when some ****bag from GM started talking to me in my car out of nowhere, with no ringing sound or anything, asking if I want to extend my online service. Scared the **** out of me. That's when I found out that they can listen to your conversations at any time. Ever since first thing I do with every new car or truck purchase, tell the sales person to not enable ANY online connection services or SiriusXM. I'm very loud about that and tell them that the deal will go bad if they provide ANY of my information to those connection services or enable it in the vehicle. Once I bring the new vehicle home I pull out the infotainment module, unhook all WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM (cell network) antenna connections, open the box, and also remove any WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM network cards. They look much like the ones in laptops. Then I reinstall the infotainments system without connecting the antennas again, just in case they have a second module running directly on the mainboard. Finally I make test connections to the manufacturer and to my phone to confirm that my vehicle is 100% offline and can't be connected to in any way. This is the MyLink module in most current GM products: This is the wireless module of my Corvette. I keep that crap in a bag, just in case I ever sell the vehicle. Obviously I lost all emergency services that will call authorities if I end up in a crash or if my vehicle gets stolen it can't be tracked, but I'm fine with that. Haven't had any of that fancy **** for many decades.
  10. "Liberalism is what happens when failure becomes the norm." - Random guy in FoxNews comment section Feel free to add.
  11. The media and big tech repeated the lies and hate so many times, for 4 years straight, the low IQ sheep now all believe it, and that includes some of our "own".
  12. My IWC Aquatimer with a few of my Cassio, ranging from the mid 80s to the newest Frogman.
  13. I'll let a couple photos do the talking
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