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  1. Is this brass range pick-up? It cold be old and the material fatigued. Bullet setback could also increase the pressure - by a lot - but this would usually show other pressure signs as well, like a massively flattened primer cup. Did you crimp this batch?
  2. That wasn't the point. Nobody knew or expected 2 new presses. Either way, relaoders are talking about this now... but not here... because many left the sinking ship because TBS is full with political issues and trolls, and not gun related content creators. Just one example: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/270817-cp2000-and-rl1100/ @Jammer: I deleted your BS post. If you keep pushing your trolling crap even into the reloader club, I'll kick you out. End of story.
  3. Not sure if this is an issue with my lacking internet at this resort, but I can't see your photo. It's just a broken link symbol.
  4. Every working gun forum speculates over new guns even with zero information available. Do you even reload? Let me guess..........
  5. Dillon comes out with a new press maybe once in 10 years and there is zero reaction to it? This forum is toast. Sad to see.
  6. PS: The new 2000 has no priming station, it’s a pure case prep station with case trimmer.
  7. Just introduced today on Shot show 1100 and 2000. Will be on market in April.
  8. Well guys, I need to pack for the show. It was fun. Later.
  9. You wrote that a couple times by now... running out of steam?
  10. This thread is really turning out to be a mater piece.
  11. The only thing backfiring is the issue that you assume that people forget all the nonsense that you have posted over the years. I'm sorry that your memory is lacking so much. But it does explain why you keep coming back every 2 or 3 months with a few useless **** posts.
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