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  1. As much as people complain about how much waiters make, all of the ones I know do fairly well. Yup they make half of min wage. 2 tables tip $3 an hour makes up for it and the rest is boosting their hourly. Problem is, it's usually cash and just blown without thought. A friend of mine started keeping track of her tips with an app and found out how much she was actually making hourly. Something along the lines of $20 an hour on average. But since it was cash it just got spent on dumb stuff. Once she figured it out she actually had money to save etc.
  2. Watched it tonight with the GF. Shes the comic book fan and she hated it(based on a comic) I thought it was 4/5 stars. It makes Deadpool look like a PG movie. Over the top violence, sex/nudity and a decent story to go with it. It's not breaking new ground storywise but it's worth 2 hours.
  3. He knew his stuff, but his put on country hickisms made it unlistenable.
  4. What brand/model is that? I like it alot
  5. Lol. It was a nice enough weekend to go to the outdoor range.
  6. My biggest problem is because I am normally pretty cheap. Only gun I have even close to as much money into is my hunting rifle. A browning A-Bolt and some decent glass. And that was around 300 less back in 2000. I hate having money out there. Magazine dropping on release? I assume you mean like an AR dropping a mag to the ground. I'm so used to euro style mag releases on pistols ripping a mag out is normal.
  7. Lol. I was jokingly referring to a gentlemans club as the ballet. I stay away from both. lol
  8. BTW have you shot the CZ P10? I'm looking at getting rid of a G22 and moving to 9mm. It's on the short list.
  9. Thanks pipe dreams, I had already ordered the trigger spring and safety delete. And the duckbill mag release. I will look into the refresh kit. And fortunately I have metric everything.
  10. CZ Scorpion carbine. No fake can. Only place I wanna see fake cans is at the ballet.
  11. Paying for a gun and waiting 2-3 weeks before it shows up at the gunshop. Is it here yet? Is it here yet???
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