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  1. Agreed. I thought he was a ***** in the 90s.
  2. The slave owners flew the stars and bars. They were the officer class in the army.
  3. Sorry, but those who fly it come off as inbred racist hicks. Both northern as southerners. It's been the flag of the KKK forever. If you want to use a flag for the purpose stated use the national colors. And BTW the south lost. And the south started the war for slavery. And yes, my Great to the 5th or 6th grandpa served in a New York regiment at Gettysburg. They were dirt poor farmers then.
  4. I'm shocked that it hadn't been done years ago. Why would the US armed services want to represent a bunch of losers?
  5. Take your crap into your own thread.
  6. Footage of Sanford dam before water went over the top.
  7. It's literally impossible to build a dam that can't be over-topped under the right circumstances. The spillways and emergency spillways have been going full tilt all day. Then the water from the dam that broke upstream hit. The dam upstream held back a 5.7 square mile lake. This is the lake about 2 hours after the photo in the first post was taken. This is the dam above the one that was breached in the top post
  8. Upriver from my hometown a dam just burst from flooding, the next one downriver is already almost overflowing and is totally flooded. Not sure how bad it will be when it hits Midland. https://www.ourmidland.com/news/article/Edenville-Dam-fails-15281658.php
  9. I was getting failure to extracts. I just took apart the slide and breech block. Mother of god I've never seen anything so dirty. No wonder it wasn't working correctly. I'm shocked it would even fire. New recoil spring and extractor today. I might get ambitious this week and change out the springs in the lower. Sadly the parts kit didn't have the firing pin spring or the retainer spring.
  10. Death Traps - Belton Cooper. It's an interesting book, but I am not a fan of it. It's a little too much self promotion for my tastes. Cutthroats, awesome book. I need to find it on my shelves again. --------- A couple more. If you Survive - George Wilson. US Lieutenant in the ETO from Normandy on. Roll Me over - Raymond Gantter. US infantryman ETO Soldat - Siegfried Knappe a German soldiers BIO. Brazen Chariots - Robert Crisp. British Tank officer in the desert. Anything by Daniel Bolger. He was a US Army officer from the early 80s still 2013 retiring as a Lieutenant General. On War- Von Clausewitz Sun Tsu is a good read. Not specific. But a good read. The influence of seapower upon history - AT Mahan - The basis of naval strategy from 1895ish till WWII. It is a touch dry. They Died to Make Men Free: The 19th Michigan Infantry - William Anderson 19th Michigan infantry regiment in the Civil war. Very good book, a touch hard to find. The Men of Company K The 84th Infantry Division In The Battle Of Germany: November 1944-May 1945 Guadalcanal Diary Thunderbolt! - Robert S. Johnson Zemke's Wolf Pack Willie & Joe - just look them up. The White Donkey: Terminal Lance - Maximilian Uriarte graphic novel of a modern Marine in Iraq http://www.6thcorpscombatengineers.com/fieldmanuals.html
  11. All GM W-Bodies from 88 till 97(when the Gen IIs took over) you had to remove the front engine mounts and roll the engine forward to change the rear spark plugs. And remove a chassis brace, fuse box, and the washer fluid tank to remove the battery.
  12. When she wants to the girl can sing. And clean up
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