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  1. Not much you can do. More time off helps. Right now I haven't had an actual vacation since before covid. Yes a few days off here and there, but no real time off. And it shows. I go in, do my time and leave. It's our slow time a year and management is throwing a fit that we are barely working 40 and the newer people(they have fewer things to do) are getting sent home early for lack of stuff to do. For us that have been around, it's our at work recharge time. Short days and random days off due to lack of work. Most of us enjoy it and actually having a life for a while. Now we are being told we have to work 10 hour days 50 hour weeks. Yeah, there's motivation and active annoyed apathy is set in everywhere. So in your case, people are doing exactly what they are getting paid for. You don't get a cookie for staying late and giving up your life.
  2. CZ bought Colt. Colt will be around and probably start rolling out new stuff.
  3. For event chairs, those look damn comfortable.
  4. GF bought one a couple months ago. I now have one. I handled the P365 and own a G42. The Hellcat felt very good in my hands and only a touch wider than the G42. With the flat mag base it's the same dimensions as my G43. Have a couple hundred rounds through each of them with no issues. Trigger isn't quite as good as the G42 or CZ P10. But it's not awful. Hopefully it will break in over time. I have very wide hands with average length fingers. If you have small hands it may be chunky. But it's 10/13 rounds in the same size package as a G42. After 100 rounds at the range today, it's quite accurate at 10 yards. It shoots a touch low from aim point. But even with tired hands, it kept all the rounds in a 5 inch circle.
  5. Damn, around here that would get you blackballed from the industry if anyone found out.
  6. No, I mean moisture in the house. oversized AC units with undersized ducts cause moisture issues and freeze ups. Booster fans. LMFAO. Do whatever you want. You are smarter than the experts.
  7. Do not add that much tonnage on the same ducting and returns unless your ducting is sized for it. If it's not you will hate your life and have nothing but problems with the AC unit and moisture in the house.
  8. Heat pump mechanic here. Don't waste your money. The length of lineset doesn't matter other than you have to add a certain amount of refrigerant at installation to make up for the extra volume. As to the sunnyness of the location. It's not too big of deal . Most large buildings have theirs on a roof. It will add a little extra pressure, but unless you are in the dessert. I wouldn't worry about it. And if it' a heat pump, the sun will add a touch of warmth for it to pull heat from.
  9. I'm probably the youngest non-amish person in the lower 48 states to grow up with an icebox, and no electricity in the house. We did have indoor plumbing thanks to a gravity feed system. Heat and cooking were all wood.
  10. The Egyptians might still have some left over from the 67 war. Might have to look in the back of a dusty warehouse though.
  11. Thanks! I ordered that one. Is there much of a difference between rice brands?
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