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  1. Had a chance to take it to the range today. It's pretty accurate, not totally sure of the potential due to having some hand/wrist issues. But I think any issues were mine. It ate 200 rounds without any issues. The only strange thing is the takeup on the trigger. Its much longer than on any other striker fired pistol that I've shot. After about a mag it wasn't noticeable as I got used to it and the reset. Still needs some breaking in. But it feels good now. Glock killer? No idea, but it sure feels like a product improved Glock. Would I recommend it? 100% yes.
  2. That's where the nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo comes in
  3. I'm becoming a CZ guy. Just picked up my second CZ this year and 3rd overall. P10c had to go home with me(cabelas had a good sale) and earlier this year a scorpion evo3. And Next year the plan is a Bren 2.
  4. Use Torx drive screws. love them. Square are quite good too.
  5. To collect something? If I purchased an Iron Cross would that be stolen valor? I mean there's no reason anyone would want to buy one unless they were passing themselves off as something they are not. Other than the fact it has historical/cultural significance. Same as the medal that was for sale. If I collected such things and I thought the ICE was worthy why not? Same as medals from previous wars. How do you feel about M4 clones? You have something that looks like it should be military, that should be stolen valor too right? I mean it looks the part so you must be faking.
  6. And a certain poster has something to be outraged about quite often.
  7. If I had a player I REALLY liked and I bought his MVP trophy to display because hey it's awesome cause it's a real MVP trophy and I like to collect that kind of thing. How is it diminished by others collecting them as well?
  8. As much as people complain about how much waiters make, all of the ones I know do fairly well. Yup they make half of min wage. 2 tables tip $3 an hour makes up for it and the rest is boosting their hourly. Problem is, it's usually cash and just blown without thought. A friend of mine started keeping track of her tips with an app and found out how much she was actually making hourly. Something along the lines of $20 an hour on average. But since it was cash it just got spent on dumb stuff. Once she figured it out she actually had money to save etc.
  9. Watched it tonight with the GF. Shes the comic book fan and she hated it(based on a comic) I thought it was 4/5 stars. It makes Deadpool look like a PG movie. Over the top violence, sex/nudity and a decent story to go with it. It's not breaking new ground storywise but it's worth 2 hours.
  10. He knew his stuff, but his put on country hickisms made it unlistenable.
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