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  1. Studies show that smoking weed makes you not give a crap about the fact that you have COVID-19
  2. My now teenage daughter (she was smaller when we traveled the country) says my white dodge caravan needs a sign that says "free candy"
  3. My police department has been trying to use positive reinforcement to get officers to get vaccinated. They offer 2 paid vacation days to any officers that can turn in a valid vaccine card. Even so, barely half of our officers are vaccinated now. I guess I'm a cheap date, because I took the bribe from my department, and I turned in a vaccine card with only ONE dose of Moderna out of the usual two doses. I never went back for any more doses, and sure enough, I got my two paid vacation days. The one dose hasn't given me any side affects, other than the heart attack, blood clots, and seizure I had within a few months of the vaccine. But, good luck proving any connection between the two. Now the federal government wants to mandate the vaccine? Oh HELL no...my entire family is standing firm that they won't touch the vaccine.
  4. Don't forget to write "Free Candy" on your van (people have said that to me)
  5. Do come back soon and show more pics of the stealth camper.
  6. Here is a pic of my caravan. I added white vinyl to every window except the front. This looks kinda goofy, but I love it. It gives me privacy in the back, and it keeps out the heat. I also included my two vicious attack dogs. 19 lbs for the big one and 11 lbs for the fluffy one. They alert me to any threats and give me enough time to wake up.
  7. Hah! All kidding aside, I've seen people injured by unsecured items in their vehicle. Especially semi-truck drivers...the truck stops, the load does not....
  8. All that stuff might act like an airbag in an accident and save a life...
  9. I have driven the following: 1. An old ford crown vic.... 2. A newer ford taurus.... 3. A big as hell box Ambulance based on a Ford 450. They all had enough lights and sirens to wake up the dead. It doesn't matter. People still get in the way. They simply don't care.
  10. After spending a few years driving all over the lower 48 states, it was time for me to complete my promise to my daughters and knock out the last two states. We completed Alaska and Hawaii each via cruise vacations, neither of which were cheap. Never the less, I am extremely proud that I have a kid that touched all 50 states at the age of 12, very few can claim that.
  11. We had an improvised bunk cot set up inside the back of the van. You can search for bunk cots on Amazon, they actually exist, and they fit in the back of a caravan. We slept in our seperate bunks, and stealthy, as we explored the country. It doesn't hurt that if I get approached by law enforcement I have a badge to show them, so there is that....
  12. Dear God...I own a 2015 Dodge Caravan stealth camper, and you have gone light years beyond anything I ever did in term of modifications. I simply removed all of the rear seats, and I used the space to load up a massive amount of supplies. When my youngest daughter was six years old, she decided she wanted to visit all 50 states. As a good Dad, I was all like challenge accepted, and we worked on it for six years. We spent more than a few nights stealth camping in a dodge caravan. By the time she was 12, she completed all 50 states.
  13. Myself and my daughter have both tested positive for the virus in the past. Both of us had ZERO symptoms at all times. We never would have known we had the virus if it wasn't for the fact that we got tested. I'm rather unimpressed by this virus at this point.
  14. I can only imagine how that conversation went when they opened your latest letter. "This nutcase keeps mailing us back a single M&M. Do we file a restraining order? Nah, bribe him with some free candy and maybe he'll leave us alone for a while."
  15. Got some time off for a heart attack, but I'm back to chasing bad guys for now. I'll retire in another 18 months. I even have a dodge caravan for stealth camping ready to go!
  16. Some occupations don't take off on holidays...
  17. I'm more concerned about what Eric was searching for on the internet that resulted in him finding this video...
  18. Anyone offended by you is simply too easy to offend. This is a website for people with adult minds that can handle a slight amount of abuse, although we shouldn't get downright rude....
  19. Does this website have a line of merchandise yet? That might reduce the need for donations. I'd buy a T-shirt if offered one....
  20. For over 20 years now I was always much more of a lurker than a poster. Hell, I waited a long time to even create an account both on the other site and eventually here. I tend to stay below the radar and not make waves, so I never really had a problem over there.
  21. Russ P? yeah, he is a legend
  22. Somewhere out there is a child, probably grown now, that can honestly claim the street cred that their playhouse got ******* nuked and he survived...
  23. There is a small private Christian school that was right in the path of ground zero back then in Tennessee. I was there with my two children and a few of their school friends entrusted to me. I was extremely grateful to have been invited and bring the young-ins with me.
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