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  1. Is this payback for the Sully incident?
  2. Birds kick ass at STOL. Short take off and Landing.
  3. When I watch you-tube videos, which is quite often, I get bombed constantly with Democrat ads. They keep telling me that Republicans are taking away my rights by requiring voter ID. I already have a driver's license, a passport, and a police badge and ID card...so a voter ID all the sudden violates my rights????
  4. I'm not sure I see the end game. What could we possibly hope for at this point?
  5. Couldn't help but notice the HUGE buildings labeled Blue Origin and/or Space X. Private industry has really moved itself into the area!
  6. You guys are going to brow beat my thread into submission. I was just trying to having a NASA related vacation. As usual, I'm getting my ass straight up beat down.....
  7. The Shuttle Atlantis was awesome. I made a point of teaching them about the Canada-arm. The Canadian contribution to NASA. Let's all play nice and remember we're all human.
  8. I enjoy history, I make my kids enjoy history
  9. A couple days ago, I made a very specific point to take a day out of my life and drag three young ones into the Kennedy Space Center.
  10. Today, I ate my lunch here at the Krusty Burger. We were at Universal Studios. They have an actual restaurant modeled after the fictional Simpson's restaurant. When I checked the menu, sure enough, there is a plant based option. You can order a Krusty burger with fake meat. What the hell!! I remember the plant based menu item had a semi-insulting name, like the "tree hugger" or something.
  11. I watched an interview with Ronald Moore, the main writer/producer for the show. He said he intentionally avoided going into technical detail on how all the technology worked. He didn't want to be like another Star Trek that is filled with jargon. He thought it would take away from the story. So no, they never explained how artificial gravity works.
  12. Facial recognition often works to unlock your phone after you're dead. I've done it before to find someone's family contacts for next of kin.
  13. Hey unified field theory....edumacate on what's going on in physics, preferably in words I actually understand.
  14. Both interpretations result in me getting paid to sit at home for a few weeks. It's really a moot point.
  15. Any day you could have just shot someone in the ****ing face, but you showed restraint, is a good day...
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