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  1. 7 pound containers of Nutella spread...I got some daughters that would make quick work of that nonsense....
  2. I kinda wonder how teenager Baron is doing in all this
  3. The prospect of thousands of habitable planets, surely, we can stop the drama for a while
  4. The funny thing is, she sure as hell didn't marry Donald Trump thinking it would mean being the first lady of the United States.
  5. Does anyone know the name of Yoda's species? What are they? He's not baby Yoda, since Yoda is long dead.
  6. So true. But, my mint condition 2015 Dodge Caravan (inside joke from old site, but true in this case) is more comfy than sleeping on the back of a damn motorcycle. My currently 13 year old daughter road tripped across the entire lower 48 in that dodge minivan. Seems it will be my mid life crisis mobile as well soon enough....
  7. I'm 39, I retire in 3 years at the ripe old age of 42. It's a cop's pension, you don't like it, bite me. I have my mid life crisis planned out in advance. In 3 years, I will spend some time living in my van, just driving around the country. I've already seen all 50 states, but more than a few deserve a more thorough visit.
  8. I binged my way through the Expanse Season 4. I won't spoil it for anyone, but I wasn't crazy about where they went with the story...
  9. If it involves band camp, then even your dog doesn't want to know...😁
  10. Watched about half of it too, gotta attend a choir recital now, to be continued...
  11. kerbie18


    We are hoping for a near direct hit at this point
  12. Screw having a K-9 unit. My department needs a trained honey badger unit. That oughta put the thugs in their place.
  13. I watched the interview of him in the article and I have no idea what the hell he is saying. I need Google translate...
  14. Aaaand...this is why my department requires me to document and record any strip searches six ways from Sunday... Every little thing I do is on video five times over...
  15. He only has a known presence on the internet. I'm betting he's a south Korean teenage girl.
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