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  1. They told me they added a "bittering agent". I'm not sure exactly what they mean by that.
  2. Here's a pic of my "whiskey" hand sanitizer, since you asked.
  3. I'm afraid it's a generic pink squirt bottle. Why it's pink? I guess that's what they had available.
  4. I don't drink it unless properly aged in a barrel. This stuff was made yesterday, ick.
  5. So, as your friendly neighborhood police officer, I've been given many things to help with the latest virus. Gloves, masks, gas mask, a level C Hazmat suit, all of which I used in real life the last few weeks. A local Bourban Distillery stopped making bourban and started making hand sanitizer. In the trunk of my police car, I have a squirt bottle of hand sanitizer, which is essentially just god awful whiskey, but it works. I thank the Distillery for helping us out.
  6. kerbie18


    My department just let out on bail someone that shot a human cop, cause the courts are closed....
  7. Apparently someone forgot to take out the trash like they were told....
  8. I'm a first responder, so one of the few still out and about roaming every day. I noticed work crews upgrading the local cell phone towers, working well into the evening, even on Sundays. I assume they are rolling out the 5G network, it must be to give you an extra 15GB.
  9. The fellow cast members on Voyager called her 2 of D, true story.
  10. I love me some waffle house, but only occasionally, you gotta be in the mood. Hell, I worked security for waffle house for a couple years as an off duty police officer. I ran off the more rude drunks, kept order, etc Then my wife went into labor during the middle of my shift, and I told them "see ya!" I never went back, and the child is almost 14...
  11. The "Kung Flu". I wish Trump would call it that. That'll really piss people off, hehe.
  12. It's difficult to judge the sharpness of an elderly person's mind. (cough, Joe Biden, cough) I worry about my own parent's mind sometimes.
  13. Or, conversely, I could be wrong, and he is senile as all hell, and incapable of controlling himself. I digress...
  14. Assuming he has the mental ability to make his own decisions still, then they shouldn't be able to control his 100 year old ass.
  15. I only became a police officer in 2002. But, myself and my dad vividly made preps, just in case for the Y2K bug. There was real reason to fear the Y2K bug, but it was mostly fixed in advance, and amounted to little.
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