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  1. kerbie18

    Anyone Ever Play Tag as a Kid?

    That is why it caught my eye in the first place. These athletes have an insane level of reflexes and agility! It would make an interesting professional sport, if it was somehow developed further. Olympic Tag Games?
  2. Well, here it is at the professional level. 🤣 Who wants to play??
  3. kerbie18

    Who Said It

  4. I wouldn't mind a safari trip myself someday. That doesn't mean I want to move there permanently with three children.
  5. Why would someone fortunate enough to live in the USA move themselves, a wife, and three children to Africa? Oh. HELL. NO.
  6. kerbie18

    Why I will never own a Tesla

    I have worked a couple different serious crashes involving Teslas. They performed well and didn't burst into flames. I don't know why these others did. I'll never buy a Tesla just because I can't afford one.
  7. My favorite Christmas song is probably offensive:
  8. kerbie18

    Police Minn cops erect racist xmas tree

    I literally LOL'ed when I read the article. But, I wouldn't have dared to have done such a thing in this political environment. You can't afford to be politically incorrect any more, particularly as a cop.
  9. kerbie18

    Another #MeToo - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    I have really enjoyed a lot of his lectures over the years when he sticks to astrophysics, astronomy, outer space, etc. He is a very good speaker, and a champion for the space program. I agree with him that NASA needs much more support. But then, when he starts talking politics or climate change, I just have to tune him out. I just ignore most of that nonsense. Just my two cents...
  10. kerbie18

    DUI suspect on auto drive

    You're probably correct. Once Uber introduces their first driverless cabs, eventually, there will have to be court rulings to follow. Fun times.
  11. kerbie18

    DUI suspect on auto drive

    If autopilot ever becomes advanced enough, I wonder if it would ever become acceptable to let your car drive your drunk ass home.
  12. kerbie18

    Don't Leave Your BodyCam Unattended

    Lighten up a bit, it was a childish prank. The officer is already learning his lesson by way of suspension.
  13. kerbie18

    Don't Leave Your BodyCam Unattended

    That's hilarious. On my department it's more like: "For god's sake, don't leave your email account open to other officers."
  14. kerbie18

    Trumpasaurus Rex

    So, Trump built a mech warrior? Or, a Jaeger from Pacific Rim. Either way...
  15. kerbie18

    Random Posting

    Good lord, you don't know how many times I've rushed to the scene of an emergency just to find eight people recording it with their phones. Sometimes I'll scream at them to help out, and I just get a blank stare. Worthless people....