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  1. Good Lord, If anyone in real life ever asks me for my hat... They better be able to give me their username on this website or else shots will be fired in haste...
  2. The last time I got pulled over for speeding, I was leaving Mount Rushmore. The highway going away from Mt. Rushmore is very steep going downhill, with lots of twists and turns. You can't help but speed, it's too much darn fun. I informed the officer that I was an armed off-duty officer myself, while keeping my hands on the steering wheel. I got a ticket too. I took it like a man, no hard feelings towards the officer.
  3. My police hat is just a ball cap that says "police" on the back. I'm not sure if I have arrest powers or not when I'm wearing it.
  4. My vote goes to "BIG METAL FLOATY MC-THINGY THING" 🤣
  5. kerbie18


    It's also worth noting that drone flies up to 60K feet. You're not shooting down something at that altitude by accident. I'm not sure what my point is....
  6. I remember when they held that naming contest. They totally wussed out when they didn't use the name that was voted in.
  7. If we are having a busy night, we can get seriously backed up on emergency runs. Even a priority run like a break-in in progress might get held in queue for a while if there just isn't enough officers to go around. I've seen it happen quite a few times. And lately, it keeps getting harder to recruit new officers to do the job. Year after year, we keep getting more short handed. Protect yourselves accordingly.
  8. I've ridden in a Tesla a couple of times. They are very impressive machines, for sure. I'm never going to realistically afford one on a cop's salary, so I'm not in the market for one. I also live in a condo where I park in a shared parking lot, so I'm not sure how the hell I would ever charge an electric vehicle. But anyway, congrats on the new ride.
  9. Umm, even though I was the first person to find the thing online...I'm still not clear on what the hell this thing is used for.... Anyone care to enlighten me?
  10. I found a mention of it on Lowes.com
  11. Most of you know by now I'm an older cop. I was dispatched to an intersection because "motorists were confused". I took this pic myself with my phone. I spoke to the nearby construction crew and got them to fix it. (This occurred this week)
  12. I'm holding out hope still that the James Webb Telescope will be much more badass than the Hubble.
  13. The fact that his testicles are being discussed in the national news must really add insult to injury.
  14. Tugboat's fault? You can't tell from video. I wouldn't be filming while I ran like hell.
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