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  1. You're giving me truck envy. I'm going to need a therapist. Did I mention I go camping in a dodge caravan? Yep, I envy you, but at least my caravan is a lot cheaper.
  2. Photograph of Eric's new server. Just don't piss her off.
  3. kerbie18


    Crepes make me think of my vacation in Paris. Love me some crepes...
  4. Is there even a hope for fixing it at that point? It reminds me of Colonel Potter shooting his jeep to put it down.
  5. It kinda reminds me of a Smart car.
  6. There was a time when 12 cores running at 3.7ghz was an unimaginable amount of computing power.
  7. I'm going to say what Eric is too classy to say. This site has well over two thousand members but only 30 of us have bothered to donate? Go without your Starbucks for a couple days and cough up a few bucks for the site! Sheesh!
  8. The nearly grown beagle wants to swim with her sister.
  9. Yeah, I'm a little sad that Hanny went away. He/She was entertaining if nothing else.
  10. https://images.app.goo.gl/G78REMUuYA7UPM1d9
  11. Here he is as a baby next to his "big sister". She is 11 pounds. He is currently twice her size. At least the sister doesn't destroy her toys....
  12. Here's a baby picture of the little destroyer...
  13. This goes to show why "may issue" concealed carry is so awful. As long as someone is legally qualified, just give them a damned gun, sheesh!
  14. I'm afraid us city slickers don't have Moose parts just lying around. I envy you.
  15. I apologize if this topic has been covered already. I have a young Beagle doggie, just entering doggie adulthood. He's about 20 pounds or so, and friendly, so he just needs to fatten up a bit to reach adulthood. He's very far from a threat to anyone. He absolutely murders every doggie toy in existence. I spend 40 bucks on doggie toys and watch them turn to confetti within a matter of minutes. Is there a doggie toy he can't kill in 10 minutes?
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