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  1. We'll wait to hear back from you. Hopefully you survive your camping/hunting trip
  2. One engine, two pontoons. Totally not terrifying at all, nope....
  3. kerbie18


    It's all fun and games until it quickly throws your car in drive and takes off. Kinda had it happen recently..
  4. I think "sliky boy" is the one that sticks out in my memory. That was a classic.
  5. They've got empty seats? Damn it, they could have taken me with them...
  6. kerbie18


    Shark puppies! I made these two little doggies swim all day out on a large lake. They had sharky life jackets. It was an amazing time.
  7. Some low level Space X employee needs to break out a bucket of fresh white paint!
  8. kerbie18

    Hot Sauce

    I have a bottle of this stuff. It is absolutely LETHAL. I use a few drops of it diluted into a large serving of whatever I'm eating. 350,000 scoval heat units.
  9. Since ranch is basically liquid fat, I try not to eat much of it. It is tasty though.
  10. I tried wearing a cup many years ago as a rookie. It's just too much of a hassle when you are working long hours. So, nope...
  11. I've toyed with the idea of being a hostage negotiator. I've been through training sessions related to the job. I don't possess the patience to talk to a liberal douch bag for nine straight damn hours. Kudos to those that possess that incredible level of patience. I wouldn't make it 9 hours before I would just take the residence.
  12. That will make for an interesting call to AAA...
  13. I don't know what I'm looking at, exactly...
  14. I'm an officer in that city. The week that the riots began, I pulled a 91 hour work week. The following couple weeks were probably in the 80 hour range. I didn't see much of my kids, and sometimes slept in my car. Yay!! Fun!!
  15. Just changed my Amazon charity after reading this thread. It was previously my niece's school, but she graduated, so I needed a new one anyway. Thanks!
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