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  1. Sounds like he would have been a fun guy to know in high school.
  2. kerbie18

    International travel ideas

    Our previous trip to Alaska was on a cruise ship, just quickly hitting 4 coastal ports. It's on my bucket list in the far future to live in Alaska for a month or two.
  3. kerbie18

    International travel ideas

    I've been to Paris myself, 25 years ago. It is indeed a wonderful city. I worry about the more current dangers there. I'd be traveling unarmed (I am rarely unarmed) with a 12 year old girl. How safe is Paris today, really?
  4. kerbie18

    International travel ideas

    Nearest major airport is Louisville, KY for me. We actually already did Belize. It's a beautiful place indeed, but depressingly poor as well. One of my kids was more concerned with feeding the starving stray dogs than anything else. Your other suggestions raise some possibilities, thanks!
  5. kerbie18

    International travel ideas

    Okay, in the first week of April I will have a 9 day window to take one of my daughters on a fun spring break trip. We have already set foot in all 50 states and most of the Caribbean countries, it was a previous goal of ours, so looking at further goals. I traveled to several European countries in my youth over 20 years ago. I'm considering taking my daughter to Europe on vacation, but the whole Muslim invasion gives me pause. Any advice besides just stay home? Any safer countries that are fun?
  6. kerbie18

    Random Posting

    Their other hands should be holding up the middle finger towards the two cemetaries. That is a B.S. rule if ever there was one.
  7. Isn't this sexist against men? Do they include minorities or is he a racist too? (sarcasm)
  8. kerbie18

    Random Posting

    I've been looking at this picture trying to figure out what caused it. I got nothing...
  9. kerbie18

    Random Posting

    Each squirrel will be issued a unique boresite screen name used to distinguish each of them. (that should boost membership)
  10. kerbie18

    Ugly Japanese vehicles.

    Have they heard of the concept of a "crush zone"?? You need a decent sized engine compartment in front of you if you plan on surviving a wreck. Sheesh....
  11. kerbie18

    The wife is boycotting Ford

    Were they on the Spanish network or an English speaking station?
  12. I got the message twice for some reason. Am I special?
  13. Well, I'm sure many people felt the same way about colonizing America several hundred years ago. Colonizing Mars certainly won't be easy, or safe, or quick, but colonizing anything never is...
  14. We need to develope better radiation shielding. Where are our boresite engineers at?
  15. kerbie18


    Damn! That dog jumps 6 foot fences like they're nothing.