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  1. 1.) Blackberry 2.) Blueberry 3.) Everything else With vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee.
  2. I killed deer, bear, and elk with a Ruger Bisley .45 Colt ages ago in the 80s and 90s. Had the barrel chopped to 5.5”, added a white outline rear/gold bead front sight package but left the trigger as-is was since it was fine right out of the box. Using Keith type bullets between 270-300gr @ 1000fps it was, and still is, a great big game killer.
  3. I’ve used WST the past 30 years and have never felt a need to change. Prior to that a lot of Unique and some 231.
  4. .223 .270 7mm Rem mag I’ve owned and used about all calibers under the sun at one time or another. But 85-90% of all my hunting has been with one of these three calibers.
  5. I bought one a number of years ago for a dedicated 9mm reloader. I set it up according to Lee website videos. So far 10s of 1000s of rounds later it’s run with nary a hitch. I don’t use the case feeder nor do I prep cases except for a small run in the tumbler. I’ve been more then pleased for a $200 machine.
  6. I remember the late Don Zutz’s writings on Merkel shotguns of which he was a huge fan: the receiver/barrels were so tightly fitted they wouldn’t close if there was smoke between the two.
  7. I fell into a .40 BHP by accident 20 years ago. A LGS had a return they were letting go for $325. I’m not a .40 fan but do collect BHPs so I bought it. It ended up being my favorite USPSA production class gun when I was still competing regularly.
  8. Tulammo $8.27 A box after tax at WM. For My needs no reason to reload 9mm anymore.
  9. Shot a friends last week. For all the hoopla it's still just a glock with some minor changes. Nothing new and improved.
  10. I've always said if Glock introduced a g19 w/1911 18° grip angle I'd buy one. Picked one up a few weeks ago. It goes by the name of ruger security 9.
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