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  1. Hey everybody...Busy Saturday...Just popped in to say Hi....Back later
  2. `Baby I need to go to the store...(under your breath) "range" That way you can say I told you where I was going!` Hilarious!
  3. RIP...Tom...Thanks for the memories...
  4. "Paddock, 64, lived in Mesquite, Nevada. He has a criminal history and was known by local police." "Paddock is reported to have lived in a retirement village in Mesquite, Nevada, since June 2016 and is believed to have been born on April 9, 1953." "It is claimed he previously lived in Reno, Nevada, from 2011 to 2016, and also had an address in Melbourne, Florida, from 2013 to 2015. He has also lived in Henderson, Nevada, and several locations in California since 1990, it is reported." "Officers were initially seeking his travelling companion - Marilou Danley - who has now been located. She is believed to have been his roommate." "Police said Danley, 62, lived with Paddock in Mesquite. She is reportedly an Australian citizen. According to The Australian newspaper, Danley, who has been located by police, is an Australian passport holder and may be of Indonesian descent. " `However, authorities in Australia have not yet confirmed that she is Australian.` https://www.yahoo.com/news/stephen-paddock-mandalay-bay-attacker-114221906.html
  5. "Get that stupid Burka off your head"
  6. David Spade's parting ways with one of his tricked out rides ... and it can be yours for a pretty reasonable price. Spade's selling his recently revamped 1987 Buick Grand National -- aka his "troublemaker car" -- which was once featured on "Jay Leno's Garage." We're told he's unloading the car, which he's had for 12 years, because he doesn't have room for it anymore. The 'Joe Dirt' star's dropped nearly $9k on the vehicle the past year to get it in tip-top shape ... and has it listed for $33,000. And speaking of Joe Dirt ... we're told Spade might be selling the classic movie car he paid almost a million for next. DAAAAAANG!!! Too bad it's not a GNX.....
  7. Bang it out and put a little Polish on it will be just fine...
  8. Dont worry you will get there soon enough...Interesting how that works...time goes by faster the older you get .... years seem to get shorter and shorter...The more time you’ve lived, the shorter each year feels.....weird..but so true...
  9. Crazy and makes a point...
  10. Taking a Nap for 2 hours...(this early evening)...Been a long week...when I awake I will have a Great tasty cup of Coffee!

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