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  1. I had my lower wisdom teeth out (one impacted) in the U.S. Navy. I feel like I should have been awarded at a least a Purple Heart. Lol.
  2. Another migrant from the forum that shall not be named. Joined a few months ago but never said hello. Hello!
  3. Remington 870P with a Surefire X300 light and a Mesa side saddle loaded with 2 3/4 Federal flight control 00 buck.
  4. Jay S.


    Almost non-existent in the last two years. https://spartanmosquito.com/ FTW!
  5. I live in south Mississippi. Lakes and rivers are full of cottonmouths, alligators snapping turtles and the water is generally brown and murky. The ocean ( gulf) is very muddy and the beaches suck unless you head towards Destin, Orange Beach etc. Absolutely no swimming down here for me unless it’s in a pool. Was just the opposite when I lived in Maine.
  6. From Homer Simpson: “Look at those poor saps back on land with their laws and ethics! They’ll never know the simple joys of a monkey knife fight.”
  7. The assistant told me that it was only by the grace of God that I still had my close up vision during my previous surgery exam as I was over 40. She said that it may be 1 month or 6 months but I would start to lose it. 2 or 3 months after the surgery I started to notice it and now several years later my arms aren't long enough to read some things. I think it would have happened eventually but the lasik just made it happen sooner. Still well worth it for me.
  8. Had Lasic (wave?) done a couple years ago. I chose the super duper special NASA type surgery where the machine locks on to your eyeball after it maps it and guides the laser by itself. I had a pretty good astigmatism and now have 20/15 vision. It's kind of expensive and I put it off because I didn't feel like it would be worth it. I kick myself in the ass every day for not having it done sooner. Best money I've ever spent.
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