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  1. I just returned from attending the annual reunion of MACV/SOG in Las Vegas. A good friend of mine is a member and invited me to go along as his sponsored guest. It was humbling to meet and socialize with some of the most distinguished veterans of Special Forces and the Vietnam War. They are aging, and dying off fast. 87 members of the Special Operations Association have died since the last reunion two years ago. The VA had a staffed information table to help any veterans who needed to apply for treatment or benefits. Lots of swag, emblematic items and books for sale. Open bar and hospitality room for attendees. The booze and the stories were flowing. They held a long memorial breakfast to honor the many unit members who remain MIA. A number of former Vietnamese aircrew (Kingbees) who supported SOG were also there. I got to meet and speak with some true American heroes. It was a great event. https://sogsite.com
  2. Quite a few psychotherapists will make a lot of money from the kids involved, in future years.
  3. A tiny bit of revenge for 5000 years of traditional Chinese medicine made from exotic animal parts.
  4. If you are afraid of the wrath of your constituents, you're probably doing much that you know they do not and would not approve of. You are knowingly working against their interests. You reap what you sow. Sic Semper Tyrannis.
  5. Well, that didn't take long. Way to go, Bumbles Biden! What a disaster this administration is, in every way.
  6. When it all blows up, the last man standing will be wearing flip-flops and cycling the bolt of a Mosin Nagant.
  7. I drive a 2017 Outback, 84k miles. I love that car. It is an outstanding, useful, capable vehicle that drives extremely well. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.
  8. This. It is purely intended to enable the future massive redistribution of wealth, in the name of "social justice", "reparations " and/or "equity." You will be told what your "fair share" was as they extract the money from your accounts without your permission. If you object, they will prosecute you. If you resist, they will kill you. Never, ever, give up your guns. Never, ever register them. DO NOT COMPLY.
  9. You are absolutely right. Another stone in the balance.......getting very close to tripping.
  10. Be well, find your happiness. Let us hear when you can.
  11. True. But there are more of them and they rotate back and forth from supply ports. They are vulnerable to submarine and missile attacks, and are certainly prime targets, but the carrier and its air wing is the prize.
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