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  1. She's no doubt celebrating Biden’s upcoming inauguration, and The Ho's impending assumption of the Presidency when he fades just a little bit further.
  2. Hollywood is in the business of creating and selling fiction. Why would we not expect Hollyweirders to make up and spout whatever creative fiction suits their advantages at any particular moment? Just like the Dimocrats they overwhelmingly support and fund. Liars, all of them. Certainly not role models or people to be trusted with your kids, your money, or your freedoms.
  3. Melt the ends to a point, not too bad. Took a couple of tries to get it right, then no big problem.
  4. Based upon this recommendation, I bought one of these. I like it a lot, and have retired my old tri-fold nylon rigger's wallet. It is a great design. It fits in the "cell phone" pocket of the 5.11 pants I wear almost universally, and that smart phones don't fit into. I customized the paracord lanyard. The only downside is that my organizational challenge coin now has no home. Guess I'll have to think on that.
  5. Well, there are a couple of ways to look at it. A ship is formally placed in commission, has a name, and a specific commanding officer and crew. It flies a commission pennant. A boat has none of these things, perhaps a number. Boats are usually like pool vehicles, crewed by different people on different days. Boats are also too small or have such limited capabilities that they dont warrant being considered as ships. A boat may be captained by an enlisted man, but a ship in the USN has a commissioned officer in command, invariably. A boat can fit aboard a ship, not vice versa (except submarines, which are ALWAYS called boats (tradition.)
  6. Appreciate your kind words, everyone. Thank you very much.
  7. My last motorcycle, a 1988 Honda CBR100F "Hurricane". I sold it in 1992, before transferring overseas. What a machine.
  8. If you want to inspire a genuine nightmare, look at how the Zulu Impis employed the iklwa, sometimes also (incorrectly) called the assegai. A truly terrifying weapon in determined hands.
  9. Sea Stories: # 55 - Meeting A Legend In 1986, I was privileged to meet and have a conversation with a bona fide US Navy legend and hero of World War II. VADM John D. Bulkeley was a member of the U.S. Naval Academy graduating class of 1933. When World War II began for America on the 07th of December 1941, then-Lieutenant Junior Grade Bulkeley was in command of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three, a group of six plywood PT boats, in Cavite, Philippines. These small, gallant little craft carried four torpedoes and several machine guns each, and were powered by gasoline engines. They were basically floating bombs, but could and did punch above their weight. The movie They Were Expendable, starring John Wayne and Robert Montgomery is a dramatization of these boats' service, and is a WWII classic film. The US Navy in the Pacific had been decimated by the Pearl Harbor attacks, so even though the Navy brass had prior to this time not been particularly impressed by the PT boat concept, the little boats were pressed into service to attack Japanese shipping. They usually did so at night, and the tiny vessels and crews sank numerous Japanese warships and supply ships in the early years of the war. They took heavy casualties. But the PTs played a major role in disrupting Japanese supply efforts in battles in the Solomon Islands campaign, raiding Japanese convoys dubbed “The Tokyo Express” coming down “The Slot” as New Georgia Sound was known. Imagine being told to get aboard your little plywood boat and sally forth to attack a task force of Japanese destroyers and cruisers, by necessity “up close and personal.” This was a contact sport, not for the faint of heart. And LT Bulkeley was right in the middle of it, leading these missions into curtains of heavy fire and taking the fight to the Japanese to good effect. In March of 1942, LT Bulkeley got a most unusual mission order. And on the 12th of March, he took PT-41 and three other boats of his squadron to Corregidor Island, at the mouth of Manila Bay, and embarked General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur, his wife and child, and members of his household and staff. The Philippines were about to fall to the Japanese Army, and President Roosevelt had ordered MacArthur to evacuate from the Philippines to prevent his capture or death. Lt Bulkeley and his PTs transported these key personnel to Mindanao, from where they were flown to safety in Australia. And in recognition of his gallant combat service before and during that operation, LT Bulkeley was awarded the Medal Of Honor by President Roosevelt, becoming one of the highest decorated officers in US Navy history. His career decorations include that Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, two Distinguished Service Crosses, the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit and the Purple Heart. Bulkeley is the man who, after meeting US Ambassador Joseph Kennedy in September 1942, recruited future President John F. Kennedy into the USN PT Boat service. And he survived the war and went on to lead a stellar naval career, rising to the rank of Vice Admiral, and initially retiring in 1975. But in the early 1980s, he was recalled to active duty to lead the USN's Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV.) This organization thoroughly inspects every Navy ship about every five years, to document its material readiness in minute detail, and to advise hard decisions about the ship's fitness for further duty. It is a job for a man who has tremendous focus, a pugnacious tenacity and a No-BS approach to the facts. VADM Bulkeley was just such a man. He was known as a fighter, and a no-nonsense commander. It was in this capacity that our conversation took place. I was Flag Lieutenant and Aide to a Rear Admiral in command of a large Group of logistics supply ships. One of them was undergoing her INSURV inspection, and some significant problems had come to light. VADM Bulkeley was not pleased, and hard decisions were going to have to be made about costs, accountability and the further service of the vessel. The Admiral and I reported aboard the Destroyer Tender that VADM Bulkeley was using as his temporary office during that inspection, and we were shown into his cabin. There he was, the Legend himself, in an old, faded khaki uniform made soft by countless washings. His hair was gray, his face weathered by nearly 55 years of naval service, including several years of pitched combat. He greeted the Admiral with the respect due to his rank and command position. He then fixed me with a steely gaze, his eyes penetrating and belying a less-than-gentle spirit. I was in awe. And then he spoke: “You can go now.” And I replied: “Aye, aye, sir.” I did a smart about face and departed the cabin, leaving the two Admirals to their discussions. I didn't say it was a LONG conversation. VADM John D. Bulkeley, USN
  10. Well, dear friends and (dare I to hope) long-time readers, the time has come. I have just finished the final story in my little collection of reminiscences of my Navy service. Sea Story #55 "Meeting A Legend" is done, and I am about out of material that anyone would find even remotely entertaining. If you have enjoyed reading my stories, I am glad to know it. If you have been peeved by their continual intrusion into your inbox or website browser, I apologize. I hope I haven't bothered you too much with my relentless distribution of them. I will soon be starting a much larger literary project. If it pans out in time, I'll let you know where to find it. I'm hoping it will turn out well. Thanks for your interest, your encouragement and your patience. All the best in the coming year as America charts its uncertain course through murky waters and strong currents. Stand fast, and Merry Christmas to you all, Gunboat1 LCDR, USN (ret)
  11. Sea Stories #54 - Naval Edged Weapons No single attribute has played a greater part in the survival of the human species and its ascendance to the top of the food chain than our ability to use tools. And the fundamental tool of the human animal is the edged weapon, or basically, the knife. The knife, in conjunction with the opposable thumb with which to wield it, has been the single most important factor in human evolutionary achievement, the rise and fall of civilizations, the mastery of the environment and the elements. When things go south, there is no more important tool, even in the modern age, than the knife. All of which is a long way of saying that I like sharp, shiny things. Always have. Weapons are very much designed with the understanding that their uses have the preservation of life itself at stake. Form follows function. Chipped stone first yielded to copper, then bronze, which yielded in time to iron, and then to increasingly better steels as technology and materials science progressed And most individual weapons are variations on a theme. The basic weapon? The knife. A sword? A long knife, the better to kill an enemy with from a bit further away. An axe? A knife on a stick. A spear? A knife on a loooong stick. An arrow? A small knife on a thin flying stick. A bullet? A knife you can throw really far and fast. Shrapnel? Lots of knives propelled by explosions. The knife is the mother of many weapons. And different cultures developed different designs, across many ages and based upon their way of fighting, in the context of their dress, tactics and environment. In the modern age military, hand-held edged weapons are largely confined to uniformed ceremonial use (there are some exceptions among elite troops.) The US Army doesn't even train recruits in the use of the bayonet anymore. That's a pity. But there are certain weapons associated with each service's dress uniforms. The US Army has both an Officer's sword and an NCO sword. Both are saber designs, with curved blades and (ostensibly sharpened) false edges to be used to deliver fencing back cuts. The historical designs of both harken back to actual weapons that were used by actual soldiers, infantry and cavalry, in mortal combat. The USMC has an Officer's sword, and an NCO saber. Both are modeled after actual weapons, and the officer's sword is in fact a copy of a foreign weapon that was presented by a foreign potentate to a USMC officer, who then carried it as a trophy. The US Air Force has an Officer's sword. As the Air Force was born long after hand-to-hand combat by officers was passe, and they wanted to look different from the other services in their dress uniforms, they chose a straight bladed semi-civilized design with a very small guard. It is basically a piece of costume jewelry. (To be fair, the USAF also uses the Army officer's saber, as they grew out of the Army Air Corps.) But the USN (and the British Royal Navy before it) has historically had three edged weapons associated with it, and many battles have seen their use. The three are the Dirk, the Cutlass and the Naval Officer's Sword. The design of each reflects the conditions of use which were expected. Combat on the deck of a warship is a very close, confined affair. Sailors would climb aboard their enemies' ship. There would be men cheek to jowl, with rigging, spars, equipment, sails and cannons all around them. There was simply little room to deliver wide, swinging, haymaker slashes. Attempting to do that could easily lead to your weapon catching on someone or something before it reached its intended target, and leaving you open to a killing blow. So naval weapons mostly emphasized the thrust vice the slash. This stroke could be delivered straight in, with a minimum of space and a quick economy of motion. It is also usually more deadly than a slash; slashes lead to painful bleeding which in time may lead to death, but more often lead to capitulation. Thrusts lead to hemorrhage, which quite usually leads to death, thereby conclusively winning the argument. (Historical digression: I once read a fascinating treatise by a noted martial artist, who posited that historically, cultures whose weapons and tactics favored the thrust conquered more, won more and lasted longer than cultures which emphasized the slash. The Chinese Jian, the Greek Xiphos, the Roman Gladius, the English Backsword and the moderately-curved Saber all saw empires rise behind their keen points. The Author “made his point”, at least to me.) The Dirk: The Dirk was normally carried by Midshipmen. As Midshipmen were typically young men in their early-late teens, they were not yet able to wield longer, heavier weapons, but still had to be able to defend themselves. A dirk is a smallish, straight bladed dagger with a needle point, and usually with a single sharpened edge and a double guard. It didn't slash well, but it pierced like nobody's business in a thrust. The Cutlass: The Cutlass was usually wielded by common sailors, who had little instruction in fencing. Put a sword in the hands of an untrained man, and his usual instinct is to slash with it. So a short, heavy-bladed weapon with a massive handguard and a thrusting point was developed – the Cutlass. It could slash and thrust, had enough mass to cleave flesh and bone if a swing could be delivered, and it was short enough to allow use in close confines. (Some sailors were also issued a pike, which is a pure thrusting weapon, or a boarding axe. These axes were not for fighting per se; they were to be used to cut down the enemies' supportive rigging, thereby dismasting their ship and winning the battle. But they were dandy for killing if you could get one into an enemy's skull.) So the Cutlass became a traditional naval weapon, optimized for use in close quarters by a relatively unskilled man. The Naval Officer's Sword: A Naval Officer was (and is) a gentleman. His education, therefore, included the manly art of fencing: fighting with a sword, like a gentleman. Thrust and parry, with only occasional subtle slashes as tactical elements. So a Naval Officer's sword followed a historical pattern called a spadroon – a longish, straight blade, with a keen point and a sharpened false (back) edge near the point, to allow back cuts. It had a stylized knucklebow and guard to protect the hand during parrying maneuvers, and featured nautical motifs as artistic embellishments. It was a poor slashing tool, but a very keen thrusting weapon, capable of running an opponent through with ease. Straight in, straight out, gurgle, thunk, fight over. Hoist the colors, splice the main brace, and start calculating a course back to home port. A Cutlass A Dirk A Naval Officer's Sword
  12. Sea Stories: #53 - Serving An Admiral One of my most enjoyable tours on active duty was as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to a Rear Admiral. All Flag Officers in the USN rate a personal staff in addition to the command staff assigned to whatever unit they command. In my case, I was assigned to Commander, Service Group TWO, in Norfolk, VA. The Commander at that time was RADM M.E. “Jim” Toole, USN. The Admiral: RADM Toole was a very interesting man. He obtained his commission though the NROTC. He was a Surface Warfare Officer, who had in his time commanded a River Division of PBRs (riverine gunboats) in Vietnam, a Destroyer Escort, a guided Missile Destroyer, and later a Guided Missile Cruiser. Upon selection to flag rank, he was given command of SERVGRU TWO, which was a collection of support vessels of the Atlantic Surface Forces. These ships included Destroyer Tenders, Oilers, Ammunition Ships, Refrigerated Stores ships , Salvage and Recovery ships, and a Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit, all organized into three squadrons. This was the logistics support arm of the Atlantic Fleet, as well as the NATO Strike Fleet, Atlantic. A wise man once said “Amateurs debate tactics. Professionals worry about logistics.” This is exactly right, and it was a huge responsibility. RADM Toole was a very tough, very capable and extremely intelligent officer. He was a voracious reader and serious student of history, with tremendous powers of recall of details. His father had been an actual horse cavalryman who was sent into Mexico to chase down Pancho Villa! As befitting a Vietnam War “brown water navy” veteran (he is favorably mentioned in the book Rogue Warrior, by Dick Marcinko) he was all business and no bull****. He demanded accountability from those who he led. And he was known for convening disciplinary hearings (Admiral's Mast) for a large number of officers of the group whose ships had problems or incidents. He was not at all averse to calling senior officers in front of the “Long Green Table” and rendering punitive judgment when it was called for. He was also very tough in his role of logistician for the NATO Strike Fleet. He was the first USN admiral to make the annual wargamers at the Naval War College consider the LOGISTICS aspects of their battle simulations. These annual wargames were factored in to force levels and tactical plans; prior to RADM Toole, it was all about who shot who, with how many missiles or torpedoes. But Admiral Toole made them be realistic. “OK, how many missiles did USS Belknap fire yesterday in battle? 62, sir. OK, then how did she just fire 40 more? She only had 18 remaining!.....Well, sir, she replenished last night! From whom? USS Nitro, sir! No, Nitro departed the battle group yesterday morning to refill her magazines in Iceland, she wasn't there. Uhhhhhh........OK, so Belknap was sunk, then.” BIG DIFFERENCE IN OUTCOME, based upon logistic realities instead of simply throwing around imaginary missiles. RADM Toole spoke his mind and did what he thought was right. I really liked and respected him, and enjoyed being his Flag Lieutenant. He had a flamboyant personal style, too. He was single, and had a striking, well-endowed blonde girlfriend who was very impressive when they attended social events together. He was quite a guy. He was very good to me and I did my best to take good care of him. Personal Staff: A Rear Admiral had a personal staff of four who reported directly to him: A Flag Secretary, A Flag Lieutenant/Aide, a Flag Writer and a Driver. The Flag Secretary was a Lieutenant Commander (Limited Duty Officer) who was an admin specialist, and handled the Admiral's personal correspondence as well as overseeing the Group's official paperwork. The Flag Writer was a First Class Petty Officer Yeoman (later a CPO) who typed, prepared low-level notes, and created drafts of some correspondence, and directly supervised the Driver, who was an E-3 Seaman whose job it was to drive the admiral to wherever he needed to go, and to keep the assigned pool vehicle clean and ready. And I was the Flag Lieutenant/Aide (more on this later.) (Uniform and historical note: officers assigned as personal staff to a USN Admiral wear a distinctive item of uniform apparel called an aiguillette, on their left shoulder. It is a looped cord of blue and gold, with the number of loops signifying the rank of the admiral, corresponding to the number of stars he wears. In this way, the officer can instantly be identified as someone who is serving the immediate needs of an Admiral, and be given appropriate priority. The dress aiguillette is extremely ornate, whereas the daily wear item is simpler. And according to the history I was taught, the aiguillette has its historical origins in the 1300s. A very senior Spanish officer, the Duke of Medina Sedona, had a small elite bodyguard force of personal troops, who he used for important missions when required. And each man carried a small coil of rope around one shoulder at all times, as an insignia of his membership in that unit. And if the man ever failed to accomplish an assigned task, he was expected to immediately hang himself with that rope! Today's aiguillette is a stylized symbol of that ancient tradition. ) The Flag Lieutenant: How do you get this job? In my day, one single civilian employee at the USN Bureau of Personnel was responsible for identifying officers whose records indicated good potential to be flag Aides. When an Admiral needed an Aide, she would send over several service record nominations for the Admiral to choose from, and he would pick one. I'm not sure how I got into that pile, but I'm glad I did. ( I think Admiral Toole picked me because I got my commission from NROTC, and had been serving on a cruiser like the one he had commanded.) The job of the Flag Lieutenant (also known in Navy parlance as a “dog robber”) is to take care of the Admiral's daily needs. To help him carry out his daily routine, and fetch him whatever he needs to do it. To get him to events on time, in proper uniform and knowing what he needs to know to be effective. To give him briefing materials and to track them when they are classified so they don't get compromised. To carry his bags, fetch his drinks, get him to the proper seat at the table, and do whatever is needed so that he looks omniscient, vice unprepared. To get his car serviced, to help him prepare for and carry out social events in his home when of an official nature. Basically, to help him make the most efficient use of his limited time, but doing WHATEVER he needs done to accomplish the mission. In return for this difficult, time-consuming job, the young officer is given a graduate-level education in big issues, learns how the Navy actually runs, sees and hears much of instructive value, and meets a lot of powerful people. The Admiral usually helps the officer get a career-enhancing next assignment (assuming that he has done well. Not everyone does.) Pitfalls: I know of two Flag Lieutenants who didn't do well, and were fired from the job. One guy had a fender bender with the Admiral's official car while he was off using it without permission during a duty day. He knew that the Admiral had to have a car, and driving around in a badly dented vehicle wouldn't go unnoticed. So he rushed over to the base motor pool and demanded that they give him a new vehicle for the Admiral while they fixed the old one. He mentioned this to no one. And later that afternoon, the Admiral took the keys, drove himself to the golf course and opened the trunk, looking for his expensive set of golf clubs.....which weren't there. They were still in the car over at the motor pool garage. Oops. You're fired. The other one was my predecessor, who was already gone when I reported aboard to replace him. (That's never a good sign.) While some Admirals are notorious for firing their Aides at the first drop of a hat, Admiral Toole was more patient, but in the end the guy had to go. For starters, he apparently had legendary halitosis; this isn't a good reflection on the boss. Then the “Uniform Incident” happened. The Surface Forces Atlantic Ball is a major social event of the year. All the brass are there in resplendent seasonally-appropriate full dress uniform. Dinner, drinks, dancing, major schmoozing, it's a big deal. So the Aide has helped the Admiral prepare. And upon the hour, the Admiral pulls up in his car with his girlfriend.....and sees that he is in the WRONG uniform. He drops the girlfriend off at the mall with his credit card to buy an appropriate evening dress ( she is now angry, so buys a REALLY NICE ONE...on his dime.) He races back from Virginia Beach to Norfolk, changes into the right uniform, and speeds back to pick up the girlfriend, who is now wearing haute couture and rocking the cleavage and mile-long legs on stiletto heels. And they are very late....so late that in fact they walk in and proceed to their head-table seats, right in the middle of Commander, Naval Surface Forces Atlantic (the Admiral's boss)'s speech (thereby causing quite a stir! ) No one remembers the slightest detail of the speech, ever. But they sure remember the entrance and the Girlfriend. But the straw that broke the Aide's back, so to speak, was the “NATO Speech Incident.” It is a major briefing to a huge NATO annual fleet exercise staff. The Admiral is at the podium, addressing the assembled crowd of senior NATO officers, with dozens of admirals, generals and other seniors of several NATO countries listening to his presentation. My predecessor is sitting in his chair in the front row, aiguillette on his shoulder, with the Admiral's briefcase at his feet, in case he needs to provide any other materials. The room is crowded with a couple of hundred people and is quite warm. The Aide dozes off....and falls out of his front-row seat, onto the floor, as his (my) Admiral is speaking. I reported in as the new Flag Lieutenant about a month later.
  13. A friend sent me the following text in response to my earlier posting. My reply back to him is quoted below for your consideration. GB1 ***************************************************************************** Gunboat1, What are you trying to communicate here? Are you asserting that everyone (including the Supreme Court, several lower courts, and Republicans) are trying to "steal" a Trump presidential election win from him when the numbers seem pretty clearly to the contrary? All the evidence seems to point toward a Trump loss. Are you suggesting civil war as a remedy to Trump's loss? I don't understand. XXXXX ************************************************************************************** Hi, XXXXX. Yes, perhaps I should have been a bit more detailed in my commentary. Many of the addressees on my earlier e-mail have been party to other, longer discussions. So here is my position in greater detail. I believe it is irrefutable that electoral fraud took place in this election, on a massive scale. See links below for specifics. "All the evidence" does NOT point to a Biden win; that's just what the liberal media is shouting. There are many others; I got tired of linking them. We are supposed to believe that a corrupt, geriatric, senile, possible pedophile with a credible accuser of sexual assault in his background, who couldn't draw crowds measuring in the hundreds to his rallies, won with an unprecedented turnout of popular votes against a sitting president whose millions of supporters are rabidly enthusiastic about him. More votes than either Clinton or Obama ever got? He supposedly did so even though President Trump did BETTER across many traditional Democrat demographics than he did in 2016, and even though Republicans won numerous downballot races which were not forecast. All those voters voted FOR Republican congressmen, but AGAINST Trump? It simply is not logical. It makes no sense. Numerous documented instances of anomalies took place, with sworn testimony from many eyewitnesses reporting it...ALWAYS benefitting Biden. Midnight totals overwhelmingly favoring Biden pouring in after counting was "stopped for the night." More ballots cast than registered voters in some jurisdictions. Even video evidence was recovered, and the mainstream media gaslighted us and told us not to believe our lying eyes. Ballots were mailed by the millions to people who did not request them, and whose actual identification was not allowed or required when those ballots magically entered the system, overwhelmingly benefitting Biden. BS. Several courts have considered cases. Most have said "technically, there is insufficient evidence to overturn what happened." Some have even acknowledged that fraud occurred, but "not in sufficient measure to change the result." The absence of proof is not proof of absence of fraud. It just means they covered their tracks well enough to avoid discovery, or that the court in question wanted a desired result and didn't consider the available evidence or the actual applicable law. This has happened a lot in liberal-dominated circuits or jurisdictions, historically. "Living document" and all of that.... The SCOTUS didn't say that no fraud occurred, or that Biden actually won; they said that the complainants didn't have standing to press their suit. Two Justices disagreed, and the others didn't sign any majority opinion. They simply hid behind an amorphous definition of "standing". They prefer a legislative or electoral remedy to this crisis over a judicial one. Millions of Americans, including me, believe this was dereliction of duty. This level of electoral fraud, coupled with the actions that a Biden administration will take to further open our borders to illegal aliens and to perpetuate the mechanisms by which this fraud was accomplished, will make it impossible for a free and fair election to ever be held in America again. Democrats will rule in perpetuity, using the fraud machine to make sure that they do. If they get away with it now, it's over forever. And they know it. So where does this leave us? America is now sharply divided into two countries, with radically different philosophies of life and governance. These visions are not akin to "we both like pie, I just prefer apple and he likes peach." They are diametrically opposed futures. We aren't going to "work it out" or compromise. THERE IS NO BASIS OF TRUST BETWEEN THE TWO PARTIES. None. ZERO. The Left has made it clear that they plan to radically change America, Constitution, law or consensus be damned. They are going to MAKE us do what they want. And one of the first things they plan to do is to radically attack Second Amendment rights in ways that are prima facie unconstitutional. They don't give a damn, they are going to do it anyway (or so they think.) They openly state that they plan to tell millions of Americans that they either have to turn in many millions of firearms and magazines that they currently legally own, or register them and pay a $200 tax for EACH ITEM. EACH GUN. EACH MAGAZINE. News Flash: WE WILL NOT COMPLY. Period. Not now, not ever. And if and when they try to enforce this blatantly unconstitutional edict, bullets are going to fly. Blood will be shed. Lexington and Concord will be eclipsed by orders of magnitude. And rightly so. America cannot remain one nation under these conditions. We haven't been "One Nation, Under God" in decades. It's time to realize and accept that. The best we can hope for is a negotiated breakup of the 50 states into two or three countries. These new nations will split the federal assets including the armed forces, and sign a mutual defense treaty in case of external attack. They can execute free trade agreements or border control policies that make sense to them. Then the Left can live in progressive crapholes like Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia and DC. Red America will live in freedom and with meaningful immigration, voting and taxation laws, and with clear Constitutional freedoms assured and recognized. Much significantly flawed past jurisprudence can be junked and a return to conservative values governing daily life can be enacted. Live and let live, and let's see who prospers the most. I'm quite confident in that outcome. Or, the Left can try to compel the Red State citizens to remain in the current USA, and to fund their insane policies and endorse their radical actions with their taxes and compliance, against their will. And that effort to force compliance will inevitably spark an actual shooting civil war. The Right doesn't want to start that war; no one is talking about marching on Washington en masse, taking over the White House and executing traitorous politicians. We just want our selves, our freedoms and our property to be respected and left the hell alone. But the Left will not do that. So when they do what they say they are going to do, resistance will quite rightly take place, the spark will strike and the war will start. I think history makes that quite clear. And this will not be a battlefield "line up across from each other and have it out" kind of war like CW I. It will be a full-on 4th-generation warfare civil war of subterfuge, assassination, sabotage and massive carnage on a personal, local scale. There won't be regiments fighting...there will be cells. Deadly little cells, killing on a micro-level. Lots of them. I know a few things about unstable nations, civil wars and decentralized insurgencies. It's going to be ugly. The "Time for Choosing" I spoke of is twofold: do we amicably divorce? If so, what side does one choose to be on? That may well involve relocation from where one now lives, and a different job than one now holds. And if divorce doesn't take place in a negotiated, equitable fashion, and the Left in their hubris and historical and constitutional ignorance starts a civil war? Same questions: What side does one choose to be on? What action is one willing to take to support their beliefs, to assure one's future, or to fulfil one's Oath of Office/Allegiance? The American Revolution was fought with only THREE PERCENT of the colonists actively supporting the fight. And they won against the preeminent military power on earth at the time. There are by conservative estimates 130+ million gun owners in America today. A great many of them are serving or retired military and/or police. If one percent of them, one man or woman out of a hundred, actively engage in a revolution against an attack on their freedoms, that is 1.3 MILLION armed patriots willing to kill or die to preserve their freedoms. And that makes for an unthinkably bloody 4th Generation war, right here on our home soil. We need to choose wisely. Yours, Gunboat1 https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/12/a_sixminute_video_sums_up_2020s_impossible_election_paradoxes.html https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/12/an_overview_of_the_latest_election_fraud_information.html https://sharylattkisson.com/2020/11/what-youve-been-asking-for-a-fairly-complete-list-of-some-of-the-most-significant-claims-of-2020-election-miscounts-errors-or-fraud/ https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/horowitz-new-analysis-shows-biden-winning-nearly-impossible-margins-on-mail-in-ballots-in-pennsylvania https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/bidens-impossible-victory The below link is somewhat extreme, and I don't agree with his last paragraph, but it does express the anger and serious nature of the coming crisis. https://redstate.com/stu-in-sd/2020/12/12/they-are-our-enemies-n293225
  14. The following is from FreeRepublic.com: https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3915255/posts For those who don’t get it! Now you understand why there was never any action against the Clintons or Obama, how they destroyed emails and evidence and phones and servers, how they spied and wiretapped, how they lied to FISA, had conversations on the tarmac, sent emails to cover their asses after key meetings, how Comey and Brennan and Clapper never were brought to any justice, how the FBI and CIA lied, how the Steele Dossier was passed along, how phones got factory reset, how leak after leak to an accomplice media went unchecked, why George Soros is always in the shadows, why Romney and Paul and Bush and McCain were all involved, why they screamed Russia and pushed a sham impeachment, why no one ever goes to jail, why no one is ever charged, why nothing ever happens. Why there was no wrongdoing in the FISA warrants, why the Durham report was delayed. Why Hunter will walk scott free. Why the FBI sat on the laptop. Why the Biden’s connection to China was overlooked as was unleashed the perfect weapon, a virus that could be weaponized politically to bring down the greatest ever economy and usher in unverifiable mail in voting. Why the media is 24/7 propaganda and lies, why up is down and down is up, right is wrong and wrong is right. Why social media silences the First Amendment and speaks over the President of the United States. This has been the plan by the Deep State all along. They didn’t expect Trump to win in 2016. He messed up their plans. Delayed it a little. They weren’t about to let it happen again. Covid was weaponized, Governors helped shut down their states, the media helped shame and kill the economy, and the super lucky unverifiable mail in ballots were just the trick to make sure the career politician allegedly with hands in Chinese payrolls that couldn’t finish a sentence or collect a crowd, miraculously became the most popular vote recipient of all time. You have just witnessed a coup, the overthrow of the US free election system, the end of our constitutional republic, and the merge of capitalism into the slide toward socialism. What will happen next? Expect the borders to open up. Increased immigration. Expect agencies like CBP and INS and Homeland Security to be muzzled or even deleted. Law enforcement will see continued defunding. The electoral college will be gone. History erased. Two Supreme Court Justices might be removed. The Supreme Court will be packed. Your 2nd Amendment will be attacked. If you have a manufacturing job or oil industry job, get ready. If you run a business, brace for impact. Maybe you’ll be on the hook for slavery reparations, or have your suburbs turned into Section 8 housing. Your taxes are gonna go up, and businesses will pay more. I could go on and on. There is no real recovery from this. The elections from here on will be decided by New York City, Chicago, and California. The Republic will be dead. Mob rule and appeasement will run rampant. The candidate who offers the most from the Treasury will get the most votes. But the votes voted won’t matter, just the ones received and counted. That precedent has been set. “Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out, ‘Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?’” Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it. Ladies and gentlemen, you will now lose your Republic. You turned from God. You turned from family. You turned from country. You embraced degeneracy culture. You celebrated and looked to fools. You worshipped yourselves selfishly as you took for granted what men died to give you. You disregarded history and all it teaches. On your watch, America just died a little. It’s likely she’ll never be the same again. Some of you have no idea what you’ve done. Sadly, some of you did.
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