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  1. True. But there are more of them and they rotate back and forth from supply ports. They are vulnerable to submarine and missile attacks, and are certainly prime targets, but the carrier and its air wing is the prize.
  2. Not exactly. The ship is maneuvered to give a desired velocity of wind across the flight deck, to provide the needed lift for launching and recovering aircraft at the speeds each will be flying at. It is a documented envelope. It can be compromised somewhat to allow the ship/battle group to move in the direction needed for operational reasons. It isn't rocket science. All the ship's company needs to know is what time air operations need to commence. They can handle everything else.
  3. Give 'em the full 20. Lots of tattooed Bubbettes will be very glad to meet them. By the time they get out, they will be able to do lingual pushups.
  4. It is the end result of a political battle which was fought before World War II. Aviators wanted major commands, to help them achieve flag rank in greater numbers. They posited the argument that it was easier to teach smart aviators the basics of ship control, systems and management that it was to teach dumb surface guys the basics of flight operations. It was and is about competitive advantage in the pursuit of Admiral's stars. It is one of the great idiotic injustices of the USN. Carriers ought to be commanded by SWOs, not aviators. But that battle was lost before any of us were born. It makes even less sense now that carriers are all nuclear powered. The CO has to attend and pass nuclear power school. In effect, they try to make every carrier CO a qualified Aviator, qualified SWO, and qualified nuclear engineer. It is insanely inefficient. It should be a SWO command. That's why they have dozens of SWOs serving under them, to do the hard thinking for them. The good ones listen to their XOs and Department Heads, who have far more experience in driving and managing ships.
  5. Oh, FFS. YAKKITY YAK. The PC slave Service Secretaries/Generals/Admirals rightly recognized that President Trump wasn't going to sign off on two purely PC promotions, so they bided their time until the Doddering Idiot In Chief was in power. When he announced their purely political promotions, Bumbles Biden couldn't even remember their names....that's how important the two female flags are. They are symbolic expressions of pandering to the feminista lobby, nothing more. Perfect illustration of the issue.
  6. Yes, there is a CO of the ship, a CO of the air wing, and probably a flag officer CO of the Task Group. Lots of senior officers on carriers.
  7. A robber ransacks a house. By your tortured, infantile "logic", it's the homeowner's fault for not keeping the robber out. I bet you think women who get raped are at fault because they didn’t struggle hard enough, and that they deserved it, because they dressed "that way." Some officer must have held you accountable once. Your class envy and lingering resentment are pitiful.
  8. No, female legislators, feminist lobbyists and female servicepersons who insist on taking combatant unit roles for which they are unsuited so they can indulge their badass fantasies cause the problems. Weak, PC male officers and legislators allow them to fester by pandering to the feminists. And to shut off your weak, puerile circular argument before it begins, it doesn't matter what stupidity some weak male officers contributed to the problem, or who set the cancer into motion. The problem exists, it is detrimental to our country’s security, and it needs to be rooted out immediately.
  9. Yes, and they stretch the definition of "qualified " to accommodate minority affirmative action hires, thereby dumbing down the organization even further. But as far as they are concerned, PC trumps ability every time.
  10. Absolutely, it happens every day in slavish pursuit of Political Correctness policies put in place to appease the radical feminist lobby. It is a cancer infecting all branches, all departments of the federal government. It must be cut out immediately if we are to save our Republic. This is exactly what I have been saying for years, with certain people insisting that no standards have been lowered, all is as it should be, any criticism of the situation was unwarranted and incorrect. Anyone with a shred of intellectual ability and integrity sees the problem for what it is. PC is a fatal disease.
  11. First female aircraft carrier Commanding Officer has never taken off by catapult or landed by arresting gear. But she IS female, so she's good to go! If this isn't proof of the priority given to PC over readiness and capability, I don't know what is. https://news.usni.org/2020/12/23/first-female-nuclear-carrier-co-will-command-uss-abraham-lincoln Another FSC/IWP (tm) (Feminist Sacred Cow/Incompetent Warrior Princess, pronounced "Fiskwipp") is promoted solely for PC reasons, over more experienced and deserving men. Frankly, we deserve what's coming to us, for allowing this BS for so long. Our military is deeply infected with a fatal disease: Political Correctness. If we don't rip it out root and branch, the Chinese and/or Russians will eventually slaughter and enslave us.. Time grows short.
  12. Resist. Tune out. Turn it off. Refuse to accept the new "counter-racism" (which is actually blatant reverse racism) paradigm. Call it out whenever possible.
  13. Look closely at the video, at the 7: 04 mark, in slow motion. Deputy Thoman inadvertently DROPS HIS MAGAZINE out of his sidearm. He got on the mag release under the stress of the fight. He then has the presence of mind to move laterally to cover around his cruiser, reload his weapon, flank the attacker and perforate his sorry ass with a full mag dump to slide lock. He then seeks out his dropped mag, reloads efficiently, and scans for additional threats. His training and mindset allowed him to recover from a serious stress induced malfunction and prevail. Stuff happens. Stay in the fight.
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