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  1. I am slowly equipping my truck to do mobile welding.I will post pics when I have more time and a bit more done on it. I have spent way too much money in the past week to set it up as cheaply as possible. Got a toolbox mounted and a generator secured in the back. Today some tig stuff came in and a klutch welding table. Possibly tonight or tomorrow the portable table will come. I also picked up a pair of saw horses today fairly cheap. The klutch is cheap, but it also offers some portability if I go with the tabletop configuration and don't put on the legs. The welding I am fairly comfortable doing. It is all the business stuff and marketing that has me nervous. Got a few leads though. Need info on the various mobile credit card systems and business cards. I want to get a good weld photo or collage for the card. I was thinking of the name Fine Line Welding because of my fondness for the thin stuff. Plus I think it conveys a certain quality or precision that I want to be known for. Picked up a few business tips from a couple of youtube channels I subscribe to, but I know I need more. I also have ordered some titanium and titanium tig filler rods, but who knows when they will ship. Got a purge block and dual flow regulator to purge the backside of the weld and a big ass cup to tig the front side. Got a 125 cubic foot cylinder of argon monday as well.
  2. I did once too, it was in the before time long ago. I once drew a cave painting of her.
  3. Because Peck and Sharif have passed on.
  4. If he can make it home that way he does.
  5. I’m doing a countertop Christmas tree this year. 2 big dogs and a small house.
  6. I've probably been close. I've listened to Aqua's Barbie Girl.
  7. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey has resigned. I wonder what scandal is coming up.
  8. Erik Estrada should do a show about boats. They could call it Chips Ahoy.
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