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  1. And that moron keeps doing it. Watched him several minutes and he ain’t learned his lesson yet.
  2. They say 5-7 days on the test. Hopefully sooner though. My brother-in-law got his back sooner. I asked about flu, doc said they hadn’t seen flu since April. My temp was 96.x. I normally run a little cool but not that low. I hadn’t had a drink for maybe 40 minutes so it wasn’t that. Just feel like crap.
  3. And on a related note:
  4. I’m getting tested in about an hour. I have some of the symptoms. More so than my normal bronchitis.
  5. But what about my saiga 12?
  6. Words of wisdom my friend. I try to have that attitude.
  7. Looks like they used Scarlet as the base for the meme and didn’t alter the body.
  8. Sometimes that works on the first part, sometimes it works on the 57th part.
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