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  1. Silentpoet

    Coworker washed away in flash flood

    They still haven’t found them. They thoroughly searched and drained the lake here in town. Yesterday they searched 12 miles of creek with the help of about 200 volunteers and nothing to show for all that looking.
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    More than happy meal

    There are certain places in this town I do not go because clients work there. One of the sonics I do not usually go to because of that. There is another one where a client works, but I am not too worried about, I just usually am not out that way when I need a drink. Then there is the place I would like to eat, but one of the workers is court ordered not to have contact with me.
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  5. Silentpoet

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    A big part of my job is working with addicicts. Words are easy, but real change is hard. I guess good for him if he really has changed. Maybe it will be a small piece of helping somebody else to change.
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    More than happy meal

    Yeah, they could probably aim for an average of 3 warrants instead of just about 2 per person.
  8. Silentpoet

    More than happy meal

    It's an ecstatic meal. https://www.foxnews.com/us/3-sonic-drive-in-employees-arrested-after-ecstasy-pill-found-in-kids-meal-police-say
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    Random Posting

    How come Admiral Nelson outranks Captain Morgan but is cheaper?