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  1. Silentpoet

    Random Political/Social Posting

    I wrote to them on gun rights and this is the response. Do these ****ing morons at the white house even know how to read? I don't think I even mentioned a woman or women at all and this is the response. Glad to know they are so responsive and concerned about my rights.
  2. Silentpoet

    A decent day shooting.

    What has got me going again was getting a mantis X dry fire doohickey.
  3. Silentpoet

    A decent day shooting.

    Thanks. And yes it is.
  4. Silentpoet

    A decent day shooting.

    Usp45 action. The second one is from 25 yards, or at least as far out as the target would go. Had two bad fliers all day way up into the 9 ring. One pic shows that. The group of smaller holes around the 9 is from my p365. After my last usp45 group at 5-7 yards, i need to ask them about the ceiling setup and I could tell you for sure, I decided to shoot a magazine of carry ammo from my 365. The groups are about the same size. Same distance. I need to measure but the 365 group might be smaller.The groups that went a little high in the X ring were sort of on purpose. First shot went there so I tried to keep them grouped together.
  5. Silentpoet

    A decent day shooting.

    This first post is my vp9. Not every single group though the last pic shows the target after about 60 rounds. I had 1 failure to eject. The case looked dirty, which is odd. I think it was a perfecta 115 grain bullet. Next I’ll post my usp45 shooting. Well the order is messed up, but you can figure out which is the 60 round picture I hope. It appears the second picture is my best vp9 group. I think it was the third one. The upside down T was my first group of the day.
  6. Silentpoet

    Random Posting

    I almost bought a car with one of those once. It was one of the less desirable of those era Hemis, I think maybe Plymouth. Even so if I hadn't been broke I would have bought it.
  7. Silentpoet

    Local Gun Show

    It's usually like going toa movie, your ticket price usually just buys you memories. Every once in a while I find an accessory or something. Been a long time since I actually bought a gun at one.
  8. Silentpoet

    Random Political/Social Posting

    R12 was a hell of a drug.
  9. Silentpoet

    Guess which state, go ahead I dare you to guess

    But what if they aren't Jewish?
  10. Silentpoet

    I'm good with the ending

    And circus pants?
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/health/drinking-2-or-more-diet-sodas-a-day-linked-to-stroke-heart-disease-study I get the biggest cup superamerica offers.