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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/world/indian-yogi-prahlad-jani-claimed-to-live-without-food-water-dead
  2. Just got his stuff from the nursing home. 3 boxes of misc clothes and stuff, a tv I bought him and his lift chair. I think there’s a bit more in storage. But it reminds me of a foster child at work who killed himself. I had his stuff in a few boxes by my desk for awhile. Not totally depressed, but with the work day and how tired I am it does have me a bit melancholy.
  3. Uncle John passed away friday afternoon. He had been down hill for awhile, but this was pretty sudden. Friday he ate lunch at the nursing home and then laid down for a nap. When they went to check on him, he had passed. They called mom about two thirty. Saturday we went and made arrangements. He will be cremated and then the urn will be buried next to his wife's grave, There will be no funeral given the current situation. He didn't really have much family. He was the half brother of mom's first husband. He would have been 89 in october.
  4. Is that age still into shopkins? They were big a couple of years back.
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