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  1. Watch Online: Mars Landing - NASA Mars
  2. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged in a statement on Wednesday evening that his company’s decision to ban President Donald Trump from the platform set a “dangerous” precedent and said that it was ultimately a “failure” by the company to “promote healthy conversation.” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: We Set A ‘Dangerous’ Precedent By Banning Trump | The Daily Wire That financial hit made them care. No mention of the thousands upon thousands of other Trump supporting twitter accounts that they banned. F'em
  3. GKL was banned. Came back....banned again.
  4. On that, I never get the "being hunted" thing but if the wind suddenly picks up out of nowhere and the trees are all swaying it might as well being a ghost saying "GEEEEET OUUUUT". Creeps me out.
  5. Eating in old establishments with old decor like heavy draperies or ornate metal ceiling tiles with chipped paint.
  6. What stands out to me about this idea of total deaths is that simply locking people up this way will cut down on the number of other deaths. Less driving, less spreading of other viruses, less surgical procedures, etc... There are number of things that the lockdowns would decrease the death rate. The difference being made up by Covid and then presented as AHAAA!! SAME TOTALS is incredibly shortsighted. It's like how mortality rates drop when Dr.s go on strike. Doctors' strikes and mortality: a review - PubMed (nih.gov) Factually correct but doesn't take into consideration a lot of variables that make the assertion silly.
  7. We used to get them a lot. Then we didn't get any so my wife bought an ink stamper to do returns info on letters. If we have resumed getting return labels I don't know it because my wife sorts the mail and is an OCD clutter destroyer and nothing unneeded survives to the end of the day.
  8. All occupations should look to equalize. It will be the quickest way to put an end to a lot of the nonsense
  9. Betas will not rule on the clear demolition of state constitutions. The cucks will not attach themselves for fear of the left burning down every major metro city.
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