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  1. There might actually be a physical problem causing the confusion. My dad called me a few months ago talking nonsense. After a few minutes I asked to speak with my sister who is taking care of him. I advised her to check his blood sugar (he is diabetic), turns out it was extremely low, below 40 IIRC. A glass of orange juice later he was back to himself and made an appointment to see his doctor the next day.
  2. Moshe, there was a thread on TOS where a couple of doctors were discussing the opioid problems. IIRC most docs nowadays are very concerned when their patients do not take all of their meds of them being sold on the street. Perhaps a conversation with him expressing your need for a lower dose or fewer doses would have avoided this.
  3. I tend to think like Rhomann Dey in Guardians of the Galaxy: " Well, I don't know if I believe anyone is 100% a dick... "
  4. 70 trips to the bathroom
  5. The majority shareholders had better sit up and take notice before this minority wrecks their investment.
  6. There is a thread asking about him on TOS.
  7. 10 members replied but only one vote.
  8. Just take a look at any Rez in the US.
  9. This right here. If it happens again, you should beat yourself up.
  10. I am getting the same thing. I just thought the new porn filter at work did not like it.
  11. 05:45 M-F usually get to work about 08:00 I like to sit and have breakfast and coffee with Mrs. BK. (usually I make) 07:30 on weekends
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