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  1. That depends on your local laws; in some places you can lose your carry permit. In others, they can only ask you to leave; in still other places, carrying in a prohibited location can be seen as a criminal act.
  2. Right actor, wrong movie
  3. Thanks for that..it got that damn shark song out of my head.
  4. billkill

    I Am Sick

    As kids growing up, we were rarely given soda to drink. The only exception was, when sick we were given all the ginger ale we wanted. Now I associate ginger ale with being sick and can't stand that ****.
  5. Damn, You know you're messed up when Huaco Kid throws shade your way.
  6. Consequence is a good sized stone for them to be tossing around.
  7. No, although he is an Army Vet, he does not use the VA.
  8. A quick glance at your post history shows the real reason you cannot get assistance. It has nothing to do with a Gubmint conspiracy. My 78 year old Dad has had chronic pain for the past decade and has no problem getting treatment and medications.
  9. Have you considered making wine or even brewing beer? A Blackberry port or Cherry Stout will keep longer than jam.
  10. Mrs. BK and I went to the mall a couple of weeks ago. It had been several years between trips there. This last time maybe one store in 10 was open (this was 11am on a Saturday), the rest dark and empty. It was depressing as hell, almost post-apocalyptic.
  11. I would have liked to have seen him in more dramatic roles.
  12. I read that in Rodney Dangerfield's voice
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