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  1. billkill

    Politics Pocahontas gets smack down from Cherokee Nation.

    I always liked "Lie-awatha"
  2. billkill

    Property tax vs sales tax - what do you think?

    That was the same reason Haslam gave to raise the fuel tax "Think of all the dollars we are missing out by not taxing those people passing through Tennessee" It might have worked if we weren't an East to West skinny state that gets mostly North and South traffic. Of course the Haslam family owning Pilot Oil didn't benefit from the increase in revenue.
  3. billkill

    Property tax vs sales tax - what do you think?

    In my county, the govt pushed a $30 wheel tax that had to be voted in the general election. When they faced opposition, the govt said they would then be forced to raise property taxes. As you can imagine, the wheel tax passed. Guess what the govt did the very next year?
  4. billkill

    Chuck Norrisisms

  5. I bet the author flipped his **** when traffic cams were put up.
  6. billkill

    Which translation

    I use the KJV most often but am not dogmatic about it. If I am having trouble understanding a verse I will try the other translations.
  7. billkill

    5 major features Android phones need

    I usually keep phones for several years. Been using the Galaxy S series. Started with the S3, moved to the S5, and am currently on the S8. This is not a phone; it's a video camera/player/editing studio, music player, personal computer, gaming system, E-reader, GPS, flashlight, translator, calendar, clock, & messenger that you can use make phone calls. Mrs BK and my three daughters all use iPhones.
  8. billkill

    I Don't Remember The Last Time...

    We still have a couple of those little drive up kiosks where I live. One is a hamburger place called Central Park, and the other is a BBQ place called Rollin' Smoke.
  9. billkill

    I Don't Remember The Last Time...

    I can't remember the last time I rewound a VHS tape or took a roll of film to be developed.
  10. Ash I heard they were going to for some flashback episodes. Is that going to happen?
  11. billkill

    Favorite obscure TV shows from your youth?

    I hated those slow walking ****ers!
  12. billkill

    Favorite obscure TV shows from your youth?

    I doubt many Millennials would know what show your avatar came from.
  13. billkill

    Unibrow model breaking stereotypes...

    Hey Good Lookin'! How you doin?
  14. billkill

    What is the greatest Sitcom of all time?

    Barney Miller It also has the best theme music:
  15. billkill

    Today would have been his birthday.

    You are a good dude SP