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  1. billkill

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    Voting rights for whom?
  2. billkill

    Random Posting

    Fra-geeeleee! It must be Italian.
  3. billkill

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    What specific laws are you referring to?
  4. billkill

    Random Posting

    It has a shoulder thing that goes up!
  5. I was blissfully unaware of his politics.
  6. The one bright spot is D'Onfrio's Wilson Fisk. If they brought him into the Punisher series, I would be a happy camper with the cancellation of Daredevil.
  7. billkill

    Random Posting

  8. billkill

    Stan Lee has passed

    Avengers 4 wrapped up filming several weeks ago, I am pretty sure he has a cameo in it.
  9. billkill

    Random Posting

    Super Mario...the Untold Story?
  10. billkill

    Local cop did a very dumb thing.

    Do you actually believe an 18 year old girl, would try to initiate sex with a cop at least twice her age versus him coercing/forcing her? Remember this cop is no rookie, he has been with this department 19 years.
  11. billkill

    Politics Any other early voters?

    Early voting here was way up compared to the last election. I love being able to stop on my way home (in & out in 5 minutes) versus having to stand in line at my precinct on election day (last time took 2 hours).
  12. Does it mean open it or close it or if it's closed open it and if open close it???? So many questions!
  13. Here is the alternate ending to I Am Legend: IMO if they released it with this ending, it would be an instant classic.
  14. billkill

    Politics Pocahontas gets smack down from Cherokee Nation.

    I always liked "Lie-awatha"
  15. billkill

    Property tax vs sales tax - what do you think?

    That was the same reason Haslam gave to raise the fuel tax "Think of all the dollars we are missing out by not taxing those people passing through Tennessee" It might have worked if we weren't an East to West skinny state that gets mostly North and South traffic. Of course the Haslam family owning Pilot Oil didn't benefit from the increase in revenue.