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  1. The autocorrect keeps misspelling fleshlights and strapons.
  2. Glen Grant The Major's Reserve has been discontinued at BevMo here in San Diego. Has anybody seen it in the wild? I've had Monkey Shoulder recommended as a similar tipple.
  3. I like my wine like I like my guns. Brand new and in a box.
  4. Indian Ricky kicks ass.
  5. Between the magic underwear and my high tech uniform shirts my pants tend to fall off like they are lined with teflon. Good thing DTC sells suspenders.
  6. TKM

    Which 10/22??

    I went overboard and stuffed a Feddersen barrel into a bronze Feddersen reciever and lashed it all to a slab of kevlar from Bell and Carlson. Dropped the Hubble Jr. on it, Mueller Eraticator, and now I can do smiley faces, unhappy faces, missing faces, et cetera.
  7. GT was a colossal pain in the dong after the format change. Been living on CG, nice to see this place come along. Cheers, Pete.
  8. I started with an M1 about 40 years ago. Didn't want to spend chore money on factory ammo that might jack up Opa's rifle. I've been pretty immune to market weirdness as a positive side effect.
  9. Just wandered into the new digs. So far, so good.
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