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  1. Trump should demand that statement be researched and vetted.
  2. Startling to me that people actually pay to watch this crap.. eight times!!
  3. Boy, I agree with you! Z-packs are worthless for me. Don't do a darn thing except knock a sinus infection back a couple days, then it springs back.
  4. Oh, walking back the big man cat kicking story now?
  5. Everyone in the world has the same drawer.
  6. I must be pitiful. I like Bojangles. And I'm kinda dumb, Bojangles doesn't even make sausage muffins.
  7. Go to Bojangles Don't forget Bo-Rounds
  8. Steve, I agree. I always hoped someone would knock his butt to the floor during a show.
  9. That dumb Indian doesn't even know how to open a beer bottle.
  10. So... Stop buying guns and accessories and get serious about fixing your place up?
  11. Really.. Why watch 2 awful people who hate America and our President so much? F those *******s.
  12. Really They seem kinda fat, not attractive, with too much pancake mix all over their body. Not very attractive. Plus, I am on the internet so I can be and am very critical.
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