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  1. paul45


    Everyone in the world has the same drawer.
  2. paul45

    Sausage Muffins!

    I must be pitiful. I like Bojangles. And I'm kinda dumb, Bojangles doesn't even make sausage muffins.
  3. paul45

    Sausage Muffins!

    Go to Bojangles Don't forget Bo-Rounds
  4. paul45

    Another Spice joke.

    Steve, I agree. I always hoped someone would knock his butt to the floor during a show.
  5. paul45

    Old man habits?

  6. That dumb Indian doesn't even know how to open a beer bottle.
  7. paul45

    I'd bang her gavel

    Desperate much?
  8. paul45

    Home envy; I gots it.

    So... Stop buying guns and accessories and get serious about fixing your place up?
  9. Really.. Why watch 2 awful people who hate America and our President so much? F those *******s.
  10. paul45

    Contestant showing her ass

    Really They seem kinda fat, not attractive, with too much pancake mix all over their body. Not very attractive. Plus, I am on the internet so I can be and am very critical.
  11. paul45

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    That awful person was always bitter, hateful, scornful, revengeful, and above all, unlikeable.
  12. paul45

    Yellow or White Popcorn?

    Sorry, I may be dumb as a box of rocks, but why is "fall into winter popcorn time"? Not allowed to eat popcorn in spring or summer??
  13. paul45

    Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine

    I had one a long time ago, at 17 or 18, I liked it a lot, but doggone did that thing kick!! Had the bayonet too. I had a No.4 Mk1 and a No.1 Mk III also, but that jungle carbine would give my shoulder a big bruise every time Yours looks very nice!