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  1. paul45

    Contestant showing her ass

    Really They seem kinda fat, not attractive, with too much pancake mix all over their body. Not very attractive. Plus, I am on the internet so I can be and am very critical.
  2. paul45

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    That awful person was always bitter, hateful, scornful, revengeful, and above all, unlikeable.
  3. paul45

    Yellow or White Popcorn?

    Sorry, I may be dumb as a box of rocks, but why is "fall into winter popcorn time"? Not allowed to eat popcorn in spring or summer??
  4. paul45

    This is what being nice to illegals get's you

    CNN? Oh, heck No.
  5. paul45

    Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine

    I had one a long time ago, at 17 or 18, I liked it a lot, but doggone did that thing kick!! Had the bayonet too. I had a No.4 Mk1 and a No.1 Mk III also, but that jungle carbine would give my shoulder a big bruise every time Yours looks very nice!
  6. I agree, but I also bet no one will. This is the state of our country now, even with Trump as President.
  7. paul45


    I hope you were at least given a 14 day supply of that Z-pack crap. One of the most ineffective anti-biotics out there. At least for my family. My primary care knows we do not want it as we will be back with the same original infections a week or so after the script is finished.
  8. paul45

    Shoulda said "orc"

    Those of color who must not be offended use that word exponentially more and are more racist than other cultures. At least in my life experiences and observations... my subjective opinion only of course, so I can take angry pushback.
  9. paul45

    RBG hospitalized broken ribs

    Also, an 85 year old in the hospital presents more opportunity for infections?
  10. paul45

    If you're going to San Francisco ...

    I'm waiting for some horrible disease to break out. Between the needles and the filth, something bad has got to happen. What about all the urine? That has got to be an issue as well?
  11. It is very discouraging to see this happen and in AZ also. It just seems that since apparently nothing is done about it, Democrats keep doing it. I can't understand why this isn't a huge Federal issue. Remember Acorn.. Obama's secret cheaters?
  12. Great!! Now, I hope they get rid of Miss piggy's cousin April Ryan as well. That bloated turd annoys me just by looking at it.
  13. paul45

    Sessions Resigns

  14. paul45

    This just in