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  1. Yep. Everest licenses are a major revenue source for the Nepalese government. If they are going to sell less tickets, the price will go up to cover the shortfall. There is a huge garbage dump up at and beyond camp 4. Everything you carry up to survive is dumped on the way down. Every ounce you shed makes the trip easier. Had some climbers chuck the GPS we put on them. Only weighed a few ounces; and could have saved their lives had they gotten lost in a storm. Once they felt safe, into a crevasse or off the side of the mountain it would go. Had a few scary moments, until I realized what the clowns were up to. Hah Hah, got me. They are trying to clean the place up; but they can't get Waste Management to make a pickup..
  2. Alliant 2400 with regular primers work great in 357Mag.
  3. Sat phone. Many years ago when I was with AT&T, I built a network to provide telehealth to Base Camp. This was a demonstration prior to flying tele health in the ISS. Used two InmarSat phones bonded together to give me a 128Kb channel for video and data. The yellow tent was my "computer room". Khumbu icefall is in the background. There was plenty of RF on the mountain. I could track GPS location of our climbers along with internal body temp (a pill).
  4. Voted Tuesday. SWMBO and I got there. Twenty minute wait. Easy and done. Can I go back for seconds?
  5. dudel

    **** United

    F*** United? I thought that was the only way to do it. BTW, did they give you a short straw as well? 😀
  6. And it's not like you can throw in a MicroSD card like any other proper device. When my iPhone friends wonder why I don't run out of space, I tell them I have pretty much unlimited storage with a microSD card. 512GB are getting common, 1Tb IIRC is available (but pricey). If you fill it up, you swap to a new card. It's not rocket science Apple.
  7. I dislike the Apple stuff and don't use it. It's amazing how many excuses I hear from family iphone users. Not enough space to make more pictures after they cleared out spaces. Sites that won't load. Safari crashes. Short battery life, Slowdowns after updates. Too many updates. On and on. Overpriced add ons. Non standard connectors. Get rid of it. Just do it. I recently had a trouble ticket on one of my web apps. Even though it was never designed for tablets, it works fine on all tablets EXCEPT the iPad. Turns out iPad touch screen resolution is not high enough to differentiate between two adjacent radio buttons. Runs fine in landscape; but not in portrait mode. Workaround is to reverse pinch the screen to make it bigger, then the ipad can distinguish which radio button was touched. Apple sucks., iPads are glorified toys. Rant over.
  8. dudel


    I feel for you Jame. I think pills are a bandaid as well. You'll need to get to the underlying problem. Exercise is good; but I notice you mentioned some pretty solo activities. Talk it out with a good friend or even a therapist. I'm reminded of the line in Crocodile Dundee. Sue Charlton: People go to a psychiatrist to talk about their problems. She just needed to unload them. You know, bring them out in the open. Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: Hasn't she got any mates? Sue Charlton: You're right. I guess we could all use more mates. I suppose you don't have any shrinks at Walkabout Creek. Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: Nah - - back there, if you got a problem, you tell Wally. And he tells everyone in town... brings it out in the open... no more problem.
  9. Hey Moe! Larry and Curly are waiting for you.
  10. I've had that happen. I was even asked to hold the dirty diaper. My look was enough to get her to take the job back to the bathroom. I got dirty looks; but didn't get a dirty diaper.
  11. Agreed. When I lived in Guatemala, the only thing the locals would agree on was the time to sleep (now), and when to eat (now). The days of the Maya are long gone,.
  12. Hoping something in the "meal" gives them Montezuma's revenge. And OBTW, the bathroom is back in the country you left.
  13. Good. All you need are three categories. Female, Male, and Crazy. Done
  14. At least one mod should have gotten the hammer based on the email they posted. Seems like a TOS violation for sure.
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