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  1. dudel

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    At least one mod should have gotten the hammer based on the email they posted. Seems like a TOS violation for sure.
  2. dudel

    USPS rant

    Lots of issues with USPS; but their Informed Delivery service has helped keep them honest. https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action?iom=B490-81IN-USRS-PS-USP-BI-XXX-AW-XX-X-INF&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=search&utm_content=b490-81in&utm_campaign=informeddelivery2018&gclid=CLDnlN-2kt4CFW-nxQIduvcDhA&gclsrc=ds&dclid=CJiTq9-2kt4CFVY64AodFWgC-A It's free and every day I get an email with pictures of what is supposed to be in my mailbox for the day. I get checks in the mail, so I know what to expect. Several times, the picture shows up in my email with a picture of the check envelope. If it doesn't show up in the mailbox (and this has happened several times), I go to the USPS Informed Delivery site and mark the specific mail as not delivered. It normally shows up a few days later; but then I know when a check has been lost and I can take appropriate action.
  3. dudel

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Four, four. Do I hear four? Sad to see; but GT is circling the bowl.
  4. Had a cat that used to love the old CRT monitors. The larger the better. She would settle down on them and enjoy the heat radiating from them (plus she could keep an eye on me). She was royally pissed when I changed over to LCD monitors!
  5. You can relive your past here! http://nostalgickitscentral.com/
  6. I built some of the Allied Radio kits known as "Knight-Kit". Walkie Talkies and test equipment IIRC. Allied Radio and Lafayette had two of the best catalogs. I would pour over them. Allied Radio was in Chicago. I had a Grandmother and an Aunt who lived in Chicago. They would get me stuff there.
  7. dudel

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    You didn't expect that all the debt bo created would be interest free did you?
  8. dudel

    Raspberry Pi anyone?

    I got the book yesterday. A very good read. Gave me lots of ideas. If you see the author(s), please thank them for me.
  9. dudel

    International travel ideas

    Argentina. Lived there for five years. Like having slices of Europe all in one place. La Boca section of Buenos Aires is like stepping into Italy. Go to Hurlingham, and expect to see the Queen having tea. In Bariloche, you'll think you're in Germany. Great food, great wine, plenty of people watching. Best of all, you don't get jet lagged traveling back and forth. Dollar goes a long way there. Safer than Brazil. Note that the seasons there are reversed. They are coming into spring.
  10. dudel

    How do you like this plate?

    Saw this one; but I'm not sure if it's Wine Lady or Whiney Lady!
  11. Which is more than Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan have done.
  12. Well, if she believes the court needs a centrist swing vote for legitamacy, why doesn't she step forward?
  13. dudel

    Raspberry Pi anyone?

    Thanks. Great info. Ordered the book.