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  1. How many people actually smell this odor? Phantom smells could be a sign of diabetes or a brain tumor. I sometimes smell things such a burning wood or chemicals that aren't there. I'm borderline diabetic but have also been checked for a tumor because of this.
  2. I used to have a stump that I watched rot while relaxing and having beverages of different kinds. It finally did so now I watch what you guys post here and other forums. Sometimes I think the stump was better.
  3. That's a damn cute pup! I would love to have it but alas I can no longer do justice to a doggie.😧
  4. If the gun is grouping as good as it can, i forgo cleaning the bbl until it the groups start to loosen up. I MAY drag a dry swab or snake through it but until the groups stop satisfying me, I use no cleaner or oil. If I'm going to put it away for a long spell, I will probably but some oil down the bbl but then again, I may not. I just pulled a rifle out of the safe that I haven't shot in years and I know I didn't clean the bbl when I put it away last. It shot Five 5 shot groups into a hole no bigger than a cigarette butt at 25 yards with its preferred ammo. I then sighted it in with CCI Quiet to thin the tree rat herd in my yard over the winter and the bbl was not cleaned then or will it be for quite some time. The rest of the gun gets cleaned a lot more often.
  5. Don't clean the bbl so much, leave it "seasoned."
  6. Charles


    My Dr. prescribed Metformin for my sugar problem I had no idea how badly that **** would screw with my mind. Bless his heart, he knew. Also prescribed anti-anxiety drugs too but said they were for something else. I was sitting right here in this chair one afternoon crying my eyes out and shaking for no apparent reason. Dr. was out of the office so I called my pharmacists and finally through the tears he got the gist of my problem. Asked me if I had listened to my Dr and doubled my dose of Metformin and I told him I had. He told me to immediately take 2 of my other drug and stop the Metformin. 15 minutes later I was fine. Be careful what drugs your Dr says to take. Some are worse than the problem.
  7. I removed all the upper cabinet doors years ago to redo them. Decided I liked being able to peek my head in the kitchen door and see what I needed to see and left the darn things off. No more banging my head.
  8. I'd love that and I'd bet my wife would too!
  9. I've been vaping for over 5 years now. I vape a liquid called Sahara. Tastes like a really good tobacco smells. I have yet to have ANYONE say they could smell ANYTHING coming from the vapor. Blew the vapor straight into my wife's face and she said it has no smell. Some of the candy/fruity liquids may smell but not what I use. And i can say now that it is not nicotine that leaves a brown sticky substance all over everything.
  10. Last cigarette, 2-15-13 - 12:00pm. First vape, 2-15-13 - 12:01pm. Still vaping. I like the nicotine, just didn't like the burnt crap taste of cigarettes these days. I'll give up my nicotine when everyone else gives up their caffeine.
  11. I preferred RC Cola or Double Cola and peanuts.
  12. A Mitchel Arms High Standard Trophy II. I think I got the model correct. Very dumb mistake. A Ruger KP90DC that I had massaged the trigger to a smooth 2 lb SA pull. Sold it to finance another gun. As soon as I pulled the trigger on that gun I knew I screwed up badly. Still have that one and I can't get rid of it without taking a beating.
  13. Me and a couple of friends are liking the Ruger SR9/9c. I have the SR9 and they have the 9c. I've owned Glocks and could never quite shoot them well. Still have a Glock G30 and it feels good in my hands until I start firing it and then not so good. That bums me out 'cause I really like that gun. The Ruger SR series seems to fit me extremely well. I have both the .45ACP and the 9mm.
  14. Nothing. If Keith Richards had been there, then maybe.
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