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  1. I'm about to install a hanging rod in my new closet. Should I do one low one and one high one or just a high one? Currently I only have one in the room I'm in now and nothing really hangs low enough to interfere with a lower rod so I'm thinking maybe I should put a low one in as well. Currently we share a closet and some of my wife's stuff hangs low but in this new room I will have my own my closet. I only own a couple suits and they are in suit bags and don't hang low ether. What would you do and why? The closet is pretty small. It's 50" wide by 30" deep and has a 2' door right in the center to get in. I don't know what I was thinking when I chose choose 50" wide Everything comes in 4ft. Live and learn I guess. But the bar I just bought came 8ft, and since I'm using closet rod hanger ends that are like an inch thick I may be able to get two rods out of this one 8ft piece by cutting it exactly in half. Hopefully because it was expensive. It's pretty think metal. I sent my wife to home depot and she got a heavy duty one. Thanks.
  2. XDRoX

    Santa Dollars

    Ya, your photo looks legit. Can't tell it's a sticker at all.
  3. XDRoX

    Santa Dollars

    I thought those were like stickers over the president. Yours looks like part of the bill. Is it a sticker?
  4. I can't find white laminated door fronts anywhere. I thought for sure they'd sell them at Home Depot or Lower but I can't find them. I have found them on some websites but they are ridiculously expensive. Like $18 a sqft. I am building a white hall closet in about 3ft wide by 8ft high. It would be so much easier if I could find cheap lamented type door fronts. I could route wood and build them but I like the idea of having them easily wiped down and I feel like the lamented type would just be easier to maintain. This is my garage. These cabinets were extremely cheap. It would literally be cheaper for me to go buy more just for the doors and throw out the cabinet than to order just doors from a cabinet site. I just want something that sort of looks like these but cheap. Am I missing something? Why doesn't anyone sell these for less than $100 a door? This is sort of what I'm wanting to build. But way more simple. Home depot does sell laminated boards. So I only need the doors and hinges. I'm not sure if they're laminated but they are some type of MDF with some type of white coating on them and would match white door front perfectly.
  5. That's what I've heard. I wish there was something that could create privacy and let in some light but I doubt that exists. These are two pretty small windows, 2'x3' on each side of our bed. I have looked high and low for plantation shutters off the shelf at a store and they just don't exist. I don't need someone to come measure my windows and install them. I can do that myself. I just need to buy them. I can't believe stores don't carry standard size plantation shutters
  6. BTW our windows came with a slight tint, but nothing that would create any sort of privacy.
  7. Home Depot sells window films. They are apparently pretty easy to install yourself. I had a guy come out to my house last time I had my car windows tinted and he showed me photos of very expensive houses he recently tinted. He said he's starting to tint just as many house windows as car windows. I'm curious if anyone has done it and what type of privacy can I expect but also still allowing light to come in and to be able to see out of it. Seems to me if it's dark outside and the room is well lit inside people will be able to see inside no matter what What you guys think?
  8. I never knew I was allowed to carry. Thought I worked in a gun free zone The other day I went shooting with the resource officer assigned to my work. He's a regular cop but stops by a few times a week and handles problems when need be. He told me to meet him in the school parking lot and then we'll carpool to the woods to shoot. I was like, no thanks dude, that's a gun free zone. He was like no one cares, what, you think someone is going to arrest you? I ain't taking no chances with my job though. We met elsewhere.
  9. Damn Falcons All they had to do was kick a field goal And Denver was my 2nd choice so I would have been screwed either way. Everyone dropped out except for 3 people who had Texans. Good news is everyone is back in again week 8 and it starts over again.
  10. I knew it. Asian women don't age like the rest of us.
  11. We are staying at the beach right now. I literally just walked up from the beach 5 minutes ago. I saw exactly what the article was talking about and even saw worse.
  12. 3 blocks. At a time me and Bae lived in an apartment about 3 miles away from my parents. But only for a few years. My sister lives on my parents' street. So does my Grandfather. My Grandfather bought his house new in 1950 for $7500. My parent paid $30k in 1975. I paid $160k in 1996, and my sister paid around $450k around 2000 IIRC. Personally I don't like to travel or venture far from home.
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