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  1. I didn’t even know I needed this...
  2. We bought the Walmart brand ( Mainstays?) single cup for our camper this summer. It uses K cups or grounds, I use cups. I like it better than the Keurig we use at home. $20 well spent.
  3. This guy ate the front off of two recliners.
  4. Last year I went from 246 to 185. Not much exercising, simply watching what I ate. We went away for an anniversary trip and I fell off the wagon and ate it. I’m back up to about 235 and I’m pissed at myself. I really felt great at 185, no knee pains and slept well. I’m trying to get back at it but I can’t get in the right mindset. Maybe your post will spark it. Good luck!
  5. I’ll remember that ?. It’s funny how tastes change as you age. I used get steak medium well and like I said we like it medium now. I don’t mind if it’s on the “pinker” side. Maybe I’ll get to medium rare someday.
  6. I just cooked some bacon tonight. We had breakfast for supper, pancakes and bacon. I got a little to excited and started eating before getting a picture.
  7. We have also started making “skillet pizza.” This was the first attempt and just plain cheese. I think we have it dialed in now and have started adding toppings. For some reason food just tastes better when it’s cooked in cast iron. My next venture is to start saving bacon grease.
  8. I’ve been doing a lot more of the cooking lately and using our cast iron skillet. I made steaks in it the other night for the first time. Seared both sides on the cook top and then finished off in the oven, let it rest for a few minutes and it turned out a perfect medium. Probably the best steak we’ve ever had at home.
  9. and poop Great looking pup!!
  10. You are probably right. I just wish lies had consequences is all. If they did maybe some of this nonsense would end.
  11. I would like to see some push back if it’s discovered these allegations are proved to be false. Maybe charges for filing a false report. I also have concerns what the “me too” movement may have on real victims in the future. I know my wife, who is not politically inclined, saw right though the hearing and her exact words were “this is bullshit.”
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