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  1. There’ll be no heads rolling, no prison, no prosecution and no justice. Forget it. Not happening. Remember, there are laws for we and laws for thee. Much to my dismay and chagrin.
  2. Nope. Been at with Mimosas since 730. The decader (10 yo boy) woke up at 3am CT and us at 4a). Made him get back in bed until 6. Coffee, then mimosas and now beer. Bourbon for later.
  3. Wow, very deep. Dang dust in the air. I grew row up in an LE house. I was way too young to understand all the struggles and wish I could go back and treat people differently. I’ve heard several last radio call outs and if I never heard another that’d be ok. Nothing is as final as that and taps.
  4. Shoot yeah! New gun day, yay! And a CZ to boot!
  5. That looks cool. Good job! I’m guessing it took a good amount of degreasing prior to paint? I’ve got a new 12” 6.5g pistol that is calling out for a camo job. I’m thinking lighter than yours and trying to do a kryptek style, but I’ve got much research to do and planning. Enjoy your fresh, new tool.
  6. He sounds more like a republican. I’m sure that they’d welcome him and his SERVICE over on the other side.
  7. Hmmm. I’ve just put a rock on the dremel and removed them that way. Wish they’d start leaving those dimples off the mag.
  8. Sweet! Leather and hard wood. Like the old school pattern.
  9. Unless drug behind the 4 wheeler, the Colt DS May have a nice addition at that price.
  10. Double standards, they have. Just like the demonrats here.
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