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  1. KWalrad

    christmas sleep over

    "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine"? A crummy commercial? Sonofabitch!
  2. KWalrad

    Politics Modern radical liberalism. Remember.

    Shep's a real bad-ass. Right up until the moment his car won't start. I'd bet that "he" couldn't manage to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.
  3. KWalrad

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    They ALL land. It's just a matter of degrees... Intact? How many pieces? In flames? What goes up, must come down.
  4. Uhmm... You sure you're ingesting it properly?
  5. KWalrad

    John Prine, Sam Stone

    Still does, my friend. He's still amongst the living.
  6. KWalrad

    John Prine, Sam Stone

    John Prine is one of America's hidden gems. Such a talented songwriter and he's got a sharp wit. It's nice to see he's still putting music out there after everything he's been through.
  7. I was given a bull calf for my eighth birthday. I named him Herman. Fed him and hung out with every spare moment that I had. He'd follow me around the farm like a dog, and even let me ride him. One day we de-horned and castrated him and he never quite trusted me after that. He was correct in his thinking, because a year or so later we took him to the butcher. Herman was the best (tasting) pet I ever had.
  8. KWalrad

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    I can't even take an unopened bottle of water through TSA.
  9. KWalrad

    A drive by in the news...

    What the **** is wrong with people these days? Everybody knows that you go to Wal-Mart to cropdust. Dollar General?! That bitch is like school in the Summer time... No Class.
  10. KWalrad

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    Better as in "Better light that box on fire, just in case."
  11. KWalrad

    Ever had a cursed day?

    Some days you're just too afraid to take a piss.
  12. KWalrad

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    It's cheaper to leave the gate, Uber to the nearest Stop-n-Rob, buy the hootch, Uber back, get hammered in the parking lot and go back through TSA. A $20 double Makers Mark is not gonna make a mark on my drunk-o-meter.
  13. KWalrad

    caption pic time

    Everyone knows that if that was the real USS All Gore it would be covered with semen. Err... Seamen. Either way it would suck. And swallow.
  14. KWalrad

    The eyse have it

    I know a couple of folks over at that other site that would tap that like a maple tree in the Fall. I don't judge. (I just point and laugh.)