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  1. With the assistance of LSD or not?
  2. Why would I not be surprised to see Florida license plates on those vehicles....
  3. Unconditional love of a pet. It's a powerful thing. ...and we're blessed to be able to experience it.
  4. Three 12AX7A and two 5881 tubes. Thanks for the input (no pun intended) on the pots. Between the noisy pots and potential issues with the caps... I think it's probably best for me to enlist a pro to give it a run through. Even brand new the volumn knobs were finicky. I know there are modifications that can be made to clean it up, I just need to find someone knowledgeable. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks, Tom! Happy Father's Day to you too. Same to the rest of you Yahoos!
  6. What's the saying? "I don't use cocaine, I just like the smell." Crazy kids.
  7. Pipe tobacco in my grandfather's garage. The pipe, my grandfather, and the garage are all long gone, but I'll bet there's a piece of oil stained concrete sitting amongst the ruins of an old farmstead in Tully, New York that still smells of pipe tobacco. I can almost smell it.
  8. Don't make me turn this car around. Be nice to your little brother.
  9. Dave - Congratulations! Man... You remember the dragrace? Good times there!
  10. In no particular order; A fresh can of Copenhagen a freshly oiled dirt road on a hot Summer day a blacktop country road in Summer the haymow in a dairy barn fresh cut alfalpha a long neck bottle of Budweiser a baby's breath a puppy 's breath dead hooker a cigar lounge turtlewax kiwi shoepolish 120 acres of waist high corn Joe Biden's hot breath on the back of your neck A barn full of cows on a sub-freezing morning the breach of an M-60 machinegun the first puff of a non-filtered Camel or Lucky Strike two dead hookers tapioca pudding Split oak The State Fair midway My wife's hair as she lays sleeping on a Sunday morning A Fender guitar case when opened for the first time Ozone when you let the magic smoke out of a piece of electronics
  11. Or six Oprah Winfrey posteriors in laymans terms.
  12. Happy Birthday to all of my fellow U.S. Army veterans! Salude!
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